Toronto: Muslim Bus Driver Wins Right To Wear Coffee-Filter on the Job

Bus driver wins Muslim hat dispute

* From the ‘Pushing the boundaries’ department:


TORONTO, March 26 (UPI) –A suspended Toronto-area bus driver has been reinstated and allowed to wear his Muslim cap on the job, transit officials said.

York Region Transit, which operates north of Toronto, suspended McGregory Jackman without pay on March 17 for wearing a kufi, a traditional Muslim pill-box-like cap, the Toronto Sun reported.

The newly hired Trinidad native who said he converted to Islam in 2005 told the newspaper he thought he was within the rules based on a notice in the driver’s lounge which said, “except for religious observances, no headgear is permitted.”

Tuesday, York Region Transit General Manager Don Gordon said Jackman will be allowed to wear his kufi while working, and would be paid for the time he was suspended, the Sun said.

Jackman told the newspaper he was relieved but hadn’t received an apology.

* Which calls for another court case. Call the UN human rights org ….


10 thoughts on “Toronto: Muslim Bus Driver Wins Right To Wear Coffee-Filter on the Job”

  1. He acknowledges the cap it is not obligatory, just part of an identity. How long before someone with an assistance dog or a six pack or a pack of bacon is refused boarding at the bus stop because such things are officially designated “haram” by the religion? Not saying this particular gentleman would but it could happen if the rules are continually bent to accomodate.

  2. It’s not getting in the way of his job. Sikhs are permitted to wear turbans.
    So, what’s the big deal. I think people feel threatened by the FACT that Islam is still and always has been and always will be the fastest growing religion on the planet. So whenever they see a sign of a practicing Muslim, weather it’s a kufi or hijab, they try to portray it to be some sort of threat to our society.

    As far as the “driver taking the company for a ride”… that’s ridiculous!
    Did he get any extra monetary gain from wearing the kufi? NO.
    So how is he taking them for a ride?

  3. You’ll find sites like this everywhere.
    A place for all the bigots to come together and complain about minorities.
    It’s muslims at the moment.
    Didn’t we ban you KKK types a long time ago???

  4. Love how the white liberals think they are doing good by letting muslims take over everything.

  5. When the Ottoman envoys to Vlad the Impaler of Romania refused to remove their turbans in his presence citing religious reasons had their turbans nailed to their heads by his aides. Sigh…

  6. The only way to deal with Muslims and their persistent demands is to SEND THEM BACK TO THEIR OWN COUNTRIES.

    Get Out, you Wretches! We never wanted you in our civilized nations to begin with.

    Get Lost !

  7. why is it, that muslims are getting these jobs? don’t people ever hire people from their own country or background anymore? it is sickening. And religious “observance” means holidays…that’s all. Maybe all INFIDELS should not take taxis or ride buses with these freaks driving. I already won’t. I’m sure someone else needs those jobs who won’t cause trouble and has more right to the job. Also, how soon before one of these muz bus drivers, shouts Allah Akbar and flips the bus over down a mountain or a ditch? WHEN WHEN WHEN are we going to fight back? Even people in the Dark Ages and Middle Ages had more balls than we do.

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