UK will be "Islamic nation" in 30 years

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“This progress has been enthusiastically assisted by this government in particular with its hard-line multi-cultural dogma and willingness to concede to virtually every demand made by Muslims.”

“Religious trends and our religious future,” from the Church of England News 


If recent reports of trends in religious observance prove to be correct, then in some 30 years the mosque will be able to claim that, religiously speaking, the UK is an Islamic nation, and therefore needs a share in any religious establishment to reflect this. The progress of conservative Islam in the UK has been amazing, and it has come at a time of prolonged decline in church attendance that seems likely to continue.This progress has been enthusiastically assisted by this government in particular with its hard-line multi-cultural dogma and willingness to concede to virtually every demand made by Muslims. Perhaps most importantly the government has chosen to allow hard-liners to act as representing all Muslims, and more liberal Muslims have almost completely failed to produce any leadership voices to compete, leading many Britons to wonder if there are indeed many liberal Muslims at all, surely a mistake.


At all levels of national life Islam has gained state funding, protection from any criticism, and the insertion of advisors and experts in government departs national and local. A Muslim Home Office adviser, for example, was responsible for Baroness Scotland’s aborting of the legislation against honour killings, arguing that informal methods would be better. In the police we hear of girls under police protection having the addresses of their safe houses disclosed to their parents by Muslim officers who think they are doing their religious duty. While men-only gentlemen’s clubs are now being dubbed unlawful, we hear of municipal swimming baths encouraging ‘Muslim women only’ sessions and in Dewsbury Hospitals staff waste time by turning beds to face Mecca five times a day — a Monty Pythonesque scenario of lunacy, but astonishingly true. Prisons are replete with imams who are keen to inculcate conservative Islam in any inmates who are deemed to be culturally ‘Muslim’: the Prison service in effect treats such prisoners as a cultural block to be preached to by imams at will. Would the Prison service send all those with ‘C of E’ on their papers to confirmation classes with the chaplain?! We could go on.

* Muslim gangs ‘are taking control of prison’

* CAIR Board Chairman: War on Terror is war against Islam

* Parroting Bin Laden: Bin Laden Says West Is Waging War Against Islam 

* Inmates have PRISON officer and his sniffer dog  moved after a Muslim inmate complained he had named it Allah. 

The point is that Islam is being institutionalised, incarnated, into national structures amazingly fast, at the same time as demography is showing very high birthrates. Charles Taylor’s new and classic work on the Secular Age charts the rise of the secular mindset and what he calls the ‘excarnation’ of Christianity as it is levered out of state policy and structures. Christianity is now regarded as bad news, the liberal elite’s attack developed in the 1960s took root in the educationalist empire, and to some extent even in areas of the church.

Today the Christian story is fading from public imagination, while Islam grows apace. There needs to be some fresh thinking in this area where the claims of Christ are sensitively explained. Our church leaders must develop ways of explaining this, as our feature on mission and evangelism this week demonstrates.

* Meanwhile, Britain’s socialist engineers of change are doing their very best to replace native Brits with a Muhammedan proletariat…

Bunglawussi plays Rumpelstilzken and attacks ‘Mad Mel’ at the Spectator:

Dangerous Naivety

The New Republic has published an article by Peter Bergen and Paul Cruickshank which claims that al Qaeda is unravelling because former supporters are turning against it, and that as a result Muslim moderates are on the march against the jihadis. While there is undoubtedly some truth in their argument, in that – as we can see in Iraq – the mass killings of Muslims by al Qaeda are clearly turning increasing numbers of Muslims against it, the authors’ apparent naivety and ignorance have nevertheless led them to some dangerously wrong conclusions, particularly in their analysis of what is happening in Britain.

They have fallen into the trap of believing that the only extremists are al Qaeda and others who support terrorism in Britain. They thus extol as moderates those who oppose al Qaeda and terrorism in Britain. But this view – which is shared by many in British security circles, alas — presents an entirely false and indeed lethal dichotomy. For there are Islamists who oppose al Qaeda and terrorist action in the UK as a tactical mistake but nevertheless subscribe to the same strategic goal – to restore the medieval Caliphate, overturn British and western society and institute the rule of Islam instead.
This is because there are two arms to the jihadi pincer: terrorist attack and cultural attack; and the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists use either or both depending on circumstances and upon differing strategic points of view between groups under the same jihadi umbrella. There are also some who, after the London Tube and bus bombings, the subsequent Islamic terrorist trials and the resulting hardening of public opinion, decided to moderate their previously hard-line position and profess reformist opinions as a tactic to lull the British into lowering their guard.
None of this appears to have occurred to the authors of this article. They have instead listened uncritically and uninformedly to certain individuals in Britain’s security establishment who so lamentably fail to grasp the nature and extent of the jihad, as well as to manipulative Islamists who have played the authors (along with that security establishment) like fish on a line. As a result they make gross errors of judgment in hailing certain individuals as moderate when they are anything but. For example, they write:

