At last! Jihad comes to Korea!

Within a year, the first Islamic school in the country will open its doors


Seoul Central Mosque


by Theresa Kim Hwa-young

Surprised? Thought it would never happen? Here it comes. Just recently Sheik Yer’mami reported from Japan…

The announcement comes from the Korea Muslim Federation. The elementary school, where prayer will not be obligatory, is financed in part by Saudi Arabia. Within three years, a secondary school and cultural centre are planned to open.

Kim Hwan-yoo, secretary general of the organisation, explains that the institute will be named after Saudi sultan Bin Abdul Aziz: “We will present the official request to the government as soon as possible, but there shouldn’t be any problems. Many Koreans have distorted information about Islam, since many years ago some Muslims did not behave well, forcibly converting some of the natives”.

* What? Forcibly converting the natives? Who would have thought! How unislamic!

* Misunderstanders of Islam everywhere:

Therefore, Kim adds, “the main goal is that of correcting a distorted view of our religion. School is not only for children: for us, it will be a mission”. According to the plan that will be presented to the education minister, the courses will include the study of Arabic and English. In any case, “Students will not be obliged to worship, which will take place twice every day”.

* Imagine! Days and nights of flying pigs! A Sowdi school where no one is obliged to worship, but unless they worship, nothing will happen to them… right?

The project has “the full support of the Saudi government”. Abdullah al-Aifan, Riyadh’s ambassador in Seoul, has given 500 thousand dollars to the foundation as “a gift on the part of his government”, and has spoken of “active support for all of the upcoming initiatives as well”.

There are about 150,000 Koreans of the Islamic faith: according to the few local mosques, the fault for this low number lies “with society as well, which has not guaranteed the adequate social infrastructure for the development of our religion”.

* Hmm, according to wiki there are only about 40,000 Muhammad worshippers in Korea. We all know that wiki is not necessarily accurate, but we also know that Muhammedans notoriously inflate their numbers. But anyhow: good luck to Korea!

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Update: 37 Korean troops in Iraq convert to Islam

*  Combat troops and the Koran make for an explosive mix. Taking the Islamic poison home to Korea:

A Korean Jihad

Proof positive that the jihad is active inside Korea. From StrategyPage

(emphasis added):

South Korea has revealed that, although it has practically no Moslems, it has arrested 74 foreigners as terrorism suspects in the last five years. There were 19 separate investigations. Most of the suspects were Moslems from South Asia or Southeast Asia. Most were involved in collecting information on American military forces in South Korea, or planning terror attacks against non-Koreans. Some Arabs have been caught involved in criminal activities that were apparently to provide funds for terrorists. Most of the suspects were expelled and returned to their home countries, along with files on what the South Korea police had found. These men were usually arrested when they arrived in their home countries, and some of them were already known by counter-terrorism officials there.

South Korea was long believed to be free of Islamic terrorist activities. The recent revelations were intended to show that this was not the case, and that South Korea intelligence and police agencies were on top of the situation.


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  1. >>”since many years ago some Muslims did not behave well, forcibly converting some of the natives


  2. >>”* Misunderstanders of Islam everywhere


  3. Well, there goes the world. I guess it was ineveitable that the Far East would be contaminated by this filth as well. Next up-the moon.

  4. HELLOOOOO??? Anybody here? It is now 9 pm est. and Ayaan Hirsi Ali is on CSPAN2. I don’t know if you all get this channel or not but I thought I would throw this out here.

  5. * financed in part by Saudi Arabia

    Just ignore the man in the DJ’s teatowel behind the curtain.

    I wonder what the implications for Oz are in seeking a Free Trade Agreement with
    the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), & the various Oz premiers & officers visiting
    Riyadh in recent years … I smell a (false) profit!
    [Australia has begun negotiations with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), of which
    Saudi Arabia is a member, on a Free Trade Agreement.]

  6. ok so the cult ISLAM has just began to infiltrate idiot KOREANS.well,good luck to them.

  7. Yeah, and the two Koreas traded w/ Iran. Not to mention the Tehranno-Teheranno history roots. I would not say that they are against Islam. In time, they might hate cartoons as their brothers.

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