UK Blues

Infiltration: Four cops ‘working as Al Qaeda Spies’ 

 “Asians” of course! Its them bloody Chinese and Japanese again!

“What? Not Chinese? Eh, not Japanese? Ahh, ‘ethnic people’- you say? Gee, if we ever catch them ethnics…”


Bombed: Police began searching for spies after July 7 attacks 

Robert Spencer sez:

“Our vetting procedures have to be toughened before it’s too late.” Yes, but soothing talk about Islamic terrorism as “anti-Islamic activity” won’t do that. And identifying “ethnic people” as the problem, as if a Hindu from the subcontinent were just as likely to go to work for a terror group as a Muslim from the subcontinent, is just more of the unreality and inability to face the problem of the Islamic jihad ideology that got them in this fix in the first place.

“MI5 targets four Met police officers ‘working as Al Qaeda Spies,'” from the Daily Mail 



‘There are no homosexuals in Iran’ update:


Iranian Teen Fears Deportation Means Death

Gay Teenager Fights For Asylum After Boyfriend is Hanged in Iran


Trouble with Islamic Terror? Easyfix Jacqui Smith has the cure:


Smith/Brown: mental as anything..!

Ban the Jooozzzz!

“I am writing to advise you that following the London bombings in July 2005, the home secretary announced a list of particular activities that would normally lead to a person being excluded or deported from the UK on the grounds that their presence in the country is not conducive to the public good,” the letter reads.

The unacceptable activities listed in the two-page letter include “writing, producing, publishing or distributing material; public speaking including preaching; running a Web site and using a position of responsibility” to “foment or justify terrorist violence in furtherance of particular beliefs; seek to provoke others to terrorist acts; foment other serious criminal activity or seek to provoke others to serious criminal acts and foster hatred which might lead to inter-community violence in the UK.”

The home secretary concluded that Feiglin should be “excluded” from the UK on the grounds that his presence “would not be conducive to the public good.”

Heads or tails? Read the rest

Arab Hatemongers welcome:

Earlier this month, British authorities granted permission to Ibrahim Mousawi, chief foreign new editor for Hizbullah’s Al-Manar television station in Lebanon, to enter the UK to participate in a number of political events.


The saddest thing of all:

Dozens of missing schoolchildren feared forced into arranged marriages

Update: The problem is much bigger:

3,000 women a year forced into marriage in UK, study finds

* The Guardian of course tries to spin this as some kind of ‘cross-cultural practices’, but since everyone knows that it is the Muhammedans that cause the problems, it fizzles…



Dozens of children are missing from school amid fears they have been forced into arranged marriages, it was revealed yesterday.
In Bradford, 33 children remain “unaccounted for” after being off school for at least two months with no explanation.

The Government is also concerned about another 14 areas of the country where it is feared children under 16 could also be missing from school rolls.



‘Male’ Honor Murders

By Stephen Brown

While more western societies are waking up to the harsh and brutal reality of honor killings perpetrated against Muslim girls and women living in their midst, less attention has been paid to the fact that males are also subjected to this horrific and savage custom. This is probably because the numbers of men killed for reasons of “honor” are not nearly as high as those for Muslim women, about 48 of whom have perished in Germany alone between 1996 and 2006.

As well, some of the murdered males are also not Muslim and not from the Middle East or any Muslim country for that matter. These victims are sometimes killed for racial and/or religious reasons, which the liberal media do not like to report, let alone admit. In their eyes, only native European cultures can be racist and never the ethnic minorities.

Read it all


The Price of Rice

America instructs Israel to stop its operation in Gaza

By Anshel Pfeffer
The massive Israeli operation into the Gaza Strip to combat Hamas rocket fire was curtailed this week after the personal intervention of US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, the JC has learned.


“Rice came and told us that we had to stop the operation in Gaza,” an Israeli government minister told the JC on Wednesday. “Today’s cabinet decision [instructing the army to present plans to eradicate definitively the missile threat from Gaza] is meaningless and was made only for public consumption.”

Affirmative action poontang kills Jews


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  1. Savitch>>”So, ya rekon the media is biased? Maybe even wants to see islam win (still can’t work out why)

    IMO the lefties consider the Moslems a proxy army against democracy.

  2. >>”* The Guardian of course tries to spin this as some kind of ‘cross-cultural practices’, but since everyone knows that it is the Muhammedans that cause the problems, it fizzles…

    The lefties can eat crow now and help with the problem or eat Condor later and lose any chance of political power sharing for generations. Pick your poison you commie sh_thouse rats!

  3. Any one remember this

    LONDON, June 23 — London needs another 2,000 Muslim police officers, Britain’s most senior police officer said Thursday.

    London Metropolitan Police Commissioner Sir Ian Blair also defended the rise in stop and search of Muslim suspects and said they would continue.

    In an interview with the “Muslim News” newspaper, Sir Ian said “What I really need is more Muslim police officers.

    “We’ve got 200 to 300 members in the Muslim Police Association. I want as many as I can get.

  4. Spies in a police force? How can that be? Must be all those PC mandates to shove more unqualified and/or dangerous types into police forces, including those loyal only to the Koran.

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