7 thoughts on “Queen Rania will 'reach out' to YOU on youtube…”

  1. She’s HOT!!!! Who better to display the beauty of Islam?

    Why does her domain end with JO?

  2. Jo= Jordian I would suspect

    Next would cares about how hot she is, the question is how long would she be allowed to remain that way outside her burqa without her bodyguards.

    next thing for us silly NAJIS KAFUR to puzzle over is how slick her whole site is, does this mean You Tube is now truely Jihad Tube?

    Also I noticed her first friend was a person that uses an avatar picture of the holy lands with no israel but does have that Kafftah neck scarf motiff from Arrafat acrossed it.

  3. She can reach out to me personally. Why do so merely on the Internet?

    First question I’d ask is why isn’t she covered up. That ought to stump her.

  4. Talk about lies, lies, and more lies, this woman is very dangerous. Any one who can spout the stuff she does with innuendo and flat out lies yet keep that “Look at me I am so sweet you have to believe me” is evil. All (Muslim) Arabs do want to destroy the Democratic Republic of America and replace it with a World Caliphate. How this will happen they don’t care, just as long as it happens. If millions of innocents die in the process, so what, they don’t care.

    I don’t care how many pretty girls try to convince me that Islam is not the greatest threat to my world, it won’t work.

  5. Good point, Vladimir. The charm offensive, especially with devious or rather useful idiots like Ophrah help to keep everybody in a daze. This whole Islamo-propaganda thingy is well organized and hardly noticable for the untrained eye…

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