Moonbat Mania in Londonistan: Who is the Bigger Sucker?

* There’s a sucker born every minute, but the minutes in Londonistan seem to breed suckers faster than the combined ummah islamiyah:

Who is the better Dhimmi?


Red Rat Ken Livingstone v/s Dhimmi Tory candidate Boris Johnson:


Boris Johnson today accused the Mayor of “demeaning” his office by suggesting Mr Johnson had smeared Islam after the London bombings.

The Tory candidate said he took “deep offence” at Ken Livingstone’s claim he had said the Koran was “inherently” violent.

However, the Mayor insisted Mr Johnson’s remarks – in contrast to his own rousing response to the 7 July attacks – showed his true reaction to the tragedy.

In the first radio hustings on LBC radio between the three main candidates, Mr Johnson insisted he would have issued “exactly the same” kind of remarks after the bombings, which killed 52 people, as Mr Livingstone had if he had been running the city at the time.

“What Londoners want in the event of a tragedy of that kind… is someone who will speak for the city and give a voice to our defiance and our unwillingness to submit to that kind of terror and kind of cowardly attack,” he said.

However, the Mayor claimed: “I know what Boris would have said because he wrote it in the Spectator the following week. Very different. I said this is a criminal act by a handful of men. It doesn’t define a faith or an ideology.

“What you said, Boris, was Islam was the problem… And the Koran is inherently violent. I actually made certain that we were looking at individuals. You smeared an entire faith.”

An audibly furious Mr Johnson responded: “Can I tell you what deep offence I take at that? I think you really traduce what I said.

“My view is that Islam is a religion of peace and indeed I am very proud to say I have Muslim ancestors.

“My great-grandfather knew the Koran off by heart, Ken Livingstone, and I really wish you would leave off these kinds of tactics, which demean this race and demean your office.”

* Yeah. Islam is a RoP and a race. Which race is that again?

Read it and weep!


UN forum faults Britain over terror suspect rules

By Stephanie Nebehay

GENEVA, April 10 (Reuters) – Britain was criticised by its allies and detractors at the U.N.’s main human rights forum on Thursday, over its treatment of terrorism suspects, prison inmates and racial minorities.

The UN is deeply in the Islamic pocket…


8 thoughts on “Moonbat Mania in Londonistan: Who is the Bigger Sucker?”

  1. Phukin Englanders are some stupid people. The elite are just covering their assesfor when muslims take over. The elite can then say:”see, I was on your side, so you should not bother me…..” Thats where the elite everywhere are…….

  2. To put the record straight

    This election is for the new mayor of London, not for a new goverment, that is coming later.

    As for the comments above, they are totally out of order.

    I would like to remind you,that in england there is a political party (BNP) that is strongly opposed to islam, and it is now making headway. So there is no comparison to the politics you find in Amerika, where to only have to phucked up parties to choose from. Even in Indonesia where they have numerous political parties you will find more democracy than Amerika.

    While the British have a ballot box to show their discontent, Amerika only have their chatter blogs, LGF and JW, Inidel bloggers, where they denounce the English, and hurl slander, and shout nazis at the parties, and the people who are taking the fight outside of the blog sphere

    The hard truth is BNP are going to be more effective curbing the islamofascist by getting the electorate to the ballet box, than all the Amerikan blogs put together.

  3. yeah, that is why we have so many Brits who fled and are here now. It is sooooo great over there. yep, I am convinced (NOT!)

  4. I was born in England, have always been very proud of my English/Scottish/Irish heritage, and am deeply disturbed by the state of Britain today. I believe the BNP is the last hope for Britain.

    Brits who can afford it are leaving their homeland and moving to Canada in droves. Several I have met here in Nova Scotia are quite outspoken about why they left. One said he chose Nova Scotia because “there are no mosques here”. (Actually there are a few but they are not intrusive…..yet.)

  5. Unfortunately, Canada is on its way too. They have allowed muslims to have sharia law when muslims break laws. Apparently no one has a clue about sharia law because if they did they would know they directly violate any human rights and civil laws of the land.

  6. One thing about fleeing a problem – then it is left for others to fight, or lose. The children in all cases are the losers since they will be the ones condemned to deal with it. So, by any groups of people fleeing muslims then they leave it for others to deal with. And as many of us already know the muslims are in Canada and are doing the same thing there as they do in England and Europe – immigrating, uncontrolled birth rates, infiltrating, demanding, etc. Are those English going to flee Canada?

    One day there won’t be anywhere to flee to since the muslims are in s. America too.

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