Iran Will Expel 1.5 Million Illegal Afghans

* From the ‘Allah is most merciful & compassionate’ department

* But the ummah is not as tolerant as Allah:

* While Euro-dhimmies are literally s#*tting themselves about deporting convicted Islamic terrorists who committed crimes in their own countries as well as in the host country that has given them shelter, Islamic countries don’t have these humanitarian hang-ups:

KABUL (AFP)--Tehran intends to expel all 1.5 million Afghans within its borders illegally, a visiting Iranian official said in Kabul Monday, even as Kabul said it could not cope with such a high number of returnees.


“Those who illegally entered Iran have committed crimes: entering illegally, staying illegally and working illegally – these are crimes,” Sayed Taghi Ghaemi, of the Iranian interior ministry, told reporters.

“We will expel them from our country at the first opportunity we encounter them,” he said on the sidelines of a meeting between both governments to assess the repatriation of Afghans from Iran.

Iran estimates there are about 1.5 million Afghans illegally within its borders with another 900,000 there as registered refugees. It began to force the illegals out nearly a year ago.

Ghaemi said the removals would be conducted in consultation with the Afghan government.

Kabul has, however, been urging Tehran to halt the expulsions, especially over the winter which has been one of the coldest in decades with about 1,000 people dying from the cold.

Deputy refugees minister Abdul Qadir Ahadi told the same news briefing that Kabul was not able to receive returnees in large numbers.

“Afghanistan’s problems are known to everyone,” he said. “In the current situation we’re overpowered to receive 1.5 million refugees at home,” he said.

In a recent mass expulsion, officials in the western province of Nimroz said about 1,800 Afghans arrived there on Saturday.

War-scarred Afghanistan is beset with insecurity linked to a growing Taliban- led insurgency, high unemployment and a lack of basic infrastructure.

Conflict, poverty and drought led to an exodus of Afghans that began in the 1970s and ended with about 8 million in exile in the 1990s. Most went to Iran and Pakistan.

Since 2002, after the fall of the hardline Taliban regime, around 4 million have returned. There are still 2 million registered Afghan refugees in Pakistan.

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  1. Now, if only the West would emulate Iran regarding ITS problems with both illegals and Koranists.

  2. Well keep up with the UMMAH bullsh*t. Who is there when these people need something? What? Not the ummah? Who then? Oh yeah THE GREAT SATAN. Sorry, I forgot.

    And I agree IFL.

  3. >>”“We will expel them from our country at the first opportunity we encounter them,”

    LOL!!! Good luck! Hunger and misery are a son of a gun! Hope the Afghans are as determined as Mexicans and haul butt right back in!

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