Norway: "Burka gives you Freedom"

Burka Fashion Monkeys

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Why did they create a burka collection?

They want to create a new burka collection that show more of a person’s personality and that is adapted to the Norwegian climate and lifestyle. This way Norwegian Muslims can do ‘more Norwegian’ things without feeling like outsiders. Such as wearing a jeans burka to go to a cafe.

They claim they got positive responses from Muslim girls, but they’re not aiming only at Muslims.

Mariak Kartveit: There are certain advantages to a burka. We will make it possible for Norwegians to wear a burka. Only we sell burkas in Norway.

They say a burka gives one freedom, and is a supplement to the daily wardrobe. when one wants to hide, or has a bad hair day.



Sydney Moonbat Herald:

Australia: WHITE students are fleeing public schools, leaving behind those of Aboriginal and Middle Eastern origin, a secret report by high school principals reveals.

* But actually NOT.

Its Asian and white Australians who are fleeing from the Musulmaniacs. The multiculti-diversity brigade from the Sydney Moonbat Herald just can’t get themselves to tell it like it is.

Its all about ‘race’, you see:

White flight leaves system segregated by race


“Poverty causes terrorism” update

Spreading the web of terror


Peshawar: In an internet age, Al Qaida prizes geek jihadis as much as would-be suicide bombers and gunmen. The terror network is recruiting computer-savvy technicians to produce sophisticated Web documentaries and multimedia products aimed at audiences in the United States, Britain and other Western countries.

Already, the terror movement’s Al Sahab production company is turning out high quality material, some of which rivals productions by Western media companies. The documentaries appear regularly on Islamist websites, which Al Qaida uses to recruit followers and rally its supporters.

That requires people whose skills go beyond planting bombs and ambushing American patrols in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“The Al Qaida men who are coming today are not farmers, illiterate people,” said Qari Mohammad Yousuf, an Afghan and self-declared Al Sahab cameraman. “They are Ph.D.s, professors who know about this technology. Day by day they are coming. Al Qaida has asked them to come.”



‘Climate Change’ Terrifies Euro-Dhimmi’s


Illegal African migrants cause climate change

Europe’s leaders warned of big rise in migration

“The United Nations predicts that there will be millions of ‘environmental’ migrants by 2020 with climate change as one of the major drivers of this phenomenon,” the document noted.

Migration may increase conflicts in “transit” and destinations countries, the report said, adding that: “Europe must expect substantially increased migratory pressure.”



Fortress Europe?


5 thoughts on “Norway: "Burka gives you Freedom"”

  1. Islamic culture could create the same environment as prisons in which men don’t see women because they are either imprisoned in their homes or are covered head to toe when in public. Men who are mentally straddling the the fence between heterosexuality and homosexuality could be more inclined towards sexual relationships with other likeminded men. The burqa sucks real bad!

  2. No doubt everyone in Sydney is running from Muslims, and for good reason. But whites here are running from Asians too. Its about both race and religion. From south to north, the number of Asians now here is staggering. And many of the young Asians, bereft of Australian culture, are totally foreign in their ways.

  3. [Another principal said] “I’m seen as a Muslim school, so I don’t attract very many non-Muslims

    Can’t think why … perhaps they don’t fancy eating food sacrificed to idols, or like to see who
    they are sitting next to, or don’t like people washing their feet in the hand basins or .. or ..

    Instead of accepting that people vote with their feet, why not have another “harmony day” and
    pretend that the secret herbs and spices of multiculturalism are working.

  4. Burkas do indeed give the wearer freedom. They can soil themselves in public and nobody will notice until it’s too late.

    I can see why newspapers are in trouble. Very little news, but lots of propaganda, lies, distortions and half truths.

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