As Predicted, Malaysia's PM Warns Chinese: "Don't F*kc With Dhimmitude"

* Al Reuters hastens to put a racial spin on it, its all about race, you see:

Malaysia PM warns against dismantling ‘race policy’


Malaysia’s PM Abdullah ( slave of Allah) warns Chinese Dhimmi’s not to get too uppity…

Sheik Yer’mami reported here

* More on dhimmitude:

“Should the dhimmi violate the conditions of the dhimma — perhaps through practicing his own religion indiscreetly or failing to show adequate deference to a Muslim – then the jihad resumes. At various times in Islamic history, dhimmi peoples rose above their subjected status, and this was often the occasion for violent reprisals by Muslim populations who believed them to have violated the terms of the dhimma.


By Jalil Hamid

KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) – Malaysia’s prime minister warned the opposition on Wednesday against provoking racial tensions after it announced plans to undo a controversial affirmative-action program.

The three-party opposition alliance has said it would dismantle the New Economic Policy (NEP) — which gives majority Malays preference for almost everything from jobs and housing to government contracts, educational opportunities and stocks — saying it breeds cronyism and corruption.

Lim Guan Eng of the Chinese-backed Democratic Action Party (DAP), heading the new government in the industrial state of Penang, said after he was sworn into office on Tuesday that he would scrap the NEP in Malaysia’s only Chinese-majority state.

“The (Penang) state government must not try to create an atmosphere which can cause racial tensions,” national news agency Bernama quoted Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi as saying.

* What Abdullah is saying is this: Malaysia is Dar-al Islam and you are dhimmi’s. Pay the jiziyah with willing submission and don’t make any wind, otherwise….

“Do not marginalize the Malays. I want to ask Lim Guan Eng what are his plans for the Malays in Penang? What are his plans for the Indians in Penang?

The opposition won control of five of the nation’s 13 states in national and state elections held on Saturday.


But Malaysia’s loose opposition alliance showed the first signs of strain since its historic election upset at the weekend, with a feud over who should lead one of the state governments it won.



Philipino Jihad

Catholic Clergy Threatened by Muslim Militants in Philippines


Manila, Mar 12, 2008 (CNA).- Bishops, priests, and religious on the island of Jolo in the Philippines are now under military protection following a series of murders and kidnappings committed by Muslim militants targeting Church personnel, Aid to the Church in Need (ACN) reports.

Bishop Angelito Lampon, the Apostolic Vicar of Jolo, spoke to ACN about conditions on Jolo, an island in the Sulu Archipelago in the southwest Philippines.

Bishop Lampon said that he had to build a guardhouse in front of the gate of his episcopal residence because of the security concerns. He cited the murder of Father Rey Roda, who was shot dead by armed Muslim men this past January, as an example of the worsening security situation.

The islands of Jolo and Basilan are considered strongholds of the Abu Sayaff (Bearers of the Sword) guerillas, an Islamic jihadist group that the international community and the Filipino people consider to be terrorists

Though there are sometimes serious acts of violence, there are also many minor daily acts of hostility. Bishop Lampon said that a Muslim mother might sweep her yard, but dump the rubbish in front of the door of her Christian neighbor. The bishop also related how he has been abused and spat upon in the street when he was in clerical dress.


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  1. >>”* Al Reuters hastens to put a racial spin on it, its all about race, you see:


  2. Not only are non-Moslems forced to be dhimmis in Islamic-ruled countries, but Moslems in our Free countries demand that we allow them special privilieges and that we start acting as dhimmis in our own countries.

    We must resist every inoad that Moslems are trying to make into our societies and instead of treating them as our superiors, we must make them understand that not only are they unwanted here but will face expulsion from our midst.

  3. Ferdinand Marcos was no saint and he was corrupt but at least he battled the Koranists trying to dismember his country. Since his removal that bunch has gotten worse and worse to the point that they now have autonomy-the first step in bringing the whole nation into the ummah.

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