Wilders: "If need be, I will personally distribute DVDs in the Dam,"

Source: Reuters

Wilders comes out fighting:

AMSTERDAM, March 23 (Reuters) – A U.S.-based web service, which Islam critic and Dutch right-wing lawmaker Geert Wilders planned to use to show his film critical of the Koran, said on Saturday that it had inactivated the site due to complaints.

“This site has been suspended while Network Solutions is investigating whether the site’s content is in violation of the Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy,” the company said on the site www.fitnathemovie.com.

Wilders, who has given few details about his 15-minute film, has said he plans to release ‘Fitna’ on the Internet before the end of the month after Dutch broadcasters declined to show it. Fitna is a Koranic term sometimes translated as “strife”.
Wilders still plans to show his film despite the setback, Dutch agency ANP reported.

“If need be, I will personally distribute DVDs in the Dam,” ANP quoted him as saying. The Dam is the central square in Amsterdam, popular with both the Dutch and tourists.
Wilders’ film has triggered fury in the Muslim world. The Dutch government has distanced itself from Wilders’ views, fearing a backlash against the country in the Muslim world, similar to that against Denmark in 2006 after newspapers there published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

On Saturday, about a thousand Dutch gathered in the Dam to protest against Wilders and his film.
The film is not so much about Muslims as about the Koran, Wilders wrote in a commentary in Dutch daily De Volkskrant on Saturday. He said Fitna was a last warning for the West.

Wilders had previously warned of a “tsunami of Islamisation” in a country home to almost one million Muslims.

He has been under heavy guard due to Islamic death threats since the 2004 murder of Dutch director Theo van Gogh, who made a film critical of Islam’s treatment of women.


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  1. Surely the world can see this. The rejection of airing this movie by the Dutch media must tell all that Islam’s influence in the world is dangerous and against our values. The Islamic governments are responsible for their own constituents’ behaviour and should control them accordingly. What do they fear that the movie is the truth? Is not the religion of Islam the be all and end all – so they would have us believe?

    Geert a lot of people stand behind you even though your government is meek. The best I have heard from sources is that the Dutch military might come under fire in ‘AFGANISTAN’. I would have thought that would have been acceptable considering they have guns and are good soldiers – or maybe they are in Afghanistan to kiss the Taliban’s and Islam’s backside.

    What the Dutch government does need is a loud voice of support from other democratic governments and allies in this fight against free speech. Why the F@#K are good men putting their lives on the line whilst the pollies at home give in to this farce. Don’t these pollies realise that they are paid to make decisions. We expect them in the end to make decisions in favour of their own constituents and culture not invaders. Islam is the invader, Deal with it!

  2. By the muslim world telling a country what to do and not to do – the muslims win. And the muslims know this.

    When the Europeans grow some gonads maybe something will change. Right now we only see individuals that have all the gonads in that country – and one of them had to leave because their government was too cowardly to stand behind her. I have never heard if they ever found the ones who killed Van gogh – or if they even bother to look.

  3. >>Wilders: “If need be, I will personally distribute DVDs in the Dam,


  4. Geert Wlders has balls what a pity more European men can’t find a trace of their own!
    I guess the females of Europe will have to come to the rescue in the end.
    In Geert’s word “I SHALL NEVER BOW TO ISLAM “

  5. Hi Sheik. You might remember us from the ffi forum. Have been follower of yours from day 1.
    How be if any of us finds a trace of Geert’s movie, we place it here in this thread immediately??

    We cannot let islam win this round, and I’m bettin they won’t. Geert has many supporters despite the gutlessness of govts everywhere. Once many stand up, islam is over. Historically they only push when having the upper hand .. backing down fast when confronted with strength.

    Say, where is the “muslim woman” that used to be front & center? Mate asks.

    cc la femme of Canadian_Couple

  6. Thank you Sheik, she has a warm spot in my heart. We come here often, have watched your great site grow to become one of the best. Will post more often also. Meantime, Go Geert!!!

    cc l’homme

  7. Mr. Wilders is a true hero, and deseves every bit of support we can give him. I’m new to computers, but I understand that a DVD could be sent anywhere via the internet. Couldn’t it be sent to all of us so that we could make copies and distribute and broadcast it in our respective countries? We could charge a modest sum which could then be remitted to Mr. Wilders.
    I personally have been anxious to get out and do something constructive rather than merely continue to restate the problem with people who already believe as I do.

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