Omar Bakri loves Fitna: "could be a film by the Mujahideen"

* Absolutely. Islam is what Muslims do. Because the soldiers of Allah do all these things that are so offensive to Muslims, and keep doing them everyday in more than 30 theaters of jihad warfare around the globe: like using Koran verses to justify their atrocities. Why are these Muslims offended by Wilders and not by their fellow Koranists?


The formerly UK-based jihadist hits the nail on the head: for all the rage from Muslims about how Fitna “links Islam with violence,” that link has already been made by the jihadists, who never aroused any significant rage among their peaceful brethren. The jihadists quote Qur’an to justify their actions — it wasn’t Geert Wilders who had to go hunting in the Qur’an for verses that matched those actions.



Qaradawi weasels and lies:


“We need scholarly refutations to claims that Prophet Muhammad incited the killing of men and women,” he stressed. […]

* That will be tough, given the evidence of the early Muslim sources on Asma bint Marwan, Ka’b bin Ashraf, Abu Afak, the Jews of Khaybar, the Banu Qurayzah Jews, etc. etc.

Qaradhawi accuses:

“What the Dutch politician did is tantamount to opening fire on the Qur’an,” Qaradawi said in exclusive statements to


“We ask them to better understand the Islam’s message of peace, mercy and human brotherhood,”

* here’s What the Holiest Book of Islam Really says about Non-Muslims

Qaradawi seeks retaliation:

“Heavyweight Muslim countries should have a manly stance in defense of Islam and its prophet,” he added.“The peoples need to pressure their governments to take such a stand and prove to the world that the Muslim Ummah is still alive.”

* In other words, strongarm the West into dhimmi silence.



Pakistan: Fitna Rage in the making. “Foreigners will be attacked. The situation will change, change, change”


* But maybe its not ‘Fitna’ at all. Its all about ‘blasphemous’ drawings…


“Anti-Quran film sparks protests in Muslim world,” from CNN-IBN:

New Delhi: Muslims in several countries are protesting a film by a Dutch lawmaker’s film, saying it insults the Quran.
Hundreds of Islamists staged angry protests across Pakistan after the release of the film and a militant allegedly linked to al-Qaida’s No 2 leader also warned that the film will spark reprisal attacks.
Small groups of demonstrators, mostly followers of hard-line religious groups, rallied in major cities, demanding Pakistan cut diplomatic relations with the Netherlands. A banner at one demonstration read, “We hate the uncivilized West.”

More here


Dutch Business: “We rather lose our culture than a dollar”

Bernard Wientjes, chairman of the Dutch employers’ organisation VNO-NCW:

“A boycott would hurt Dutch exports. Businesses such as Shell, Philips and Unilever are easily identifiable as Dutch companies,” he was quoted as saying.
Malaysia’s former prime minister Mahathir Mohamad suggested a boycott on Saturday, echoing a similar call by media in Jordan.

Dutch businesses threaten to sue over anti-Islam film,” from Agence France-Presse


Louise Arbour totally derailed:

*  Traincrash or rather ‘staying the course?’

U.N.’s Arbour on Fitna: “They should offer strong protective measures to all forms of freedom of expression, while at the same time enacting appropriate restrictions, as necessary, to protect the rights of others”

* Never mind obout our rights!

Spencer comments:

Questions for Ms. Arbour: Is not being offended a human right? Should “appropriate restrictions” target the clear and present danger of possibly having one’s feelings hurt? In that event, there will need to be a U.N. court on every elementary school playground.

“Louise Arbour condemns the film ‘Fitna’,” from Kuwait News Agency:



Honest Muslim Discovered: “We hate you for your disbelief and defiance”

* A Muslim blogger writes to Geert Wilders:

* Resisting Islam causes wars, for which the infidels are responsible:

But we don’t hate you for your freedoms as we don’t consider those freedoms. We hate you for your disbelief and defiance.

So keep warning, and we too will keep warning. Islaam denounces Democracy, Islaam denounces Christians and Jews, Islaam denounces the corruption of the disbelievers upon the earth, and Islaam is coming to crush the armies of disbelief and smash the false governments and religions of the world to bring humanity from darkness into light.

Although we hate you for the sake of Allah and pray for your destruction, we are happy that you made this film because no matter how negative the disbelievers try to portray Islaam, in the end, it is Islaam that spreads far and wide. The media in America did its best to portray Islaam as an evil religion after the 9/11 attacks, but just look to how many thousands of people accepted Islaam after the invasion. So Islaam will spread all over Europe, and we will win in the end and we will humiliate you in the end.

Congratulations Geert. Your movie has created more Mujaahideen amongst the Muslims.


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  1. >>” while at the same time enacting appropriate restrictions, as necessary, to protect the rights of others


  2. Winston Churchill was denounced as a warmonger for warning the world of the danger Hitler and the Nazis posed. Geert Wilders is a modern day Cassandra who history will regard in the same light. Unfortunately like Cassandra while he can foretell the future nobody will believe him.

  3. Australia’s new Foreign Minister apparently wants to be noticed, and so has
    “hit out” at Fitna, and described it as “highly offensive”. I wonder if he has
    actually seen it, and realises that it merely presents passages from the evil
    Koran, along with the evil doers who act on “Allah’s” instructions set forth
    in it.

    * Australia hits out at anti-Islam film,23599,23455556-23109,00.html
    “AUSTRALIA has added its voice to the international chorus of outrage …”
    (soft cock “journalism” snipped)

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