NATO Murders Serbs for America's Islamic Heroin Caliphate of Kosovo

Clitman’s Toxic Legacy Kills:



Bunglawussy Watch:

Introducing Jack Shaheen, Arab Islamo-Bullshit Peddler


George Clooney, center, consulted with author Jack Shaheen while filming “Syriana,” which deals with work and politics in the Middle East.


‘Jack’ Shaheen


“When I grew up, it was Native Americans. Blacks. … We had the red scare with Communists. So we have all of these formulas from the past that sort of make their way to the present.

“Now it’s Arab equals Muslim equals the godless enemy Other. And it’s hard, because once we begin to get a fixed image of a people or a faith in our minds, it’s difficult to shake.”

So far, Shaheen says he has tried to do his part. But for real change to take place, he said, politicians, celebrities and industry heads are going to have to take a stand, too.

“Silence means approval, and at some point these guys have to say, ‘Intolerance is intolerance. It’s just as wrong to vilify an Arab as it is a Jew or a black, and we need to stop.’ “

* Actually, NOT! We don’t have to tolerate the intolerant. And we don’t have to stop to expose them, the bullshit has to stop. the terror has to stop. the Islamo-BS has has to stop.

* Jack Shaheen to Discuss Stereotyping of Arabs in the Media

* This is the kind of bullshit jack Shaheen peddles:

JOHN DONVAN Interview:

But, what do you do about the fact that, particularly for Americans particularly after September 11 th, they have seen an extreme act of violence perpetrated in the name of Islam, perpetrated by those who did the deed …


Absolutely. Absolutely. Well, you have 19 Arab Muslim terrorists responsible for the death of 3,000 innocent Americans. 3,000 of us. And they’re Arab Muslims, right? Do their actions represent 1.2 billion Muslims? When we see Catholic priests and other men who abuse their faith and seduce and malign young boys, does that mean everyone in the faith is a child molester? The problem is and continues to be, unfortunately, that we have this “Islamophobia” in our country that everything Muslim is associated with evil. And we have these evil men who did these terrible things and they said they did it in the name of Islam.

* They did, Jack. They did it in the name of Islam. OBL & Zawahiri always justify their actions with the relevant Koran sura’s. And they’re proud of it. Your Islamic clerics are pretty good child molesters too, especially your prophet married Aisha when she was 6 and consummated his ‘marriage’ when she was 9. But now you want to tell us that Catholic priests and other men who abuse their faith are just as bad as the 19 hijackers who killed 3000 Americans on 9/11 screaming ‘Allahu akbar?’

Get real Jack: cut the BS: the terrorists motivation is ISLAM!


The Madrassah Attack That No One Ever Heard About:

Here is another typical BS story from MPACUK, also reported on the Bunglawussy ‘Islamophobia Watch’ site. If it really happened there would be riots all over England now, but as it is they don’t even remember the date correctly. (just scroll down on the MPACUK site: First it was “On Thursday 13th of March between 5pm and 8 pm in Dudley Hill in Bradford, West Yorkshire, a Madrassah was attacked”- then the original poster ‘Victor Hugo’ claims “Sorry I made a little error. I have just been told that the incident didn’t take place on the 13th of March, but on the 6th March a week before the date I have mentioned.

Sorry about that, I was just told it happened last thursday but it was the thursday before. Because of no media coverage I couldn’t be sure..”


Bradford madrassa atacked

On Thursday 13th of March between 5pm and 8 pm in Dudley Hill in Bradford, West Yorkshire, a Madrassah was attacked.

20 white youths wearing hoodies rushed the madrassah armed with hammers, axes and baseball bats. They attacked everyone in the madrassah. There were young kids in there aged between 9 and 19 who were also attacked and beaten by these thugs. And the teachers were also given a kicking. Most of the students from the madrassah have been hospitalised. It was just sheer luck that no one was killed.

6 thoughts on “NATO Murders Serbs for America's Islamic Heroin Caliphate of Kosovo”

  1. The madrassah in Dudley Hill / Bradford doesn’t appear to have a web site or any
    contact details to confirm this “attack”. It might be Darul Uloom Dawatul Imaan, but
    again no contact details or evidence of any attack.

  2. * It seems to be a complete cock & bull story…

    Somebody is feeding the “peaceful ones” cock & bull, & they blame it on the “Zionist
    controlled press” that there are no reports of the non-event. Of the 37 google news
    results for “Dudley Hill”, most are sports results – one was a missing girl who was
    found, and a Porsche driver had a crash near the roundabout – no sign of 20 white
    thugs wielding hammers, axes and baseball bats, which sounds more like a ROP
    trademark attack if anything.

  3. This is a fictitious story. Yorkshire is the next county along, it would have been on the local news and in the papers, it wasn’t/isn’t.

  4. oops, I can’t multi-task – just checking NATO stuff for my son from the post above, but got distracted and didn’t check the date on this story, anyway, the mosque story is just that, a story.

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