Kosovo Establishes Islamic Heroin Republic With EU & US Blessing

 Caliphate News Networx & Al BeBeeCeera report LIVE:


Young ethnic Albanians (Muslims) celebrate Kosovo’s coming independence in Pristina yesterday. Check out the keffiyeh on the right.

Atlas Shrugs has more


Too Late: EURABIA is happening right now!

* Thanx to the despicable Willie Clitman, who bombed the Christan Serbs in order to curry favor with Arab-Muhammedans, the Balkan- Mujaheddin will now move towards the final solution and drive the remaining Serbs out of their ancestral homeland. The world has gone mad:

For now, we run these articles again:

* Kosovo: Islamic Heroin Republic With America’s Blessing?

* Kosovo Mon Amour: Willie Clitman’s Shameful Legacy

* Ethnic Cleansing Threat To Serbs in Kosovo

Bin Laden Mosque in Kosovo:


* Jihad against the Jews

* Wahabis: Replacing last of Kosovo deported Jews

* “Muslims are masters of the world, its leaders and teachers, even if the West rejects this.”

* Kosovo, Mon Amour P1

Why are the Serbs – whom apart from the Jews were the major victims of the Holocaust during World War 2 – being cast as the perpetrators of genocide while the real perpetrators of genocide – the Islamofascists loyal to Alija Izetbegovic – are being cast by the corporate media, the US, NATO and EU governments as “the victims”?

Why was Naser Oric – the Islamofascist commander of Srebrenica and perpetrator of a massive genocide against Serbian men, women and children in Srebrenica from 1992 to 1995 – given only a 2 year sentence for this monumental crime against humanity and allowed to walk free from NATO’s Scheveningen ICTY prison: the former Nazi SS dungeon for patriotic Dutch resistance fighters against the Germans during World War 2 in The Hague, Holland?

Israpundit has more

History of Jihad against the Serbs, Croats, and Albanians [1389 to 1920]


The morally superior Lizard King will never know where its at:

Kosovo declares independence from Serbia.


Kosovo Serb Migration before Ottomans, 18th c.

‘Can’t see blood’ on LGF

Lost in Lala-land:


Charles Johnson:

‘I’m not sure whose side to root for in the ethnic Albanian, Kosovo-Serbia morass—there are killers on all sides—and today’s news from Kosovo leaves me with mixed feelings: Kosovo declares independence from Serbia.’

* May as well join the Koz Kidz, Charles, what’s the difference?

* If the Lizard King doesn’t know which way to root that means the Lizard Army is rooted, no?

* A Lizard comment: They seem to be very pro-America.’

* America enabled them. Just because they wave American flags means exactly nothing. Now just go there and wave some Muhammad cartoons, and watch them love you…
FoxNews Slide show

* Another one: ‘Can’t be all that bad. Very few cultures that don’t have blood on their hands…. ‘

Right. that makes us all equal. Forrest Gump has spoken!

* Killgore Trout, chief of the Lizard brain police, has the right spirit: ‘Can we start recommending deletion of comments denying Serbian war crimes?’

Here Charley, a link just for you:


Fleeing Serbs


Looting Muslim Female


* Atlas Shrugs: Clitman bombed the wrong people

* Bush is no better. But this was torture:


Dancing with terrorists. Not too bright…

Madeline Albright: “It’s Wrong for US to use Terms Like Islamic Terrorists or Fundamentalists”….

Thanx to Zip


Sucking up to terrorists:

Secretary Albitch greets Hahim Thaci, UCK leader August 1999, after the war


* Update: Serbs demonstrate in front of US Embassy in Belgrade yesterday

Julia Gorin:

Islamic Countries will be First to Recognize Independent Kosovo

Why Israel’s supporters should care about Kosovo

Strong American support for the independence of Kosovo is detrimental to Israeli interests. The US position is based on the view that a solution to long-standing conflict can and should be imposed on the parties by outside powers. In addition, the new state’s creation seeks to award part of a nation’s territory to a violent ethno-religious minority; futilely hopes to curry favor with the Islamic world through appeasement; effectively gives a fresh impetus to the ongoing growth of Islamic influence in Europe; and denies the fact that the putative state’s leaders are tainted by terrorism, criminality, and well-documented links with global jihad. Most importantly, it betrays a cynically postmodern contempt for all claims based on the historical rights and spiritual significance of a land to a nation.



Fitzgerald: Independent Kosovo 


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  1. And Charles Johnston’s take on this issue:

    “I’m not sure whose side to root for in the ethnic Albanian, Kosovo-Serbia morass—there are killers on all sides—and today’s news from Kosovo leaves me with mixed feelings: Kosovo declares independence from Serbia.”

    mixed feelings?……

  2. Then there is this classic –

    #53 Killgore Trout 2/17/08 2:36:59 pm reply quote report 2

    Many people here seem to be unaware that neighboring Albania is a peaceful Muslim country and probably one of the most pro-America countries in Europe.

  3. What that moonbat Chas. Johnston can’t seem to get is WHY people on both sides killed. Does each side kill for the same reasons? I wonder if Johnston would have the guts to kill someone who was raping his mommy.

  4. The Serbs are hoping for Russian intervention.

    We are living in a topsy-turvy world now. Who would have ever supported the Russians in the past?

  5. You damn fools, Albania is not the threat nor is it Kosova. Serbia is the threat, they are complaining now that this is illegal what Kosova is doing but they did worse with Bosnia, through ethnic cleansing and genocide they took 49% of Bosnian landmass and renamed it Republic of Serpska, this is just Karma for them, a very well deserved Karma for the horrible crimes they have commited in recent years and in the past.

  6. ^doar reci im
    Im sure the disappearance of 10,000 Muslims in Srebrenica was Naser Oric’s cause…
    This is silly..

  7. The Christains are just trying to take back what is theirs, these muslims are taking over countries all over the world(just look at once Great Britain- I guess they use to be great,lol) anyway, the Muslims are not peaceful I do not car what anyone says, their koran says to cut the heads off of Christains and bathe in their blood. They are terrorists, that idiot clinton sided with the muslims.

  8. no one know the islam,why many in the west says that islam is terrorists,it`s not true and dont live blind you have to read read ,read and make contact with true muslims than you know them good, after that you open your eyes,if not than you are terrorist and nazist dont want know the truth,dont forget in all over the world are 1.7 billion muslims if they are terrorists than the world is finnished.

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