Medved Clueless! Part 1


* Those of you who always thought Michael Medved ‘got it’ are in for a cold shower: this guy is as deluded as GWB himself:

Is Islam Itself the Enemy?

Is America’s “war on terror” in reality a war on Islam itself?

* Thanks to Savitch
Most Muslim radicals insist that it is – as do many patriotic conservatives in this country who believe that any attempts to woo Islamic moderates, or to whitewash the violent and menacing essence of the Koran, distort the true nature of the current conflict.
Some of those who see Islam in all of its manifestations as our ultimate, implacable foe took me to task (in e-mail and phone calls to my radio show) for my recent support for U.S. recognition of the newly independent Muslim-majority state of Kosovo.

To these zealots, it hardly matters that the leading European powers (Britain, France, Germany) strongly support Kosovo’s separation from Serbia, or that the most outspoken opposition to Kosovar independence comes from the increasingly anti-American Putin regime in Russia. To some observers, it’s also irrelevant that ethnic Albanians (mostly non-religious, secularized Muslims) comprise more than 90% of Kosovo’s population and this overwhelming majority ardently desires its own democratic nation state. Though Orthodox Christian Serbs make up only 5% of the populace in Kosovo, critics of Bush administration Balkan policy insist that this embattled minority deserves U.S. protection and support. They discount fervent Kosovar promises that the new nation will guarantee the rights and security of its Christian residents; skeptics believe that such assurances mean nothing when provided by Muslim leaders, no matter how secular or pro-American.

“You of all people should recognize that there is no such thing as a ‘moderate Muslim,’” one correspondent scolded me. “Moderation and Islam contradict one another. Anyone who denies that contradiction is either a fool or a dupe. The tragedy in Kosovo represents just the latest example of state department mistakes based on the consistent denial that Islam, wherever it exists, is the eternal enemy of democratic values and Western Civilization.”

This increasingly popular absolutist position – whatever its historical, theological or anthropological basis – represents a threat to our short-term security and our long-term success in the very real battle against Islamism. If we accept, let alone embrace, the proposition that Islam itself is our enemy, then all of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims become enemies of the United States, and doom us to unending and un-winnable conflict.

Read it all, its a shocker!


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  1. Those stupid Jewish people think that if they mamby-pamby their way around their true enemies, then everyone will like them.( Including their enemies). None of the Jews have been smart since King Solomon. Sad. What a buncha sadly ——– people. But, I’m starting to not feel sorry for them.

  2. Everybody seemingly says Islamania has only a tiny minority of extremists. Wrong-the only tiny minority in this whole Islamania vs civilization clash are those of us who know the true nature of the Koran-world domination by the most totalitarian system ever to afflict mankind.
    Most of the right and almost all of the left simply don’t get it of just don’t want to get it.

  3. Medved’s statement “If we accept … the proposition that Islam itself is our enemy, then all of the world’s 1.3 billion Muslims become enemies of the United States, and doom us to unending and un-winnable conflict” gives away his mindset. Moderate, civil, reasonable people believe that moderation, civility, and reason will solve any problem. He HAS to believe there are moderate Muslims of good will to reach out to, or there’s no hope of “come, and let us reason together”, no hope of getting rid of the “apes and pigs” stuff and the “slay the infidels” stuff and the “until they pay the jizya with humiliation” and “all religion is for Allah” stuff in the Quran.

    He doesn’t “get it” that once these moderates turn away from the extreme texts in the Quran, they are already apostates, or at least “insufficient”, and are already assured of going to hell in the afterlife (and stand a fair-to-good chance of being killed for their moderate beliefs if they live in a Sharia-enforcing country!)

    He doesn’t “get it” that Islam recognizes two kinds of humans: “Good Muslims” read God’s eternal word in the book revealed by the perfect prophet, and follow Islamic rules as finalized in the 12th century — period. No more discussion, ever; it’s all been settled, case closed. All the rest of us who are not “Good Muslims” deserve to be killed for being disobedient to God. No more discussion on that, either.

    We-who-are-not-Muslim are not going to solve this. Nor are we going to be able to destroy Islam. It’s been a very powerful and successful system for 1300 years, but it is a parasitic culture. It’s a system which does not innovate or create, but depends on new conquests to sustain itself. We need to find a way to ensure that the West does not become the next “host” this parasite consumes and destroys. We need to abandon our PC, multi-culti, “everything is beautiful in its own way” mindset; we need to develop school curricula that promote reason, logic, and an appreciation for the achievements of our Western Civilization. (The books and ideas of dead white European males must not be disregarded just because they’re dead and white and European and male!) We need to develop reasoned arguments to refute the claims that Islam is just another religion and we are bigots or worse to disapprove of it.

    Once the oil runs out, or once there are no more “hosts” to sustain it, Islam will either collapse or develop its own Reformation movement and evolve away from its 7th-century nomadic pillage-and-plunder foundation. BUT… that won’t happen for a long time, and any “Islamic moderates” of the next few generations will be shouted down by those who know that violence and terror have made Islam successful so far, and see no reason to change a winning formula.

  4. “None of the Jews have been smart since King Solomon. Sad. What a buncha sadly ——– people. But, I’m starting to not feel sorry for them.” – declares el-greko

    I have the feeling they may have retained enough smartness for not to give a damn whether el-greco feels sorry for them or not.

  5. Intellectual sloth on the part of Medved.
    Once people get a degree or two or achieve some position of authority,they think they have the right to pronounce on a subject without study and in accordance with the way they fancy the world to be and not neccessarily in accord with reality.I blame it on the attempt at non-struuctured schooling in the late 60’s -70’s.

  6. Michael Medved is either truly clueless or a mouth piece for some group that is trying to keep the truth from us all. He uses terms that make absolutely no sense. He states,”.. ethnic Albanians (mostly non-religious, secularized Muslims) comprise more than 90% of Kosovo’s population…”

    Let’s examine this. These “ethnic Albanians” are Muslims that swarmed into Kosovo, mainly illegally and by shear numbers usurped power and persecuted the Kosovo Christians. He also refers to them as “non-religious, secularized Muslims”. Sorry but there is no such thing as a “secular Muslim”. It is like saying there are secular Catholics, Protestants, or Buddhists. These are religions that describe a belief. A secular Muslim is a believer in Islam that does not believe the Islamic doctrine. If that makes sense to you, please don’t have any children. We can’t afford to propagate that gene-pool. By the way, there is such a thing as a secular Jew. To be a Jew all you need is to be of Jewish decent. You do not need to believe the Jewish doctrine. There is such a thing as a Jewish People. These are the people who inhabited what is now Israel and surrounding areas.

    Medved could not be any more wrong.

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