We got mail from 'Ahmed Coolniger!'

* The love letters just keep coming, few are worth keeping, but this one is good:

From Ahmed Thabet <coolniger_007@hotmail.com>

First of all….i like u to know who you are talking to….your website about muslim women and othe rthings that bad for eslam are going o be blocked by the IFT….and you are showing the bad side of islam let me tell u somthing ure name means An asshole!!:D:D:D…and u are a bitch who drinks from a muslim women everyday to sastfiy her cause you cant get a women anyway….and for your information all the shit u said in this website is bullshit cz muhammed didnt say anthing abt this shit…thought jesus isnt tht bad…but i wont be bad to jeues cz i beleive in him too./….u knw what?!?if men treat women that badly ….your women kick ure ass!!:D:D….all u got are bitches and sluts!!!!thought ure one of them !!!!hehe…anyway….ure website is shitty !!!:D:D:D…not cause the subject but beacuse your stupid and an ass!!:D:D:D……gd bye sheik!!!(means in arabiac a muslim )LOL!!!!!ASS!!hehe

Ahmed, was it this link about Muslim Women you don’t like?


Dumber than a ton of bricks:

Barack Obama’s most senior military adviser says President Bush is to blame for Iran’s bad behavior.

* Amazing. This guy must be buying his intelligence from the ‘Stars & Stripes..’


* They would love us to death if we let them…

* Picanninni News Service: U.S. doesn’t have ‘permanent enemies,’ Rice says


I really don’t have time to worry about this,” Rice said.

She said the United States is working with troublesome nations throughout the world such as North Korea and Iran. “I would just tell people to look at the facts,” she added.

* Indeed. We’re looking at the facts here every day, Condi. Where have you been for the last 7 years?


10 thoughts on “We got mail from 'Ahmed Coolniger!'”

  1. I think one guy writes this sort of letter to all the anti-jihad sites. I can see him now getting loaded and writing in his almost illiterate style as he awaits his next welfare check and prepares to vote for his favorite leftist candidate. The guy is so stupid even jihadists would be embarrassed by his defending them.

    But reading such nonsense is a hoot if one can overcome the dreadful grammar. It’s sort of like an electronic version of a hate note written in crayon.

  2. He should go on the comedy channel,,,or better yet back to school. Still he has gone to a lot of trouble to show his “intelligence”.

    Who/what is the IFT?

  3. Gramfan>>”He should go on the comedy channel

    Perhaps he could be paired with Islamic rage boy. That would be fun.

  4. Ive noticed Bolt hasn’t touched the Fitna fiasco. Lets watch and see of he covers it, should be interesting.

  5. These people obviously don’t realize what F/wits they are other wise they would actually kill them selves hang on they do, may be they do realize, mate don’t burn your lips while your trying to blow up the bus ok!

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