Creating a European Indigenous People’s Movement

* The ruling socialist elites in the UK and other European nations are in the process of replacing their native population with a Muhammedan proletariat. The ever vigilant Fjordman suggests that native Europeans should create a European Indigenous People’s Movement.


* Brussels Journal:

An American friend of mine has proposed that native Europeans should create a European Indigenous People’s Movement. I have hesitated with supporting this because it sounded a bit too extreme. However, in more and more European cities, the native population is being pushed out of their own neighborhoods by immigrant gangs. The natives receive little or no aid from their authorities, sometimes blatant hostility, when faced with immigrant violence. In an age where the global population increases with billions of people in a few decades, it is entirely plausible, indeed likely, that the West could soon become demographically overwhelmed. Not few of our intellectuals seem to derive pleasure from this thought.

Bat Ye’or in her book about Eurabia has documented how the European Union is actively allowing Muslims to colonize European countries. The next time EU leaders complain about China’s treatment of minorities, I suggest the Chinese answer the following: “Yes, we represent an anti-democratic organization dedicated to subduing the indigenous people of Tibet, but you represent an anti-democratic organization dedicated to displacing the indigenous peoples of an entire continent.” There is no love lost between me and the Chinese Communist Party, an organization responsible for the deaths of tens of millions of its citizens, but even Chinese authorities do not actively seek to displace their own people with violent Muslims. European authorities do.

In decadent societies of the past, the authorities didn’t open the gates to hostile nations and ban opposition to this as intolerance and barbarophobia. What we are dealing with in the modern West is not merely decadence; it’s one of the greatest betrayals in history. Our so-called leaders pass laws banning the opposition to our dispossession as “racism and hate speech.” To native Europeans, when listening to our media and our leaders, it’s as if we don’t even exist, as if it were normal for them to put the interests of other nations over their own. Despite having “democratic” governments, many Western countries have authorities that are more hostile to their own people than dictators in some developing countries. Why?


* Update:

Ireland and the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples

Seeing that the latest genetic research suggests that today’s ethnic Irish (and British) are the descendants of the people who arrived in Ireland (and Britain) after the end of the last Ice Age (around 16,000 years ago) with only a little admixture with later groups (i.e. Vikings and Normans) . . .

Indigenous peoples and individuals have the right not to be subjected to forced assimilation or destruction of their culture.

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  1. I don’t know – it seems that most Europeans are rather a bunch of nothings when it comes to doing something and especially doing something about the take over of their country. We see strong individuals, but not too much else. I could be wrong – and I hope I am.

    It was an American who had the idea – not the Europeans.

  2. The only indigenous people who deserve protection are non whites. So says the god of PC, created by the worst white people imaginable.

  3. It’s time for violent eradication, all across Europe, of the scum that is islam; but that’s not likely with Europeans being such gutless wimps.

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