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With thanks to Sir Henry Morgan:

“Eisvogel” of the German blog “Acht der Schwerter” just published this translation of her German article of November 2006 titled “Der Dialog“,
which has been quoted on several pages in the German-speaking internet in the meantime. A translation into Turkish might follow soon. Here is the English version of her message to Islam:

“Dear Muslims,

We think it is time to state openly that we are enemies. Many honest people on your side have already done that, it is about time that we follow suit.

We have followed your advice to concern ourselves with Islam by now. We have seen Obsession [and meanwhile “Fitna” as well], we have read Bat Ye´Or and Robert Spencer, we have seen the video messages by Osama Bin Laden and heard the statements by Islamic scholars from all over the world – especially from Kairo´s Al Azar University – and also by Mr. Ahmadinejad. Particularly during the so-called Cartoon Affair, we have also listened to the very impressive voice of the ordinary Islamic Joe. We have busied ourselves with studying our common history and we have used our god-given reason to draw comparisons to the present.


We have come to think that we have to apologize for our comportment which we have shown while we did not know all of the above. It was our fault, not yours, that we remained without interest in and knowledge about you. We also apologize for bothering you for ages with a “dialogue”, in which you were rightfully annoyed about our cluelessness, and in which we insisted on turning you into something Christian-like. We especially apologize for those amongst us who have promoted the term “Islamism” to denigrate the most righteous and Qu´ran-abiding Muslims. The attempt to explain to you your own religion (”Islam means peace”) was a serious faux-pas, and hence we understand that you were often angry about our arrogance. It is arrogant indeed to bend other peoples´ religion into a shape which pleases one better. We cannot blame you for adopting the term “Islam means peace”, since we know that your prophet Muhammad himself has advised you to take to lying when the infidels are too strong to be subdued by military means. Who are we to counsel you to challenge your prophet!

We outrightly acknowledge that you have studied us and our culture more extensively and understood it better than we yours. We also acknowledge (in hindsight, now that we know your goals and the methods advocated by Muhammad to achieve them) that your course of action was mostly straightforward, while our actions often consisted of haphazard stopgap measures.

Alas, by now we know what you want. You want to expand the Dar al-Islam at the expense of the Dar al-Harb and, in the long-run, install the rule of the Islam over the world. We also know that your method is called Jihad, and we are not that oafish to believe that Jihad only means violence. No, you are certainly not that primitive. Jihad also encompasses demographic efforts, migration, Da´Wa (proselytization), Taqiyya (deft lies), propaganda and the use of economic power (petrodollars). Furthermore, we also believe you that an inner Jihad exists, the individual effort to lead a life agreeable to Allah. That is your private affair and does not belong in our dialogue. We are not bothering you with the contents of our prayers, either. But of course we do not believe that the inner struggle is the only meaning of Jihad. We are not blind and your holy scriptures are fortunately available for us to study.

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