Pat Condell: Appeasing Islam & Racism

* This guy has what’s needed to lead England out of its cowardly, politically correct hole.


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Racism in the Politically Correct British Media


Do you have a problem with this, you racist twit? We don’t…

Asian – Tera Patrick

There is a group of people in Britain who have distinguished themselves by setting off bombs in subways, preaching hatred of Infidels in Mosques, and carrying placards in the streets calling for a “real Holocaust” against Jews.

The media calls these people “Asians”.

In other words, the media uses a racial classification to name a group of people who are

1) driven by ideology, not race


2) more time than not, NOT ASIAN.

Arabs are not Asians. Persians are not Asians. Turks are not Asians. Africans are not Asians. Albanians are not Asians.

By the way, in case you didn’t know (and I know I am not being “politically correct” here) these people who do all the “bad” things are called


Most Muslims in this world are not Pakistani, Malaysian, or Indonesian.

Most Muslims in the world are not Asian in even the broadest sense of the word Asian.


Muslim – Adam Gadahn


Mr Halal Burger Hicks aka Mahmud Dawoud: ‘No longer a Muslim’ according to the AGE

… but certainly no ‘Asian’…


And, really race is beside the point.

I can not think of anything more racist than to blame Jihadi violence, which is driven by the ideology of the Koran, and various Islamist groups (Muslim Brotherhood, Wahabbism, Hizbollah, Hamas, etc.) on Asians.

And yet, it is the politically correct media (who believe that they are above racism) who are blaming the Asians for the violence.

What is truly amazing is that the very reason these PC media types blame “Asians” is exactly because they don’t want to blame Islam. And, the reason they don’t want to blame Islam is because they don’t think it is fair.

And yet, it is the height of fairnes to criticize an ideology. Ideas are mental constructs created freely out of the minds of men. Ideas are not born in people, as are racial attributes. When a new idea is proposed, fairness dictates that the idea be tested through the process of critical analysis, to ensure that the idea is sound and will work for the greater good of people.

However, it is not fair to blame a race of people for the bad deeds done in the name of an ideology, even if most of the people who adhere to an ideology are of a certain race.

The PC Media, under the guise of fairness, are blaming the misdeeds of ideologically-driven people on a group of people designated by their racial characteristics.

That is racism.

Can you imagine how Chinese people, Indians, Japanese and Filipinos feel about that?




Sally Neighbour from ‘four corners’ is out to sell the Islamic Cool Aid:

“community values of pluralism and tolerance”

…. as Four Corners reporter and author on terrorism Sally Neighbour illustrates, defeating terrorism presents not just a policing issue but also a challenge to core community values of pluralism and tolerance.

* Exactly what Pat Condell is talking about in the above vid…!

* Hat tip: Mullah

* Sally is the ridiculous twat we featured here previously:

Sally Neighbour’s heart bleeds for an Al Qaeda grandmother

*  Sally needs an Islamic crash course:

Geert Wilders: 1400 years ago war was declared on us by a barbarian who called himself the Prophet 

*  From the sons of apes & pigs…

8 thoughts on “Pat Condell: Appeasing Islam & Racism”

  1. I have a sister who lives in England–there is an increase in the sentiment that in return for their hosptality they are getting spit in the eye.

  2. “Hicks’ location is being kept secret, at his request, so he can resume as normal a life as possible

    I’m sure the sh_thouse rat that gave out mr. Sheiks address will eagerly comply.

  3. Hicks, no longer a muslim? Really? Color me extremely skeptical.

    Quote ==>Hicks’ release at the end of the nine-month prison term imposed on him in March by the US military commissions closed a chapter in the life of the military adventurer and one-time Muslim convert who was arrested trying to flee Afghanistan two months after the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Now 32 and
    Hicks yesterday promised not to let down the Australian community he credited with helping to bring him home. In February, he may try through the courts to ease the conditions imposed on him under the Australian Federal Police control order,


    and to report to police every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.

  4. Solat are compulsory upon all mature Muslims. . . old habits are harder to break than lie about.

  5. “…core community values of pluralism and tolerance…”

    Actually, in successful countries, the “core community values” are shared by the community. No surprise there, it’s what makes the definition of “a community”. The community has the same goals, the same rules of social conduct, the same understanding of what is fair and what is not. Pluralism and tolerance? WITHIN COMMUNITY VALUES, yes, sure: you’re a Mennonite, he’s a Quaker, they are Jews, we are Catholics, BUT: we trust that the Mennonites, Quakers, Jews, Catholics, all follow the same social norms. Perhaps the Jews won’t eat my non-kosher food. Perhaps the Mennonites won’t accept a ride in my car. But we all acknowledge we are bound by the same man-made laws and the same biblical laws: thou shalt not kill, etc. We have a well-founded trust that none of these groups is planning to annihilate the rest of us. With the Muslims, however… we have no way to tell the good guys from the bad guys. The (apparent) good guys spawn, finance and protect the bad guys. Are we in the civilized world supposed to say to our citizens “Only one-half percent of immigrating Muslims are or will become violent; therefore we want to let 2 million immigrate in the name of pluralism, diversity, and tolerance. Let’s pretend that the 10 thousand violent ones won’t affect our society” ???

    Being a US citizen and all, it’s my understanding that government exists with the consent of the governed; that the purpose of government is to maintain civil order and administer the law throughout its territory, and to defend its borders and its citizens from external threats. Therefore the welfare of its citizens should be the prime concern of any government. Given the violence perpetrated since 9/11/01 by the alleged “tiny minority” of Muslims who “misunderstand” their perfect-way-of-life religion, and given that we can’t tell which Muslims are going to suddenly start “misunderstanding” once they get to our countries, it seems to me that a prudent government would ban all Muslim immigration. (NOW – & should have been done long ago.) The fact that no government has taken this simple step truly alarms me. Why have they not? Until we know how to determine which incoming Muslims will finance or encourage or participate in jihad, all should be kept out.

    We even have a perfectly good term for it – “quarantine”.

    Our countries should say:

    “Until we KNOW you’re not infected or contagious, Muslims of the world (and we don’t have a test for the jihadi virus yet), until we KNOW you won’t pass the trait to your offspring ( we have no way to be sure of that either) … we have to keep you out so you can’t harm the citizens we are sworn to protect and defend.”

  6. Pat Condell needs to be cloned and put in charge of every Western nation. Our current leaders and the wannabes are by and large worthless.

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