Yusuf Rubs It: "minimize it, obscure it, deny it and anyhow: who translated it?"



Yusuf Irfan, Australia’s best looking Islamofascist clown, finds Abu Bakr Bashirs sermons ‘disturbing’. (many of us may find Yusuf ‘disturbing..’) Unfortunately for Yusuf Irfan from planet Islam, Bashir has been on record preaching the same bile for decades and is unlikely to change in his old age, after being treated with velvet gloves and a slap on the wrist for the Bali bombings.

But Yusufs Islamic duty is to sing a lullaby to the irritated infidels who might find the bile and the venom of the Bashir-reptiles of this world objectionable, because they are after all ‘good Muslims’, and the Islamic message in this case is ‘don’t wake up sleeping dog’s, the best time to attack is when the enemy sleeps…’ just like his Muslim brother Tariq Ramadan, who insisted in Vienna recently that the real goal of Islam must be kept a secret from the public. What a strange hard-boiled declaration at a meeting which he knew would be reported by the press. Does Yusuf, just like Tariq Ramadan, both calculate cynically on the general repression mechanism of the “unbelievers”?


“The Oz hatchets work of research student …”

Yusuf really rubs it:

Basyir’s (Bashir’s) comments, if correctly translated, are disturbing. However, they also reflect the resentment which many Indonesians feel toward a minority of foreign tourists who use their holiday in Bali and other places as an opportunity to buy, sell and consume narcotics and engage in acts which even most Australians would class as sexual deviancy.


* None of your business, Yusuf! ‘Sexual Deviants’ Only!


* Goodness Yusuf: get a life! The biggest drug consumers and sexual deviants in Bali are not foreign tourists. But even if they were, does that make it alright to bomb and kill them? It is none of your business what grown people do behind closed doors, Yusuf. Obviously you find yourself in agreement with the poisonous snake Bashir, and that is DISTURBING Yusuf, it really is!

* then comes the inevitable ‘tiny minority of extremists’ bullshit:

‘There are about 16,000 pesantren in Indonesia but only about four of them have ever been identified as giving training linked to acts of terrorism,’ he said …

Yep, that’s right. A total of four (4). Out of 16,000. That means around 0.025% of Indonesian religious schools could be described as terrorist training camps.

* Doubt it. But it only takes one demented co-religionist of yours to blow up a nightclub, Yusuf. That’s ONE TOO MANY!!!

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Jemaah Islamiyah 

Barnabas Fund has received credible reports that the Al-Qaeda linked terrorist organisation Jemaah Islamiyah has threatened to target Christians in Indonesia this Easter. Jemaah Islamiyah has been responsible for many attacks in the past – it is believed to have organised the Bali bombings in 2002 and 2005, and bomb attacks at churches on Christmas Eve in 2000.

Jemaah Islamiyah is dedicated to creating a single Islamic state throughout South-East Asia under shari`a law. It considers non-Muslims as legitimate targets and is active throughout the region. The organisation is closely linked to Al-Qaeda, and has shown that is it able to carry out devastating attacks, such as the Bali bombings in 2002 which killed 202 people. On Christmas Eve, 2000, Jemaah Islamiyah bombed several churches in Jakarta, Bandung and Riau, killing 18 people and injuring more than a hundred.

Threats to Christians on major celebrations such as Easter and Christmas are frequent in Indonesia, and security guards are often posted outside churches at this time. Some churches in Jakarta keep metal detectors near their entrances to try to thwart bomb attacks. This Easter will therefore be a time of great anxiety for Indonesia`s Christians.

Source: Barnabas Fund


2 thoughts on “Yusuf Rubs It: "minimize it, obscure it, deny it and anyhow: who translated it?"”

  1. Bashir was misunderstood/quoted out of context/was only reciting poetry.

    We infidels just don’t uunderstand the mind of one who follows the straight path.

    But it all begs the question: what do the “peaceful” Muslims here in Oz make of our young people who enjoy themselves on the beach and in other places?

  2. Casandra:
    “what do the “peaceful” Muslims here in Oz make of our young people who enjoy themselves on the beach and in other places?”

    After many years,,,,,,,Cronulla???

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