Hula Hula Jihad

Hawaii is not free. Its just like Palistan, believe it or not. And California is next…

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From Moe’s ‘seriously deluded’ department…


* Remember: Haiti only became successful because it was the first ever slave-colony to liberate itself from the yoke of the white man…


Gynacology Jihad:

Muslim women fear treatment of feminine conditions


Husbands threaten divorce while male gynecologists being killed

* After honor killing, clit-cutting and wife beating: doctors who take a closer look at a Muhammedan pussy risk everything…


Camel Jihad:


Camels, Donkeys, Sheep, Goats Rally in Gaza to Protest Israel. No, Not Kidding….


Sowdi demented inbred watch:


Islamic scholar: “By Allah, we will not be satisfied even if all the Jews are killed”



What is it with the finger?


Islamofacism Fraud: How to snatch a ‘prayer room’ from stoopid infidels in the dar-ul harb…


6 thoughts on “Hula Hula Jihad”

  1. Here’s one from the horse’s mouth admitting that masjids are fortresses of Islam, &
    Muslim armies sprang from masjids to take the “message” of Islam to all parts of the
    world …
    Masjid: the fortress of Islamic faith

    [Muslim armies sprang from the Masjid and spread the message of Islam to all parts of the world within a short time.]

  2. Hawaiians are like the palestinians? Not likely-Hawaii’s king encouraged intermarriage to increase the population. True there are few full blooded Hawaiians left but the people who live there seem to pride themselves on their backgrounds. The palestinians on the other hand not only do not want to live peacefully with Jews (much less intermarry with them) but actively seek to exterminate them. Comparing Hawaiians and palestinians is like comparing a pineapple to a fragmentation grenade-in other words, pointless. But leave it to lefties to make the comparison nonetheless.

  3. >>”Hawaii is not free. Its just like Palistan, believe it or not. And California is next…

    LOL!!! The Aztlan freaks think it’s such a great idea for the U.S. southwest to be Mexico again yet they won’t even step foot in Mexico. The violence is unbelievable! And one can’t look to the police for help, THEY TOO ARE THE CRIMINALS. The best one can hope from the cops is that they will only pull you over and demand a bribe. The Mexicans hate and envy us Americans of Mexican ancestry, they tell us” you’re neither from here(Mexico)) because you left, nor are you from there(U.S.) because they don’t want you.” If the Aztlanos cared about Mexico they’d want it to become part of the U.S.A., not the other way around. These second or third generation Americans’ ancestors risked death, starvation an/or dehydration, rape, etc. to make it through the border deserts to try to become Americans and now they want to be Mexicans again. Don’t wait for them to leave for Mexico, America is the greatest country in the world–better than Mexico, better than France, better than Saudi Arabia, better than Australia:>) etc.

  4. Islamic scholar: “By Allah, we will not be satisfied even if all the Jews are killed”

    What’s holding you up? You can start with the Israeli Army. Surely Allah would enable you to defeat pigs and monkeys in battle! Heck, they’ve even made it easy for you–they are wearing identifiable uniforms and have fixed bases!!! Show us your balls and leave the women, children, and elderly alone. Tsk, the Israelis will use that tablecloth on your head for a little picnic in the desert after they’d route all of you again!!!

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