The human rights jihad

* Melanie Phillips take on the boneheadedness of British judges who refuse to deport terrorists because they could be ‘tortured’ if sent back. The reasoning one hears in these cases is that ‘treating them like terrorists makes us just like them’- and this irrational fear brought about a judiciary which has allowed its collective obsession with human rights law to destroy common sense.


How al Qaeda must be gloating. What would any sane country do if it discovered that living among it was Osama Bin Laden’s right-hand man, who was wanted by his own country on terrorism charges? It’s a fair bet that it would deport him to that country as fast as it could.

What does Britain do in those circumstances? Declare that extradition would be a breach of his human rights and prepare to release him from jail under indefinite house arrest, courtesy of the British taxpayer, to the tune of some £1,000 per month in welfare benefits.

This is the surreal situation following the Appeal Court judgment this week on Abu Qatada, who is currently in jail fighting deportation to his native Jordan where he was convicted in his absence on terrorist charges in both 1999 and 2000.

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UK terror plot: Sabeel Ahmed gets 18-month term

A slap on the wrist of brother Sabeel Ahmed:

Sabeel Ahmed, one of the accused in the botched London [Image] and Glasgow car bomb cases, was on Friday sentenced by a UK court to 18 months in prison

Earlier, Sabeel had admitted to charges of withholding information that could have prevented an act of terrorism.

The 26-year-old doctor from Bangalore admitted at the Old Bailey court house that he had failed to inform the police regarding the terrorist attack that would have been of ‘considerable assistance’.

Sabeel’s brother Kafeel Ahmed, who according to police smashed a car containing gas cylinders and detonators into the Glasgow airport, had died in a hospital of the severe burn injuries sustained in the failed bombing in June

Doctor admits Glasgow Airport attack charge
By Caroline Gammell

Musulmania: Picture of the Week


Lying Jihad Scum & the Suckers from Channel 4:


Moazzam Begg interview: ‘Two people were beaten to death’

* Heaven knows why Channel 4 provides a forum for these lying jihad rats…


Turning everything upside down:

Rome: “an ambassador should not incite violence”

Egypt’s ambassador to Rome, Nevine Simaika, whines about the ‘tiny minority of extremists’ and accuses the Israeli envoy of ‘inciting hatred against Muslim immigrants who live and work peacefully in Europe’

* Interesting how a warning against Islamic mass-migration is twisted into ‘inciting hatred and violence’- this Egyptian ambassador sounds rather threatening: “don’t stop Islamic migration or we have to become violent…”



The United Nations: Islam’s Gestapo

Journalist Caroline Glick wrote in her column in the Jewish World Review that the United Nations had violated its own Declaration of Human Rights, which guarantees freedom of expression, when it passed the March 28 resolution. Glick also pointed out that it was surprising when the UNHRC’s European members abstained from the vote, since they are such staunch supporters of the UN.

By abstaining, the European nations, those supposed bastions of human rights and free speech (especially when it comes to blaspheming Christianity), simply showed what moral cowards they truly are, putting their dhimmi status on display once more in failing to stand up to Islamic bullying.

Several countries that still have a backbone did speak out against this atrocious violation of human rights and freedom of expression. The United States, which does not have a seat on the 47-nation UNHRC but has observer status, did not stay silent. Warren Tichenor, America’s ambassador in Geneva, told the body: “The resolution seeks to impose restrictions on individuals rather than to emphasize the duty and responsibility of governments to guarantee, uphold, promote and protect human rights.”

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A Canadian delegate supported Tichenor’s view with his statement: “The job of a special rapporteur is not to police the action of individuals.”

* Quote of the Day:

Iranian delegate to the U.N. “The very concept of human rights is a Judeo-Christian invention and inadmissible in Islam.”(1985) By Sa’id Raja’i”-Khorassani,


A Call to Ban Building Mosques In Britain 

with thanks to Wolf Howling 

A very good article on the creeping Islamization of Britain. To stop building mosques and to strip Islamic radicals of citizenship and  to deport them would make sense. But don’t expect that any of that will happen anytime soon… 


“Infidels are never innocent” sez Anjem Chaudrey, “because they reject the RoP” 


A senior Church of England member called yesterday for the building of mosques to be banned.

Alison Ruoff said more construction would lead to Islamic no go areas dominated by exclusively Muslim populations living under sharia law. Mrs Ruoff, a member of the General Synod, the Church’s parliament, added: “If we don’t watch out we will become an Islamic state. It’s that serious.”

Read it all. The article has some good background on that creepy little “Bunglawussi of the ancient rulings” from the MCB


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  1. A sign saying “May God curse the Queen” and no one says a word! The UK is a lost cause.
    You don’t have to be a monarchist to find this disgusting: something has got to be done to stop the “free speech”. It is threatening and seditious.

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