Belgium: School grows spine, bans hijab. Muslim start howling and wingeing…

*  That’s what they always do, you say. But its good that there are signs of resistance here and there, no?

By  Hadi Yahmid, IOL Correspondent


“The decision, a violation of women rights, is unacceptable,” say the girls.

BRUSSELS — The decision of a Brussels school to deny Muslim girls the right to wear hijab has motivated them to champion a protest campaign, the latest episode of the hijab debate in the European country.“The hijab ban has no ground and the administration offered no explanation and did not consult with teachers or parents,” reads a petition circulated by Muslim students in the Institut des Ursulines in the Brussels borough of Molenbeek.

The Catholic school, where Muslims comprise some 85 percent of the students, has decided to ban hijab starting the next academic year.

The controversial decision promoted Muslim students to launch a protest campaign, including a rally outside the school, which is located in an area with a large Muslim population.

“The decision, a violation of women rights, is unacceptable,” says the petition.

* Of course it is. Because Islam must dominate…

Read it all…

“Just call me Jihad Mama”- Muslim woman wages Internet jihad in Belgium

* Welfare Jihad:

Belgian authorities ought to see this as sedition, for Malika El Aroud would certainly want to see Sharia come to Belgium, and non-Muslims and women subjugated. And she is working for that end by agitating for jihad.

“Al Qaeda Warrior Uses Internet to Rally Women,” by Elaine Sciolino and Souad Mekhennet for the New York Times

BRUSSELS — On the street, Malika El Aroud is anonymous in an Islamic black veil covering all but her eyes.In her living room, Ms. El Aroud, a 48-year-old Belgian, wears the ordinary look of middle age: a plain black T-shirt and pants and curly brown hair. The only adornment is a pair of powder-blue slippers monogrammed in gold with the letters SEXY.

* Powder-blue slippers monogrammed in gold with the letters SEXY are the ordinary look of middle age?


Miss Headscarf contest for Muslims attacked

Plans to hold a “Miss Headscarf” beauty contest for Muslim women on Danish television have been attacked by Islamic traditionalists.

The country’s Islamic Faith Society has criticised the decision by Danmarks Radio to show “cool Muslim women who often make up a very fashion-conscious and style-confident part of the Danish street scene”.

Bjarke Ahlstrand, the editor-in-chief of DR’s youth division, said he hoped the contest would take some of the heat out of calls for a ban on Islamic dress in public.

“We would like to contact all the Muslim women who are seldom heard in the debate but are often just as preoccupied with fashion and beauty as other women,” he said.


“I have lived in the EU’s future, and it doesn’t work.”

*  Vladimir Bukovsky asks “Is the European Union the new Soviet Union?”

From the ‘been there, done it’ department

…How was the Soviet Union governed? It was governed by fifteen unelected people who appointed each other and who were not accountable to anyone. How is the European Union governed? By two dozen people who appoint each other and are not accountable to anyone, and whom we cannot sack. How was the Soviet Union created? By coercion or very often with the military occupation of the Red Army. How is the European Union created? Admittedly not by armed force, but by coercion and bullying, making it impossible for any other country to live outside it economically. It is like a shot-gun marriage…

The Soviet Union had in its constitution the right of secession for the constituent republics. It existed for propaganda purposes, particularly as there was no actual procedure and even to talk about it was considered a crime against the territoriality of the Soviet Union. I was amazed to discover that more or less the same situation exists in the European Union. You can enter it but you can’t quit. No one said so far you cannot quit but a procedure is not in place. That seems to be very similar to what I used to know.

The Soviet Union was a very aggressive country; it couldn’t exist unless it spread its own model of socialism further and further. The moment it stopped spreading, it started collapsing and I suspect that the same thing is true of the European Union. Although economically it makes no sense for them to attract more new countries, they impose enormous pressure on the half-developed Eastern European countries and some other European countries like Switzerland to join the union. It seems to be ideological. They used to be told in the Soviet Union that the purpose of its function was to create a new historic entity, the Soviet people.

We were supposed to forget our nationalities, our ethnic traditions and customs. Growing up in Russia, you couldn’t tell a Ukrainian from a Russian; it was not supposed to be mentioned, for we were supposed to be one entity. The same seems to be true of the European Union. They don’t want you to be British or French. They want you all to be a new historic entity – European. One of the grand purposes of socialism was always the destruction of the national state. The old belief was that the state would wither away – with some help from them. And that’s exactly what we observe in Europe. The purpose of this agglomeration from Brussels is to absorb nation states, so that they should cease to exist…

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  1. It is a Catholic school! End of story end of discussion. If they want to wear a hijab then attend a Muslim school.

  2. Why are these girls even in a Catholic school??????????? Yeah, nice to take advantage of everyone….but still want to rule with your 7th century bullsh*t! The comments were great though. Especially the one that complained Catholics were denying these muslims the right to an education. You know, that right to an education…like in Pakistan or Afghanistan where they burn down the friggin’ schools so the girls cannot be educated!!! OMG everything is reversed!!!! I am convinced that islam is a mental illness.

  3. * Powder-blue slippers monogrammed in gold with the letters SEXY

    I’m too SEXY for these slippers
    I’m a penguina so I cover my flippers
    I’m too SEXY for this headscarf
    So SEXY it makes men want to barf
    I’m too SEXY for this black veil
    The Belgians are too stupid to throw me into jail

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