The Saddest Day: Blogger Commits Ultimate Sacrifice

On Wednesday, 20 February 2008 5:27 AM, we received the following message:

Hi – I received the following link from an acquaintance. Ronbo at the Freedom Fighter’s Journal has posted a suicide note. I have written to him but of course have not received a reply. I have written to other bloggers in an attempt to determine if anyone knows more about him in an effort to try and find him before he commits suicide. The police have been contacted in an attempt to look for him. I suspect that he has already committed suicide as the post was made on the 17th of February. If you know anything about him that you think might help in anyway please contact me.

His suicide note is below the video at the top of the page (video also relates to his feelings about the world) Thanks -xxxx

The Freedom Fighters Journal

Then, on Monday, 25 February 2008 6:11 AM, we received this:

I sent you an e-mail earlier in the week asking if you knew anything about Ronbo because of a suicide note that he posted on his site. I have just been informed that he proceeded with committing suicide. I felt I should inform you of what has occurred.

* Blogger Commits Suicide to Protest Islamofascism, American Left….

Weasel Zippers has more.


* Melodrama? No. The ultimate sacrifice…

Ronald is not the first:

Priest burns himself to death over Islam

A retired priest committed suicide by setting himself on fire in a German monastery in protest at the spread of Islam and the Protestant Church’s inability to contain it.
Roland Weisselberg, 73, poured a can of petrol over his head and set light to himself in the grounds of the Augustine monastery in the eastern city of Erfurt, where Martin Luther spent six years as a monk at the beginning of the 16th century.


Which reminds me: 

Self-immolation of Buddhist monks in Vietnam


* The self-immolating monks did not bring peace to Vietnam, they only got the nutroots  all  fired up. The vicious anti-war propaganda by the left made the US-government abandon its allies. A shameful chapter. This is not the way to do it!


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