Wilders Film To Air, Balkenende Government Runs For Cover

* Muslim “multiculturalists” are threatening legal action, the ‘militants’ and the ‘youths’ are preparing the Molotow cocktails, and the Dutch government gets ready to commit social suicide by cowardice:

Anti-Quran film to air in Netherlands

By MIKE CORDER, Associated Press Writer

Protesters already have torched Dutch flags in Afghanistan ahead of a new Dutch film portraying Islam’s holy book as a “fascist” text that incites violence and preaches the oppression of women and homosexuals.


* Wilders: ‘Right Wing’ smears don’t stick…

A Dutch Cabinet minister postponed his trip to Somalia on Friday due to “specific threats” linked to the film, and the Dutch government has urged lawmaker Geert Wilders to scrap his film for the safety of its citizens abroad.

* WTF? What business does Balkenende have in Somalia, a failed Islamic terror-craphole in Africa?

But Wilders said Monday he has begun negotiations with Dutch broadcasters about airing the 15-minute film, “Fitna.” He said he will only allow them to show it in its entirety, and if they refuse, he plans to show it to the media and post it on the Internet.

“We have never learned to be intolerant toward people who are intolerant toward us, toward cultures that are intolerant toward us,” he said in a recent Associated Press interview.

The right-wing legislator previously warned of a “tsunami” of Islam swamping the Netherlands and said Muslims should tear up half of the Quran if they want to live here.

Wilders has lived under round-the-clock security since the 2004 murder of filmmaker Theo van Gogh by an Islamic radical enraged by his short film, “Submission,” a fictional study of abused Muslim women with scenes of near-naked women with Quranic texts engraved on their flesh.

The film “Fitna” — an Arabic word meaning discord — puts the centuries-old Dutch traditions of religious tolerance and freedom of speech on a collision course.

If it airs, Dutch Muslims are expected to file criminal complaints for racial or religious vilification. Prosecutors would then have to decide whether to charge Wilders with any offense.

“Our law is very clear — anybody can make a film. We have freedom of expression and you cannot restrict that,” says Moroccan-born Sadik Harchaoui, chief of the Forum Institute for Multicultural Development.

“Can you offend people? The answer is yes. I’m not saying you should do it or it is desirable, but you can,” he added. “But if the film is insulting and preaches hate, then the law has to take action.”

* The sharia does not apply in Holland, Sadik. The law should take action against the Koran and the hatred your clerics preach in the mosques.

The Dutch government says it cannot ban the film but is attempting to distance itself from Wilders, the leader of the Freedom Party, which holds nine of Parliament’s 150 seats.

“Balkenende a ‘weak, frightened man who gives way to threats’, sez Wilders


* Balkenende invents new Dutch value: ‘RESPECT’

“It is our responsibility to make clear to everyone that the views and actions of this one elected representative are not those of the government,” Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende told reporters last week. “We defend the core values of freedom and respect. We guarantee freedom of expression and of religion, for Muslims as for everyone else.”

* The Koranimals don’t respect you, Balkenende. For them you are a filthy kuffar and the dirty son of a whore. Learn to be intolerant against hate, your survival and the survival of our civilization is at stake!

The moderate National Moroccan Council has said it is trying to “neutralize the threat” posed by the film, but cannot rule out violence at home.

* ‘MODERATE’ by whose standard?

“We will have succeeded if, after the film, Mr. Wilders is frustrated,” chairman, Mohamed Rabbae said at a news conference in January. “If he sees there are no riots and Muslims are cleverer and more democratic than he thinks.”

* Right. The slow jihad by immigration and outbreeding the natives is preferable to the violent version. Got it!

*  Bunglawussi Watch: “Let Wilders choke in his rage”


The Dutch Reject Blackmail & Intimidation, Support For Wilders Grows:

THE HAGUE, 04/03/08 – The Christian democrats (CDA) would only win 29 seats if general elections were held now. The disfavour of the voters is the result of the party’s attempts to prevent Geert Wilders’s film on the Koran from being shown, pollster Maurice de Hond reported.

Last week, CDA still scored 32 seats. The new result of 29 is the party’s lowest score since the spring of 2006. CDA currently has 41 seats in the Lower House, which has 150 members.

The three seats lost by the CDA would be divided between Wilders’ anti-‘Islamisation’ Party for Freedom (PVV), the conservatives (VVD) and Proud of the Netherlands (TON). Each of these parties would win one more seat than last week.

PVV (now 9 seats) and VVD (now 22 seats) would each win 16 seats. Proud of the Netherlands, the new party being set up by ex-VVD MP Rita Verdonk, would enter the Lower House with 19 seats, De Hond reports.



CDA Minister Maxime Verhagen appealed explicitly to Wilders on Thursday not to broadcast the film. CDA Prime Minister Jan Peter Balkenende also pressed the PVV leader on Friday to withdraw the film, although he worded this less strongly than Verhagen. In the Lower House, the CDA was the only party that supported Verhagen’s explicit call to drop the movie.



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  1. If you insult someone, is that also not offending them? And vice-versa? And sideways-to-the-left??? I have a mess to clean up-my head just exploded.

  2. We need to focus on giving the Moslems 2 options:

    1) Let the film air to prove the truth( to which we’ll say we told you so).
    2) Act like animals to prove the film is the truth(to which we’ll say we told you so).

    Where’s the popcorn?

  3. >>”The Dutch Reject Blackmail & Intimidation, Support For Wilders Grows:


  4. The Dutch govt. is trying to persuade Wilders not to screen his film, using the classic line about not being allowed to shout “fire!” in a crowded theatre …

    * The limits of freedom of expression

    … the reality, of course, is that Muslims quite often threaten to set fire to theatres and other places of public entertainment (or to bomb them without warning), so it is perfectly correct to
    shout “fire!” instead of saying & doing nothing.

    What is Wilders expected to do? Remain seated and eat his popcorn? Hopefully the final curtain will fall for Islam before too long.

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