'Scotland Yard Counter-Terrorism Expert' Advises Australia to Put Fox in Charge of Chicken Coop

Hardline imams sought to fight terror

Richard Kerbaj | The Australian


* From the ‘There’s a sucker born every minute’ department

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HARDLINE Muslim spiritual leaders who preach the fundamentalist Salafi brand of Islam espoused by Osama bin Laden have become the latest recruits in combating global terrorism.

Australian security agencies have been urged by former Scotland Yard counter-terrorism expert Robert Lambert to enlist key Salafi leaders – who are widely perceived to be part of the radicalisation problem – to help prevent young Muslims from embracing al-Qa’ida’s ideology.

Mr Lambert, co-founder of Scotland Yard’s Muslim Contact Unit, said Salafi spiritual leaders, who follow a puritanical interpretation of the Koran and are often accused of being proponents of terrorism, had a vested interest in discrediting al-Qa’ida because the network had hijacked and distorted their true beliefs.


* Oh well, then perhaps Feiz Mohammed might be just the man for the job…?


“As far as they’re concerned, al-Qa’ida distorts the Salafi view of the world,” Mr Lambert told The Australian during an interview in London. Australian Salafi leaders yesterday backed the idea of imams working with the authorities to prevent young Muslims from becoming radicalised, but they admitted it would be difficult for them to trust the counter-terrorism agencies.

Prominent Salafi cleric Toufic Mallah said counter-terrorism agencies should have been working closely with fundamentalist leaders to combat radicalisation from the beginning. He accused the authorities of discriminating against and singling out Salafis as extremists.

“These people (in authority) who are genuine I wouldn’t mind working with,” the Sydney-based imam told The Australian.

* Bin Laden out, Jihad in:

“But for those who want to use me to achieve what they want to achieve, then no, I don’t want to work with them. But the thing is how do you pick out the genuine from the non-genuine?”

Mr Lambert said some counter-terrorism agencies had failed to recognise the extent to which credible Salafi figures could re-educate the young Muslims recruited by al-Qa’ida to abandon their support for terrorism and embrace “non-violent politics”.

*   ‘We will outbreed you with the bellies of our women’- much better than terror! As long as jihad is ‘non-violent’ its all good, no?

“They have credibility, and if a young Muslim has bought into al-Qa’ida’s world view, they can help,” Mr Lambert said.

“In London, a handful of Salafi and Islamist groups have been at the forefront of groundbreaking community work that successfully counters the adverse influence of al-Qa’ida propaganda among susceptible youth.”

The Howard government refused to involve Salafi clerics – such as the director of the fundamentalist Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jammah organisation, Mohammed Omran – when it set up the Muslim Community Reference Group following the 2005 London bombings.
Sheik Omran, who has praised Osama bin Laden as a “good man”, has expressed his willingness to work with the security agencies, and rejected accusations that he or his organisation were proponents of terrorism.

Sheik Toufic, who admitted he was under constant surveillance by counter-terrorism agencies, said he opposed terrorism on the grounds of religious belief, and taught his students to follow the path of the prophet without resorting to violence.


* With security services like that, who needs enemies?

* Don’t you get a haunting suspicion that ‘former Scotland Yard counter-terrorism expert’ Robert Lambert is a well paid ‘consultant’ for the Sowdi’s?


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  1. * Mr Lambert, co-founder of Scotland Yard’s Muslim Contact Unit (outgoing head of MCU)

    This is the sort of thing that Robert Lambert’s (who appears to keep a low profile) MCU does:

    [Muslim Safety Forum – Community Update 08/07/05

    The MCU will produce an impact assessment at 7.30 am and 5pm every day from now on and will hand that to the MPS ‘Reassurance team’.]

    I assume the Metropolitan Police “Reassurance team” hands the “impact assessment” onto
    the Muslim “community leaders” to “reassure” the “victims of Islamophobia” etc etc.

  2. This is yet another way of causing us more problems. Our governments are in league with the jihadis.

  3. * Don’t you get a haunting suspicion … Robert Lambert is a well paid ‘consultant’ for the Sowdi’s?

    The thought did cross my mind – I wonder who funds the Department of Politics at the
    University of Exeter? Are we in the clue-free zone? Who is Basia Spalek? Hmm looks
    like her “special subject” is marginalisation and victimisation of … guess who.

    Who is Salwa El-Awa? Her specialty is Koran & Hadith, and her books include
    “The Militant Islamic Group in Egypt 1974-2006”

    Goodbye, Britain, well & truly hoist on your own canard!

    Mr Robert Lambert BA Hons (Open), MA (Birkbeck)

    Research Fellow

    Robert is working closely with Dr. Jonathan Githens-Mazer on a two-year ESRC funded research project Cultures of Repression: the Legacy of Colonial Violence and State Repression in the Maghreb, and its Effect on North African Diasporas in Europe.

    At the same time he is writing up his PhD Countering al-Qaida Propaganda and Recruitment in London: An Insider’s Interpretive Case Study under the supervision of Bill Tupman.

    In addition Robert is acting as consultant for an AHRC funded research project An Examination of Partnership Approaches to Challenging Religiously-Endorsed Violence involving Muslim Groups and Police headed by Dr. Basia Spalek, Senior Lecturer in Criminology & Criminal Justice, Institute of Applied Social Studies, University of Birmingham and Dr. Salwa El-Awa, Lecturer in Islamic Studies, Theology Department, University of Birmingham.

    In 2008 Robert is organising a HuSS and IASS, University of Birmingham co-sponsored workshop, Community Based Approaches to Counter-Terrorism: A Practitioner, Community and Academic Workshop to be held at the Cornwall Campus.

  4. Robert Lambert’s “research interests” at Uni of Exeter – surprise – are “community-based approaches to counter-terrorism and Islamophobia.” Muslims predictably unleash terror,
    as per Koran; dhimmies respond by “tackling Islamophobia”.

  5. On the one hand, Britain doesn’t negotiate with terrorists (when it is pretending to be
    butch) as in … “Help me, Mr Blair, I don’t want to die”

    [Jack Straw] “We can’t get into a situation of bargaining with terrorists, because this would put many more people’s lives at risk, not only in Iraq but around the world.”

    On the other hand, despite the butch act, that is exactly what Britain does, & the terrorists
    have it exactly where they want it, and who would specialise in negotiating with terrorists?

    Robert Lambert, of course.

    Mr Robert Lambert BA Hons (Open), MA (Birkbeck)

    Chapters in Books

    ‘Terrorist Recruitment: Community Intervention as a Negotiation Strategy’ in W. Zartman and G.O. Faure, eds., Negotiating with Terrorists, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, 2008 forthcoming.

  6. * I think we can safely say this guy is compromised…

    I’d say “damaged goods”.

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