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* “Using your man-made laws against you, pay up kuffar, or else…”

* thanx to the Gates of Vienna

Not even a second of Wilders’ film is out yet,” the newspaper writes, “and a Turkish organization already demands an apology from Geert Wilders or otherwise that he should be convicted and have to pay heavy fines.” The Turkish organization NIF not only requires that Wilders be silenced and a ban imposed on his anti-Koran film Fitna, but also a public apology from the PVV leader to the Muslim population: “To avoid a penalty payment of €50,000 per day, Wilders should publish a ‘rectification’ on the front page of two national newspapers, in which he is to declare that his remarks about Islam, the Koran and the Prophet Mohammed are “inappropriate and an unnecessary offense’. The ‘rectification’ should end with an expression of regret.”


* Islam and Free Speech, by Peter Hoekstra

According to Wilders on his weblog, his party is encountering “enormous costs” because of the film and its aftermath. Already many court cases are being filed and prepared to silence Wilders one way or the other and the lawyers’ bills must be piling up in his office

* 57% of the Dutch consider the importation of huge numbers of (Muslim) immigrants in recent decades to be the biggest mistake ever made in Dutch history.

Sietze Fritsma, the immigration specialist for Geert Wilders’ PVV, asked the government if they agree with that, and called for a parliamentary hearing: “Do you realize only the Dutch ‘elite’ embraces this horrible Multiculturalism, and that the ordinary citizen is sick of the daily trouble, street terror, crime, and deterioration that many immigrants bring with them?”

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Iran wants compensation for UN sanctions

* No, its not a joke. The terror-regime of the mullahs seems to be slightly behind schedule in its nuclear bomb making endeavors. That calls not only for violent jihad, but also for compensation:

By EDITH M. LEDERER, Associated Press Writer


Manouchehr Mottaki


Iran is demanding compensation for what it says are unlawful sanctions imposed by the U.N. for refusing to suspend uranium enrichment, the Mideast nation’s foreign minister said in a letter obtained by The Associated Press on Wednesday.

In the 20-page letter, Manouchehr Mottaki said Iran rejects the sanctions resolutions because the U.N. Security Council went beyond its powers, and its actions are inconsistent with the U.N. Charter.

In his response, Mottaki singled out the United States, Britain, France and Germany, accusing them of pushing new sanctions for political motives and “providing false and erroneous information” to the IAEA concerning Iran’s nuclear activities.

“These countries should, as a minimum step, admit their mistakes, apologize to the great nation of Iran, correct their behavior, and above all, compensate all the damages they have inflicted on the Islamic Republic of Iran,” Mottaki said.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran and its citizens have the right to resort to legal actions to seek redress against the sponsors of these unlawful actions,” he said.


OIC Chief Renews Call to Stop ‘Campaign of Insults’

“We must not allow freedom of speech to be used as a cover to insult religion,” said Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, secretary-general of the OIC, speaking on the sidelines of a high-profile three-day dialogue between Japan and the Islamic world, which concluded yesterday.


* Islam-terror: okay! Mo-toons ‘worse than killing children..’

Isanoglu: “Denmark and the Netherlands must stop provoking Muslims using the European Convention on Human Rights as a basis.”

Ihsanoglu called on the two European countries to respect the sentiments of over 1.7 billion Muslims worldwide. “We have to deal first with the campaign of insults … and the deliberate misuse of freedom of the press,” said the OIC chief.

* Last time we checked there were about 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. Any idea how they multiplied by 500 million almost overnight?

Arab News has more


Jihad Watch discovers the new face of the FBI:


Bomb, Iraqi dough found in stolen car in New Mexico, Feds rule out terrorism 


A Dutch animated film shows Muhammad as paedophile


* Profit Moe & little Aisha

* Muhammad and the Islamic custom of child brides

One speaks only about Fitna de Geert Wilders. However another film could cause more Moslem fury in the world. Ehsan Jami, the founder of the Committee of ex-Muslims, has announced that he is producing an anti-Islamic cartoon called The Life of Muhammad and his 9 years old child bride Aicha”

“the film will show a Mohammed sexually excited with his nine year old wife Aïcha.” according to Ehsn Jami.

The animated drawing will be much more unpleasant for Mosqueteers than the Danish caricatures, but will not be offensive for non-Moslems.

Ehsan Jami , former politician of the Ploughing Dutch party is the founder of the committee of the ex-Moslems. Born in Iran, he rejected Islam after having read Koran and following the attacks of September 11, 2001. Obviously, he also must live hidden and under high protection after having received death threats.

Members of the Dutch Muslim and government contact organisation, CMO, who have viewed a section of the film, say they will go to court in an attempt to have The Life of Muhammad banned. The organisation has described the film as totally unacceptable and extremely offensive.

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  1. It just astounds me how muslims think they can control others in other nations. And then, we get those in other nations obeying the muslims. And I will include the USA in those that cowtow way too often.

    As for Turkey – I would say… raspberries.

    It also astounds me how muslims can turn free speech into being equal to terrorism. Unless we are making their little brains melt down and go boom! ahahahahaha

    They don’t like learning of the waste that their lives are.

  2. While I commend any effort at honest criticism of Islam, I would also like to see someone do a comprehensive work (preferably in a visual medium like animation or an illustrated “graphic novel” style) that depicted the history of Mohamed and Islam and the Koranic “revelations” in chronological and biographical context. Something like “Prophet of Doom” but without the Christian evangelical slant; maintaining a desire to provide a rigorously historical picture using only the religion’s own literature – the Hadiths and Koran. The creators would need to be unafraid to provide a devastatingly negative view which is mandated by the facts but be confident enough to let those facts speak for themselves without attempting to constructing an “argument against Islam”. It would probably be the length of a miniseries and take ages and be very unprofitable. But I would love to see it. To have something that was both historically educational and that could also serve to expose Islam to a larger audience – including Muslims – would be great.

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