Sikhs: again victims of Islamic terror

Airport tells faithful to take off turbans, veils

*  History of the Sikhs

*  Islamic terror against the Sikhs:


*   In 1716 AD, Zakaria Khan, the son of the Muslim Governor of Lahore was chopping off the heads of thousands of Sikhs and loading them onto carts to carry them as a GIFT to the Muslim emperor of Delhi. The “gift” consisted of SEVEN HUNDRED CARTLOADS carrying the beheaded heads of Sikhs, along with thousands of prisoners in chains including Bhai Banda Bahadur. The soldiers at the front of the procession carried the heads of beheaded Sikh warriors impaled on wooden pikes. 

* Read more about the centuries of terror, mass-murder & torture of the Sikhs under Muslim rule in India 

* In the aftermath of 9/11 many Sikhs were mistaken for Muslims and attacked due to ignorant bigots and fools. Remember: Sikhs are not our enemies. 

Brisbane Airport Security: 

SECURITY at Brisbane Airport has gone into a spin after an unprecedented crackdown on turbans and other culturally-sensitive headgear worn by passengers.

A federal investigation has been launched into an edict by the company in charge of the airport’s security to demand passengers remove for security checks religious headwear, including turbans, veils and Jewish skull caps.

At least one international flight was delayed at the weekend when staff from the company, ISS Security, demanded 13 people of the Sikh religion remove their turbans and a Muslim woman to take off her face veil.

The Department of Infrastructure, Transport and Regional Development is investigating whether the clampdown by ISS breached federal airport policy.

It is standard airport practice around the world that religious headwear is only removed after conventional screening methods raise an alarm.

But ISS employees yesterday said a directive was issued on Saturday demanding all passengers remove their religious headwear for security checks, regardless of whether there was any cause for suspicion.

“We were told you have to take them off, or you’ll be stood down,” one worker said.

The edict, which was reversed late yesterday after inquiries by The Courier-Mail, follows revelations about weak screening and regular weapons breaches at Brisbane Airport.

The concerns include two knives being found on passengers who had passed through security checkpoints and broad failures of screeners to monitor passengers and baggage. 



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  1. Problem with the Sikhs is that the Koranists stole their idea (as is the norm) about the turban so now people view them as the enemy as well.

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