"Militants, Fighters & Commandos" Attack Israel

* Whatever it takes: the swine from the MSM won’t call them by their own names: Islamic Terrorists from Islamic Jihad.

Nine killed as Gaza militants storm Israeli border

by Adel Zaanoun/AFP


Two Israeli civilians and seven Palestinians were killed on Wednesday in an explosion of violence on the Gaza Strip border after Palestinian commandos stormed into Israel.

The attack came after early morning fighting left an Israeli soldier and a Palestinian gunman dead, shattering a month-long lull that followed a bloody Israeli blitz on Gaza aimed at halting rocket fire.

The Israeli army said Palestinian fighters, under cover of mortar fire, breached the border near the Nahal Oz terminal that provides Gaza with its fuel supplies, and moved into Israel.

The militants shot dead two Israelis working at the terminal in what the army called a “failed abduction attempt.”

Islamic Jihad and two smaller militant groups claimed responsibility, but the Israeli government said Hamas, the Islamist group controlling Gaza, was ultimately responsible.

The army said two militants were killed at the border, with a senior official saying they were hit by tank fire as they fled back to Gaza.

An air strike aimed at militants fleeing the border battle hit a vehicle carrying Islamic Jihad militants, wounding three, and a second near a petrol station in Gaza City killed a militant and a civilian, medics said.

A third air strike in Gaza City later wounded another three people, they said.


The JP has no such euphemisms for fanatical Islamic killers:

Two Israelis were killed when at least four Palestinian terrorists infiltrated the Nahal Oz fuel terminal from the Gaza Strip on Wednesday.

Oleg Lipson, 37 and Lev Cherniak, 53, both residents of Beersheba, were employed at the terminal, which supplies the Gaza Strip with most of its fuel.

IDF troops and emergency medical teams, who arrived on the scene, came under heavy gun and mortar fire.

Two of the terrorists were killed by the IDF in the terminal, and at least two others fled back to the Gaza Strip. In a swift response, the military dispatched aircraft which hit a car carrying at least one of the terrorists. According to a Hamas spokesman, the man was seriously injured. The army said two of the attackers were killed in the strike.

Egypt: No Love for ‘Palistanians’ 

“Israel transfers food, fuel, medicines, equipment and humanitarian supplies on a daily basis to the residents of the Gaza Strip,” Israel’s foreign ministry said.

“The terrorists who attacked the fuel terminal today are trying to harm this activity and thereby harm the lives and welfare of the residents of Gaza.”

On Tuesday, Hamas threatened to storm Gaza’s borders in a repeat of a breach in January that sent hundreds of thousands of Palestinians streaming into Egypt to stock up on supplies.

But Egypt warned on Wednesday that it would “not take lightly the protection of its frontiers against any attempt to violate them, no matter who they are.”

“Egypt’s borders are a red line you cannot cross,” Egypt’s state-run MENA news agency quoted an unnamed official as saying.

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