More Muhammedan Grievance Theater


* When the adherents of the Muhammedan faith arrive in Australia, they have usually already been through several other Islamic countries, where their brothers and sisters have a religious obligation to assist them. Curiously, these people have no intention to settle anywhere along the way amongst their Muslim brothers & sisters, but they are determined to invade the lands of the hated infidels at any cost, where they can be sure that bleeding hearts and plenty of dubious ‘human rights’ organizations will assist them to help themselves to the fleshpots of civilization. The results of this can be nauseating, as we can see here:

Suing for sewing lips shut

Thanx to Mullah



AN IRANIAN refugee who sewed his lips together while on a hunger strike in Baxter Detention Centre is now suing the Commonwealth of Australia for damages.

Abdul Amir Hamidi came to Australia on a boat in June 2000 from Iran, where he had been imprisoned and tortured for several months.

Mr Hamidi, 35, claims his treatment by Australian authorities triggered a severe psychiatric illness, for which he will need supervision for the rest of his life.

In his South Australian Supreme Court statement of claim, Mr Hamidi says he was repeatedly physically and verbally abused by detention centre guards.

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UK: Bleeding Hearts Judges Award Compo to Trainer of 9/11 Hijackers


Lotfi Raissi celebrates outside the High Court in Central London


Three of Britain’s most senior judges condemned the Metropolitan Police and the Crown Prosecution Service for abusing the court process, presenting false allegations and not disclosing evidence.

Mr Raissi’s eyes filled with tears and he “wept with relief”. Outside the Royal Courts of Justice yesterday he told The Times: “I’ve regained my dignity, it feels as if I can breathe and I am free again. The judges have said there were serious faults and an abuse of process in my case and that has restored my faith in British justice. I knew this day would come.”

The judges also ordered the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice to reconsider the repeated refusal to compensate Mr Raissi for locking him in Belmarsh prison for six months and accusing him of the murders of thousands of people. Solicitors for Mr Raissi, 33, are expected to lodge a claim for compensation which — taking into account his loss of a career as an airline pilot, wrongful imprisonment and damage to his health — is expected to exceed £2 million.

£2 million will do him nicely. These judges are insane…

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3 thoughts on “More Muhammedan Grievance Theater”

  1. Hamidi had been imprisoned & tortured for months in Iran, and apparently kept his
    marbles, but 5 hours in the outback heat, plus the abuse of the infidels in not letting
    him choose his own doctor after he sewed his lips shut sent him into permanent
    mental problems.

    * Mr Hamidi, who is now an Australian citizen

    Should have been sent straight back to Iran, but was rewarded with citizenship
    and probably a nice Cornelia Rau – style jackpot payout.

  2. This is a good response to the Iron Burka of Islam & the dawning of a new Dark Age:
    Kathleen Parker
    Freedom’s light flickers

    Traveling to Europe’s Dark Ages, one might expect to find newspaper headlines like these:

    Archbishop of Canterbury says sharia law to be incorporated into British laws.
    A Danish cartoonist is placed under indefinite police protection as three would-be assassins are arrested.
    Renegade Muslim author seeks country to protect her from Islamist fanatics promising to kill her.

  3. Wow! Australian torture is apparently more brutal than Iranian torture. Please send some Australians to Gitmo so that the pigs there are given proper treatment!

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