Islamo-Scumbag Imam tells believers to steal from the Kuffar

 * How to be a perfectly legal Islamic parasite:


He’s not a ‘radical’, this imam is following the book.


Robert Spencer at Jihadwatch explains:

This comes from the entitlement mentality inculcated by Qur’an 9:29 and the legal superstructure of the jizya payments: if the non-Muslims rightly owe Muslims a tax, then the Muslims are entitled to take what they can get from them when it is not collected. “Radical Muslim preacher caught on film giving advice on how to ‘hoodwink’ the Government over benefits,”

from the Daily Mail  


2 thoughts on “Islamo-Scumbag Imam tells believers to steal from the Kuffar”

  1. This doesn’t upset me in the least. This bunch steals everything-religious figures from real religions, women, land, inventions, even their meteorite at Mecca. Scamming money from the government is just the latest in a long line of stealing. They just can’t help it- kleptomania and Koranmania are one and the same.

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