China Jihad

‘Some Uighurs have campaigned for the mainly Muslim province to become an independent republic’

* News Dreck from Al BeBeeCeera: you have to read yourself through the whole thing to find the above sentence, otherwise you’d never know.


Gang ‘plotted attack on Olympics’

Suspected militants arrested in western China earlier this year were planning attacks on the Beijing Olympics, a Chinese official says.
Two people were reported to have been killed and 15 arrested in a raid on 27 January in Urumqi, Xinjiang province.

Officials now say their aim was to attack the August Olympics.

The alleged plot was disclosed as officials also revealed that a plane crew prevented an apparent attempt to crash a jet on an internal flight.


Kashgar market scene

The incident occurred on Friday.

The flight also originated in Urumqi, and was bound for Beijing.

The China Southern Airlines plane landed safely despite an attempt “to create an air disaster”, said Xinjiang Governor Nur Bekri.

He gave few details about the alleged attack.

“Who the people involved in the incident were, where they were from, what their aim was and what their background was, we are now investigating,” he said.

But he said there was “an attempt to crash the plane”, and that the crew responded and brought the plane to an emergency landing in the city of Lanzhou, in neighbouring Gansu province, with no damage or injuries.

Reuters quoted an anonymous source saying inflammable material was found in the plane’s toilet, and that at least two passengers on the flight were taken into custody.

There was no confirmation of this.


Mr Bekri was speaking on the sidelines of the annual session of parliament in Beijing.

At the same event, the boss of the Communist Party in Xianjing, Wang Lequan, said January’s raid in Urumqi had thwarted a plot to attack the Olympics.

“Their aim was very clear,” he said. “Specifically to sabotage the staging of the Beijing Olympics.”

“Those terrorists, saboteurs and secessionists are to be battered resolutely, no matter what ethnic group they are from,” said Mr Wang.

China has been struggling for years to contain separatist sentiment among the Uighur minority in Xinjiang.

Some Uighurs have campaigned for the mainly Muslim province to become an independent republic.

The Xinjiang governor, himself an ethnic Uighur, said only a “very small number of people” in the region support the separatists.

“They don’t represent the Uighur people,”
he added.

* A ‘tiny minority of extremists’- where did we hear that before? And yes: “They don’t represent the Uighur people”,- perhaps not. But they are members of the ummah, the nation of over a billion believers. And there is that ‘tiny minority of extremist’ Muslims  who take their religion seriously…

* Uighurs have a bit of a history…

* they also have Shamnesty support…


9 thoughts on “China Jihad”

  1. They will start demanding the same thing here on this continent too. It might happen sooner in Canada than here, but it will happen here too. It has happened in Eastern Europe, Africa, India/Kashmir/pakistan, southeast Asia, Israel, etc. And since they do not keep peace agreements longer than 10 years – and most times not even that long, per their ‘prophet’ – they will demand more if the current demands are met. Or else there will be bombings, rapes, kidnappings, etc.

    This is what we have let into our borders.

    I would say that it will happen in Canada sooner than here. Both Canada and Western Europe’s jihad are further along than here in the USA.

    And we let them into our Universities and other levels of schools – and the parents are… where?! With their heads up their butts.

  2. R_Not “Both Canada and Western Europe’s jihad are further along than here in the USA.

    True. So true.

  3. I would guess that China’s government is willing to “not play nice”, and will stomp these “ethnic separatists” into the ground. China has lots-lots-lots of soldiers in its billion-and-a-half population. Perhaps the Chinese Leaders will come up with truly effective tactics, and our Western Leaders will take note. One can always hope.


    R_Not said “And we let them into our Universities and other levels of schools – and the parents are… where?! With their heads up their butts.” It’s not the parents, it’s our government letting these jihadis-in-training into our country to learn the newest best technology and how to turn it against us. (Aided and abetted by the universities, of course, slavering after all those full-price tuitions: our oil money coming back home.)

  4. I hope that the Chinese government slaughters everyone in that region who wears a coffee filter on their head. (or a hijab). the rest of the world needs to see what must be done with muslims.

  5. The Government of The Peoples Republic of China WILL stamp out this rebellion, as they have every other uprising (eg. Tianenmen Square). ..and Western Governments will be appalled, censuring China’s inhumane tactics. Just call me prescient.

  6. Hey China, keep on boosting Iran at the UN. Those Iranians wouldn’t dream of aiding your rebellious Koranists because they will be grateful for the support. Not!

  7. The mindless drones of islamic jihad fame will meet a far more ferocious and determined foe in the Chinese than our half hearted defense of our sovereign right to exist. I cannot wait for the inevitable attack on the Chinese Olympics which will introduce a real player into this war on terror (islam) because appeasement will not be an option to a Chinaman…

  8. China is reaping what it has sown. I have no love for Islam, but Sharki Turkistan is a case of Islam versus a mindless, racist, and totalitarian regime. Communist China deserves as much radical Islamicism as it gets–and more.

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