Cartoon Rage Lunacy Continues


Jordan, land of the plucky little king:

“Christian Zionists seek to harm the image of Islam”

Jordan media to protest Mohammed cartoon

AMMAN (AFP) — At least 18 Jordanian media outlets will launch a campaign to protest the reprinting of a controversial cartoon of the Prophet Mohammed in Danish newspapers, organisers said on Sunday.
Independent newspapers and websites, including Islamists ones, will run a series of articles and editorials from Wednesday against “attempts to distort Islam’s image,” the editor of Fact International weekly Zakaria Sheikh said.

Freedom of Expression is Western Terrorism!


* See: this infibulated Muslimah found freedom under a burka! Every female has the right to portable seclusion!


“We will stand united and firm to fight Christian Zionists who seek to harm the image of Islam under the pretext of defending the freedom of expression,” Sheikh told AFP.
“They are in fact violating this freedom. They use the media to implement their scheme, and we will use the same means to counter them.”

The campaign under the banner “The Messenger of God Unites Us,” will carry articles demanding the expulsion of Denmark’s ambassador to Jordan as well as boycotting Danish products.
“The campaign will also demand laws that criminalise and ban blaspheming Islam and the prophet,” Sheikh said, adding he expected a total of 40 media outlets, including state-media organisations, to join the protest.

* Good No luck with that, A-soles…!


‘Misinterpretation of Islam — root cause of terrorism’


Robert Spencer is wondering if we’ll ever get ‘the correct interpretation of Islam’, because the world seems to be full of these annoying misunderstanders…

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4 thoughts on “Cartoon Rage Lunacy Continues”

  1. “Freedom of Expression is Western Terrorism”!

    Wow, the hypocrisy never ends! They are not only promoting eastern terrorism now but also western. By definition alone holding that banner is a freedom of expression. They should now all execute themselves for the offence.

    “Believe we are peaceful or we will kill you”! say’s it all in a “nut”shell.

  2. “Christian Zionists … seek to harm the image of Islam …”
    — — — — —

    Actually, Islam itself is doing a superlative job in “harming the image of Islam”. If the Religion of Perpetual Victimhood could get its true believers to sit down and STFU for a year or so, world opinion of Islam might improve a bit…


    “The campaign will also demand laws that criminalise and ban blaspheming Islam and the prophet … ”
    — — — — —

    #1 — That barbarian megalomaniac IS NOT MY PROPHET. He does not speak for me or for my God. I do not worship him or his Allah, I do not find his teachings holy, nor do I believe his life to be worthy of emulation.

    #2 — Blasphemy is not a prosecutable offense in the West. And, since under our laws “truth is an absolute defense against (the charge of) libel”, I would assume that “truth” is also an absolute defense against charges of defaming or blaspheming Mohammed or Allah or the Quran. (Yes, Mohammed did declare what later became known as the Satanic Verses. Yes, the Quran calls for violence, from stoning to lashing to lopping off limbs. And our Western conflation of Islam with violence is reinforced at every Muslim riot, or honor killing, or bomb plot, or beheading of schoolgirls.) So, dear Muslim immigrants, if you’re so miserable in the West, you can always get your whiny little butts out of here. I understand there are plenty of Islamic Paradises which observe the Sharia law you so obviously long for. Pick one and go.

  3. If these Koranists would just stay in the ummah we wouldn’t have such problems. They can tout Mo as the greatest man ever and believe whatever else they like while we can do the same here. But no-they have to contaminate the West with their presence, demanding that we believe as they do. The hell with them-if they don’t want to accept Western rules while being in the West then get the hell out. You are not welcome here.

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