Memoirs of a 'Criminal Mind'

“Instead of being angry at those who give his presumably peaceful religion a bad name, he condemned me for reading their quotes”

About the hopelessness of debating Muslims. By John David Lewis at The Objective Standard via Jihad Watch

This is evasion par excellence—to condemn those who raise Islam’s violent past and present rather than have to face the fact that the vision of idyllic peace that one associates with one’s religion has no basis in reality.

(I at least got a good laugh out of this exchange when I concretized the meaning of the tax on subjugated peoples. Suppose a Mafia thug came to your door, I said, and he offered to protect you for, say, $100 a month. You would ask the thug, “From whom do I need protection?” to which he would reply: “Us.”)

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Appeasing Idiots of the World, Unite! 

Everyone urged to upload ‘Fitna’ apology

Dutch say ‘sorry’ for anti-Islam film



* One of the campaign videos mocking Wilders (Screenshot)

A Dutch activist group has called for a mass online apology campaign to “smother out” the soon-to-be-released anti-Islamic movie by a right wing politician.

Dutch lawmaker Geert Wilders says he plans to broadcast his film “Fitna” — Challenge in Arabic – on the web sometime in the next two weeks. The 15-minute movie denounces the Quran as a “fascist” book.

On Monday, Amsterdam-based cultural organization Mediamatic called on Dutch citizens “to make their own version of Fitna in which they apologize for Wilders’ embarrassing behavior”.

“If everybody joins in it will be hard to find the video by Wilders without finding lots of movies apologizing for it,” said a statement released by the organization.

“Just to let the world (and ourselves) know that allowing opportunists to speak does not mean that we agree with what they say,” the statement added.

Willem Velthoven of Mediamatic urges people to “act as a look-a-like of the politician” by putting on a blonde wig, and then film themselves apologizing using a mobile phone or video camera.

He urged people to publish their apologies as many times as possible on sites such as Youtube, Hyves, Facebook and Myspace, calling it “Fitna by Geert Wilders”.

“Because of the freedom of speech, Mediamatic doesn’t want to stop the Fitna video,” the statement said. “What Mediamatic can do is to stimulate disinformation…[in] hopes that Wilders will be smothered in apologies”.

* Stupid is as stupid does. You wish it would hurt… 


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