Iran: "Wilders is a warmonger!"

* Fasten your seat belts:

The mad mullah’s of Iran invoke Universal Declaration of Human Rights against Wilders’ film, says it will “breed violence”

* Its not Islam that breeds violence. “Wilders film will breed violence” from the Associated (with terrorists) Press:

Iran warned on Tuesday that an anti-Quran film by a right-wing Dutch lawmaker would “beed violence” and said the Dutch government could ban it based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


* So… stonings are okay, child marriage is okay, death for apostates and homosexuals is okay, but a film about the Koran is right out.


Geert Wilders, leader of the Freedom Party, has said he plans to air the film this month, though no date has been set. The government says it is powerless to ban the film before seeing its contents and is wary of breaching Wilders’ right to freedom of expression.
Iran’s Deputy Foreign Minister Mehdi Safari cited the 1948 Human Rights declaration’s 29th article that individual rights may be limited in the interest of respecting other people’s freedoms and “meeting the just requirements of morality, public order and the general welfare in a democratic society.”

‘Nobody can say what’s going to happen’

* Strange. Islamic countries don’t respect the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and never signed up. But instead they cooked their own Cairo Declaration of Human Rights under the sharia. There is a difference, you know…

Wilders says the film will depict the Quran as a “fascist book” that can be used by extremists to incite violence and which preaches the oppression of women and homosexuals.

“Freedom of speech is not unlimited,” Tehran’s ambassador to the Netherlands, Bozorgmehr Ziaran told a small group of reporters at the Iranian Embassy. The film, he added, “would just breed violence.” Wilders, Ziaran said, “is not a peacemaker, Mr. Wilders is a warmonger.”


*  Line of the day:

* A couple  of years ago a reporter asked Steven Emerson  why the Muslim world is suddenly so aggressive now. The answer was “Because they never had the money to do it before..” 

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  1. Hugh Fitzgerald’s comments bear repeating.

    Amazing how Iran’s anti-semitic cartoon competition didn’t cause the violence it could have.
    Imanutjob’s threats to wipe out Israel had no effect either.

    >”The Iranians are confusing the Universal Declaration of Human Rights with that other, pretend-equivalent document that the Muslim states quickly came up, and signed, in order to pretend to the world that they recognized the same rights. It would take nothing at all to put the two documents side by side, and then in a synoptic study to show exactly how, in the most important ways, they differ, with the Muslim version — the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights — not protecting free exercise of religion, or freedom of conscience, or freedom of speech.

    Those people making this claim in Iran are ignorant and semi-demented, and do not inhabit the same intellectual, or for that matter moral, universe that we in the advanced, and non-Muslim, world inhabit.
    Not a single Arab state, unsurprisingly, has signed the International Declaration of Human Rights.”
    Posted by: Hugh

  2. Yeah, Wilders is a warmonger. He has a large nuclear arsenal. Iran’s all for peace-they seek to bring us the peace of the grave with their “peaceful” nuclear program.

  3. >>”The mad mullah’s of Iran invoke Universal Declaration of Human Rights against Wilders’ film, says it will “breed violence”

    They are clearly using our media to telegraph veiled incitement to violence.

  4. Any violent response to a mere movie would be disproportionate and collective punishment.

  5. Check out the comments. Especially #’s 22, 24, and 48 Thanx to faithful defenders of civilization like Sheik yer Mami !!!!!!!!!

    1. Who cares about Iran (End)
    Iran stupid (03.11.08)

    2. Look who talks about human rights !
    charles , petach tikva (03.11.08)

    3. breed violence?
    gamba & pilpel (03.11.08)

    4. When Does Iran Abide By Article 29
    emanon , USA (03.11.08)

    5. Iran Has No Standing To Speak of Human Rights
    GZLives (03.11.08)

    6. They alraedy rule the WORLD! (End)
    Alex (03.11.08)

    7. ha!
    Liron , Israel (03.11.08)

    8. Islam censors the world by threat and violence.
    Helen (03.11.08)

    9. What a surprise!
    Chatich (03.11.08)

    10. They don’t even know what the film’s about let alone have
    Allan , US (03.11.08)

    11. I WANT TO SEE THIS MOVIE !!!! (End)

    12. So Fascist Islamists can perpetrate violence and intolerance
    Marissa , New York, NY (03.11.08)

    13. by that logic, we should ban islam as well… (End)

    14. Film does not breed violence, Islam does.
    Terry , Eilat, Israel (03.11.08)

    15. Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
    Reality Check , BaGolan (03.11.08)

    16. #47 Terry
    Darren , Cal can (03.11.08)

    17. not anti Muslim
    Israel Israeli , Tel Aviv (03.11.08)

    18. Iran
    Marc , West Palm Beach, USA (03.11.08)

    19. Can some one tell me what the movie will be about ?
    Simon Mohammed , Falls Church, VA USA (03.11.08)

    20. BREED VIOLENCE OR…………………………
    J COHEN (03.11.08)

    21. TERRY, TAKE MY TONGUE………………..
    AVROHOM BILGREI , ZION (03.11.08)

    22. When they will release it
    sam , tehran,Iran (03.11.08)

    23. Thank you muslims!
    Sanna (03.11.08)

    24. thank you Mr.Wilders
    sam , tehran,Iran (03.11.08)

    25. The entire civilize world must follow Geert Wilders idea
    e.m.Jordan is Palest , s.f (03.12.08)

    26. remember “behead those who insult islam”?
    al-kafir al-yahudi , USA (03.12.08)

    27. #16 Darren – I was surprised myself.
    Terry , Eilat, Israel (03.12.08)

    28. The truth hurts (End)

    29. Thanks Terry,,.
    Darren , Cal can (03.12.08)

    30. Who play with fire

    31. There is a precedent
    Reality Check , BaGolan (03.12.08)

    32. Freedom of Speech!
    Mohammed Teddy-Bear , Darfur, Sudan (03.12.08)

    33. Iran Doesn’t Want The World To Hear The Truth About Islam
    Not Jewish , USA (03.12.08)

    34. Iran can go to Hell
    Brod , USA (03.12.08)

    35. An Insult To Islam?
    Bill Foonman , Jacksonville, USA (03.12.08)

    36. Dutch film- Good for the Dutch
    I.Kemp , Nahariya Israel (03.12.08)


    38. Why Doesn’t This Embarrass Muslims
    Thomas (03.12.08)

    39. Anti Quran film
    Lisa , Las Cruces, New Mexi (03.12.08)

    40. 2 tickets please !
    Simon , TA Israel (03.12.08)

    41. Terrorist murder in the name of Islam.
    Jean Van Daem (03.12.08)

    42. Can’t Wait to See the Film
    kurt , san diego (03.12.08)

    43. # 39 Dear Lisa

    jack bauer , may God protect him (03.12.08)

    45. #42 thank you… sentiments exactly
    jack bauer , & I’m dutch (03.12.08)

    46. to 41

    petra , usa (03.12.08)

    48. Please 4 ticket for tonight (End)
    sam , tehran,iran (03.12.08)

    49. 42 Kurt , 45 Jacobus de Boer
    charles , petach tikva (03.12.08)

  6. Friggan war-mongering muslims…..We know what that hate manual called the koran preaches. Screw the iranian mullahs. Screw the iranian muslims. Pray that the humans in Iran can overthrow the animals, the muslims.

  7. If only they knew how much they are actually proving that Wilders is correct.
    I guess they didn’t think of that.

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