Ayman al Zawahiri: next year in Jerusalem

Thomas Lifson
How catastrophic would it be if the US abruptly pulled out of Iraq following the innaugural of a future President Obama? Gateway Pundit notices the news that the major media don’t want to headline.


Al-Qaeda’s second in command Ayman al-Zawahiri released an internet video where he said that after the US leaves Iraq (The Obama Plan) Al-Qaeda will proceed from there and take Jerusalem.

Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri in his “A Review of Events” speech promises that al-Qaeda will take Jerusalem just as soon as the US pulls out of Iraq. (SITE Institute)

All of this makes the question of Obama’s real position on troops in Iraq vitally important.

3 thoughts on “Ayman al Zawahiri: next year in Jerusalem”

  1. When Iran & friends invade Israel in accordance with Ezekiel 38, they are not likely
    to go the long way round, when it is quicker to advance through Iraq and Jordan.

    Jerusalem? “Tell him he’s dreaming!” Hamongog, perhaps.

  2. The US is going to leave iraq eventually, and I say make it at 9:00 am tomorrow morning. Why? Because the democratic nations of the world need to notice the elephant in the room and finally understand that it doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference which faction of mosque rats prevails in iraq, or in any islamic country. Our enemy isn’t al quaeda, or the islamic brotherhood, or hezbolah; the enemy is ISLAM!!! Every moslem is brainwashed from birth to hate us kufrs and to dedicate himself to the struggle to ensure that every last person on earth is either islamic or dead.
    Why should the US, and my country, Canada, continue to squander the precious young lives of our soldiers on a fool’s errand? I say let the sand weasels kill each other – it’ll save us the trouble. It’s long past time that we brought a halt to this donkey dance of pretending that there are “moderate” moslems who deserve our support.: a “moderate” moslem is simply an oppressor in waiting. The islamic doctine of taqqiya ORDERS the faithful to deceive us infidels and idolators as to their goal of world domination. Many sections of the koran describe Christians, Jews and people of all other religions as “apes and pigs, the worst beings in allah’s sight,” and orders all moslems to “kill them wherever ye find them, strike terror into their hearts and smite off their fingertips and behead them.” If moslems don’t agree with these passages, why don’t they remove them? Answer – they can’t; every word of the koran is allah’s revealed truth, and anyone who suggests changing or deleting so much as a comma is immediately condemned to death. No exceptions.
    So, when the allies pull out of iraq and afghanistan, what about Israel? Simple; make it abundantly clear to the bad guys that if they lay a finger on Israel we’ll nuke them back into the stone age, as Curtis LeMay once suggested in another context. Then, with the first Israeli casualty, drop a couple of those nifty bunker busters on that black box in mecca to drive home the point.
    Finally, we of the free world need to put an end to all islamic immigration, and at the same time start deporting the moslems already infesting our countries. These two cultures simply cannot coexist.

  3. I would agree with you insofar that the US or the so called ‘coalition of the willing’ are ill advised to engage in ‘nation building’, especially not Islamic nations under the sharia.

    It is the utmost folly that our taxes should be used to build mosques and madrassah’s and that men and material is wasted for what you call a fools errand.

    Nothing will change these countries, whether we leave tomorrow or in 5 years or 10.

    As for PR, it might be a bad move…

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