This illegal, apartheid wall must be taken down!

*  Ever wondered why the UN and all these countless human rights groups, collectively known as so-called international community, are silent about this. Isn’t that what they usually refer to as blockade, siege and apartheid?


Hamas supporters take part in a protest calling Egypt to reopen the Rafah border crossing, near the Egyptian border with the Gaza Strip April 25, 2008. Egypt sent hundreds of police officers to the sealed Rafah border crossing with the Gaza Strip on Friday to boost security and prevent any attempt by Palestinians to breach the frontier, security sources said.

REUTERS/Ibraheem Abu Mustafa (GAZA)

* Meanwhile, in the US of A: UC Irvine Hatefest

Click the picture below to see the full poster, featuring a photoshopped image of the Israeli security barrier covered in blood, and a list of scheduled speakers; an all-star cast of ranting freaks, Islamists, leftist useful idiots, and failed academics like the odious Norman Finkelstein.

 Useful Idiots For A Hollow Cause:


Pali supporters in the US often make two claims:

a. There were originally 800,000 Palestinians in 1948, but now the “Right of Return” belongs to ALL their descendents, which now number six million.

b. The Israelis are committing genocide against the Palestinians.

An increasing population from 800,000 > 6,000,000 = genocide?

That’s one hell of a genocide — octupling your victims’ population!


Just in from a friend of Israel:

I’ve always found it interesting that of ALL the ‘refuges’ on this planet, the palis are the only ones who command a U.N. department all their own.

I also have always found it interesting that while there are in fact pali ‘refuge’ camps located in Lebanon, Syria, Egypt and Jordan those countries NEVER assimilated these people. NEVER. Not since 1948 when these countries were responsible for starting the war and CREATING these refugees by refusing to accept the U.N. partition plan and then attacking the newly created nation of Israel.

As a side note: Israel did in fact assimilate refugees after the war.

In the meantime, the west via the U.N. continues to pay for these so called refugees who are in reality nothing more then pawns in a VERY heartless game that has been played by the arab countries since their defeat.

If the palis could ever get their heads out of their collective asses they’d finally see that their #1 enemy is NOT Israel, is NOT the Jews but their own fellow Arabs who have played them for dupes this entire time.