America's Muslim Candidate: Building A Religion


from Flip at flopping via Atlas Shrugs & Music by Cake Secret:

* Just because the man gets his spiritual advice from a racist preacher and goes to a segregated all black church, makes deals with known gangsters, goes and hangs out with dictators, marries a racist woman, to name just a few things, it doesn’t make him a bad DUDE, now does it?


Ophra-bommah sez: “I’m a Christian. For 20 years I’ve been going to the same racist black supremacist church’ – but why didn’t anybody ask what he was before that?


2 thoughts on “America's Muslim Candidate: Building A Religion”

  1. How’s the following acronym for ya?

    O.B.A.M.A= any Other But A Moslem As_hole !!!

  2. Oprahma is nothing but a media creation. And because of this he does not get the media scrutiny he richly deserves-if he did he’d be in big trouble. The only good of all this is that he is damaging Madame Mao’s chances at winning the White House-her cultish following made her a shoe in until this media Frankenstein was created. My hope is that they demolish each other and give Mc Cain a win (not that he thrills me much but he IS better than those two).

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