Archbishop of Canterbury says Middle East Christians are suffering persecution because of 'American global project'

* Seriously, seriously deluded: blaming the victim for rape is not only a Muhammedan trait. Rowan Williams, the floating head of Canterbury, defecates on America and Britain, again:


Christians in the Middle East are facing persecution because of British and American foreign policy, the Archbishop of Canterbury will claim today.

Dr Rowan Williams will say that many Christians have been forced to flee their homes in the Holy Land because of ‘appalling pressure’ from extremist Islamic groups.

And he will warn that historic communities risk becoming mere ‘museum pieces’ in the ‘theme park’ Middle East because of the military policies of the West.

During an appearance in London yesterday, he said there was a risk that the region could become a “monochrome” area dominated by an “unfriendly” form of Islam.

* Are there any ‘friendly forms’ of genocide, pedophilia or rape?

Indigenous Christian groups were increasingly being seen as a ‘foreign and aggressive’ presence, he added.

The Archbishop will make the comments in a speech at Westminster Cathedral later today.

He will say that historically Christians have played a leading role in social, cultural and intellectual change in the Middle East.

But historic communities now risked becoming mere ‘museum pieces’ in a ‘theme park’ region as a result of persecution.

In part this was due to an extremist form of Islam filling the void left following the peak of Arab nationalism, the head of the Church of England will claim.

But he also blames the role of Western governments.

Dr Williams will say: ‘Indigenous Christian community throughout the region have suffered from being associated with the American global project, and indeed the British global project as part of the American global project.’

He cites a recent visit to Syria in which he met some of the half million refugees who had fled Iraq since 2003.



7 thoughts on “Archbishop of Canterbury says Middle East Christians are suffering persecution because of 'American global project'”

  1. i feel fortunate to have left my church of england beliefs before this numbskull arrived. he’s supposed to be an intellect…..where i don’t know as he’s completely off planet!

  2. Even if America and Britain didn’t exist, Christians (and Jews) would still be persecuted by islam. This started well before England had any say in the middle east, and before America was the US. Another example of ‘not learning from history…’.

    America and Britain should do an ‘about face’ and support Israel, and stop supporting ANY islamic country…

  3. Wow! Give this man an honorary degree for super-intelligence!

    How much did the sauds pay him to say this cr**?

    His knowledge of history is frightening.

  4. “And he will warn that historic communities risk becoming mere ‘museum pieces’”

    I guess that potentially makes Londonistan a historic community? This is the rube who is ok with sharia in the UK so I’d take his waffling with a truck load of salt.

  5. Arch dhimmi Rowan is so smart, persecution of infidels in Sudana, Egypt copts, hindus in the two variations in the land of the pure, and so on is all provoked by America.

    To be sucessful in society it is not enough to be stupid, one must also be well mannered.

    Islam humiliates religious freedom of Christians and human rights of Muslims. It’s time for change
    by Samir Khalil Samir, sj

    Sharia and English law: a weakened Europe abandons humanism
    by Samir Khalil Samir, sj

    Hegazi Case: Is there a plan for the world’s conversion to Islam?

    Samir Khalil Samir articles

    “Samir Khalil Samir (* 1938 in Cairo) [Wikipedia CV] is an Islamic scholar, Semitist, Orientalist and a Catholic Theologian.

    Samir joined the Jesuit order in 1955 in Aix-en-Provence and undertook the study of Philosophy, Theology and Islamic studies. He graduated with a thesis on oriental Catholic theology and Islamic studies. He has lived in Birmingham and in the Netherlands. Thereafter he established 20 schools for reading and writing in Egypt und then taught for 12 years at the Papal Oriential Institute in Rome. In 1986 he moved to Lebanon during the civil war there and now teaches at the Saint Joseph University, specialising in Catholic theology and Islamic studies.

    At the same time he created the research institute CEDRAC in Beirut, which collects literature on the Christian heritage in the Near East. He is also a Professor at the Papal Oriental Institute, Rome, the Centre Sèvres de Théologie (Institut Catholique), in Paris. He holds the same post at the Maqasid Institute in Beirut, where uniquely he teaches the Imams about Christianity and at ISSR in USJ teaches Moslem studies. He has been a visiting professor at the University of Graz, Tokyo, Al-Azhar University, and Georgetown University, at the Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, Washington, D. C..

  6. Somebody please tell this man, in small words that he might be able to understand, that Christians – and Jews, and Samaritans, and anybody else who wasn’t a Muslim and didn’t want to become one – have been cruelly persecuted by Muslims for the full 1350 years that Islam has been dominant throughout the middle east/ north africa/ central asia/ se asia, irrespective of what anybody else was doing, anywhere?

    Has he not read Quran Surah 9:29? And 48:29, about how Muslims are supposed to be harsh (cruel, ruthless) to Unbelievers and ‘compassionate’ only toward fellow Muslims. Just those two verses provide a perfectly sufficient explanation for the hellish treatment that the indigenous Christian (and other) minorities have received from the Muslim imperialists and overlords, everywhere and at all times, including today.

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