Norway Caves To Terrorism & Blackmail: Mullah Krekar Can Stay!

Krekar can stay in Norway

* Another victory for a very despicable Islamo-scumbag:

After months of quiet diplomacy, the Norwegian government has given up on efforts to send former terrorist-group leader Mullah Krekar back to his homeland.


Mullah Krekar, shown here as he is sentenced to expulsion in 2007, will be allowed to stay in Norway because of human rights issues.


Krekar, who has been under an expulsion order after being determined a threat to Norway’s national security, initially came to Norway as a refugee from Iraq in the early 1990s.

It later emerged that he was the head of guerrilla group Ansar al-Islam and he repeatedly violated the terms of his asylum by travelling back to northern Iraq to lead guerrilla activities.

Krekar is the only person in Norway ever to have been sentenced to deportation because he is a danger to the country’s security.

However, Norway has not been able to deport Krekar because he faces the death penalty in his homeland. (which didn’t deter the SOB to visit his homeland and his terrorist org. at least twice since he claimed asylum in Norway) Norway will not extradite anyone if they are under threat of execution when they are returned to their country of origin.

Diplomatic efforts failed

Labour and Inclusion Minister Bjarne Hanssen has been trying to negotiate a way to carry out the deportation order, which was upheld by a Supreme Court decision, but his diplomatic efforts have failed, reports

After meeting with the EU’s coordinator for anti-terrorist operations, Gilles de Kerchove, in Brussels during the last two days, Hanssen has concluded that the Norwegian government cannot come to an agreement with Iraq that will allow Krekar to be sent home safely.

This means Krekar will be allowed to stay in Norway indefinitely.


* Today’s Fartwa with Mufti Ibrahim Desai:

“Islamic Law beats logical reasoning!”

Q: if one releases gas then why does wudu have to be repeated?

A: Islamic law is not based on logical reasoning alone. There are a number of
laws in Islam that don’t make sense to us. We are compelled to submit to
whatever has been ordained by the Qur’aan and Sunnah whether it makes sense to us or not.
Our understanding is limited upto a certain point.

and Allah Ta’ala Knows Best

Mufti Muhammad Kadwa



6 thoughts on “Norway Caves To Terrorism & Blackmail: Mullah Krekar Can Stay!”

  1. It is apparent that the EU is determined to implode in it self. In their actions they are valuing the life of a known terrorist and murderer over the lives of its own citizens. It is time to look for other means to bring justice to the people.

    What is needed is the resolve of free nations to bring people like this to justice. Since so many nations take the attitude of allowing murders run free among their own citizens action like taken by Israel to extract society’s parasites to justice is not probable. The best action to take would be to keep track of Mullah Krekar’s movements. The next time he travels to Iraq, have the Iraqi government nail his butt in Iraq. The EU murder lovers can go to hell.

  2. Damn.. even better if they want to execute him.. we, the European people are definitely out of touch with our guvmints…

    But no matter who we ote for.. we get the same old losers in office..

  3. “There are a number of laws in Islam that don’t make sense to us. We are compelled to submit to whatever has been ordained … whether it makes sense to us or not. Our understanding is limited … ”

    == == == == ==


    A whole lot of stuff in Islam makes no sense. At all. Ever.

    Now, I can see where a faithful Muslim might shrug & submit; but: WHY IS ALL OF EUROPE TAKING THIS CROCK OF SWILL SERIOUSLY??? Gack!

  4. Just got this in an email:


    We want you to know, that in this time of biased media coverage of the conflict in the Middle East, of general adversity to the Jewish state and increase of the antisemitisme in all Europe, that there is a large multitude of declared supporters of Israel in Norway.

    On their behalf we want to assure you of our dissociation from the policy of the Norwegian Government in the Middel East. Greetings from Psalm 122: 6-7.

    From the movement The Scripture and Israel in Norway (Ordet og Israel).

  5. Come On!!@!!!! Aren’t their Black Ops anymore?? Hell pay a fckng mercenary to take that piece of shit OUT! Contract a hitman from the mafia or some fckng thing!
    To allow him to stay in the country (and alive) is a slap in the face of indigenous Norwegians. That disgusting shitslamoturd doesn’t deserve sanctuary ANYwhere.

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