Mahathir Delusions: "Muslims should boycott Dutch products over Fitna"


* All of the worlds 1.5 gazillion Muslims! That will show ’em! Because as Mahathir “The Jews Run The World By Proxy” Mohamad well knows, this film is not a production of the Dutch nation, but by a Dutch politician representing 9 seats in the Dutch parliament. Boycotting Dutch products is simply an attempt to strongarm the Dutch as a whole into dhimmitude. Collective punishment? Anytime! Remember that next time when the shoe is on the other foot…

* The biggest laugh of all:

He said such a boycottt could result in The Netherlands having to “close shop”, as Muslims made up the wealthiest portion of the world’s population and were also the biggest importers.

Source: Bernama via JW

* “We are very annoyed about this video. This is the result of misunderstanding of Islam, and of course there is some political motive behind it,” he said.

Malaysia’s foreign ministry Saturday slammed Geet Wilders for producing the film.
“Portraying Islam as a religion advocating extremism is not only misleading and erroneous but also blatant disregard and utter disrespect for Islam and the sensitiveness of the Muslim world,” it said in a statement.

* Telling the truth is very offensive to Muslims. Infidel beware…!



4 thoughts on “Mahathir Delusions: "Muslims should boycott Dutch products over Fitna"”

  1. Actually, I agree with the boycott. Muhammedans would do the West an incredible favor by completely disengaging from western commerce.

    PLEASE . . .Do us all a favor! Boycott.

    As difficult as it would be to recover from such a disengagement, it would prove that it can be done and the west will clearly recover. I don’t hold the same confidence for the muhammedan economy. Could muhammedan nations feed, clothe, house, medicate, etc. their own without access to western commerce? Doubt it.

    Go ahead, BOYCOTT. . .inshallah.

  2. Who is the real cow here? No seller without buyer,inferior/necessity/complementary and luxury products there is a different ! We can live without cheese,dove,ferrero rocher,what else…planta and bla-bla-bla..lots of stuff which we actually able to survive without!

    So muslims…start boycott!

  3. All bans are shortsided and very dumm. This caller for a ban did not do his homework good. Holland is not against the muslims but is against sjiekhs who preach in our mosks to make trouble in Holland, against morrocion yought who don’t want to work or be a part in the society, against FGM, against calling for hate against gays, against honor killings and so on.
    In every city in Holland you find centers to teach koran and arabic. Eldery homes for old arab people in a halal way. Holland gives money for a lot of good causes for all nationalities or beliefs.
    (17 million euro per year to Egypt) and how much to other countries?
    Bans like this make me wonder: For what? For people who don,t really understand what Holland ant and does???
    In Holland there is freedom of religion so we are free to be against islam, christianity or the jewsish faith. On the other hand people of all faith can practice their relgion freely. Can you do this is a Middle East country?
    Check your own troubles first!
    My god, help us against this shortminded bans.

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