Kamal el Helbawy, the Muslim Brotherhood leader who helped bring in moderates at the Finsbury Park mosque in London…
This shows a truly lamentable ignorance. After the removal of the notorious abu Hamza from Finsbury Park, the police did not broker the arrival of a moderate regime at the mosque. They brokered instead a new administration dominated by the Muslim Association of Britain, the British arm of the Muslim Brotherhood whose aim is to Islamise Britain and the west, and whose chief spokesman is Dr Azzam Tammimi, the Hamas acolyte who has publicly supported human bomb terrorism in Israel. As for Kamal el Helbawy, who the authors clearly think is the acme of moderation, he is the main Brotherhood man in Britain and Europe — and thus central to the whole strategy of indoctrination and radicalisation of Britain’s Muslims and the demoralisation with menaces of the indigenous community, which is putting this country at such risk. Because it’s not just terrorism that creates the danger – it’s the ideas that drive the terror.

In the House of Commons in 2003 the MP Louise Ellman said:

It is time that the spotlight fell on the Muslim Association of Britain, particularly the key figures, such as Azzam Tamimi, Kamal el Helbawy, Anas Al-Tikriti and Mohammed Sawalha. All of them are connected to the terrorist organisation Hamas. The Muslim Association of Britain itself is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood — an extremist fundamentalist organization founded in Egypt in 1928, and the spiritual ideologue of all Islamic terror organizations. It is militantly antisemitic and always has been.
Yet the NR authors present the MAB as the antidote to the jihad!
Then there is Usama Hassan, an imam at the Masjid-al-Tawhid mosque in Leyton, east London, a former jihadi who is now openly critical of al Qaeda and therefore, in the authors’ star-struck eyes, a born-again moderate. Certainly, Hassan has drawn considerable fire from other Muslims for taking positions such as opposing the death penalty for apostasy, and has gone out of his way to present a reformist approach to Islam. However, questions remain.
For a start, both the mosque and its senior imam, Hassan’s own father Sheikh Suhaib Hassan, featured in the Chanel Four Dispatches investigation into radical mosques. As this article reported, the programme recorded him
predicting the establishment of an Islamic state under Sharia law and detailing some of the extreme punishments, such as flogging of drunkards, that would be carried out in such a state. Shaykh Hassan says, however, that his remarks were taken out of context, and that he has never said Sharia law would be appropriate for Britain.
Two weeks ago, Dispatches won an unprecedented libel action against the police and crown prosecutors who had falsely accused the programme of selective editing and distortion.
Then there is this rather troubling letter written by Usama Hassan. In response to his Muslim critics who accuse him of selling out, he says:

…I, of course, support a just Caliphate based on the Prophetic model…

He also attempts to refute his critics’ claim that he wants to separate Islam from secular government, saying he supports the position taken by Mustafa Ceric, the Grand Mufti of Bosnia. This surely should also cause concern. For Ceric himself is a dissembler who is keen to tell westerners what they want to hear – that Muslims present no threat to the west — and who believes accordingly that Muslims living in the west should do nothing to alienate the indigenous society, but should impose sharia by a process akin to the Trotskyite long march through the institutions.
That is indeed what is happening in Britain. It’s why Tariq Ramadan is so lionised here; it’s why Brotherhood radicals are acting as government advisers on combating Islamic radicalism; it’s why the police are tied up in such lethal knots. The idea that the Muslim Brotherhood is a counter-radicalisation movement is simply ludicrous. But it is one that the British establishment — whose knowledge of Islam appears to consist largely of the sanitised vapidities of the likes of Karen Armstrong and John Esposito — have eagerly embraced. And now this absurd article in New Republic is spreading the confusion yet further across the Atlantic too.

Anjem Chaudrey tells it like it is:

Radical Islam Over Runs London Streets

*  Harassment, prejudice and unfair discrimination against Jews in wakademia…



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  1. If indeed the UK became Islamic in 30 years, you would find that nearly all “ethnic” or genuine brits along with businesses would flee the country like refugees. The mainland islands towns and cities would fall to ruin very quickly, speckled of course with large wealthy “protected” estates of the current elitist classes (they never care as their money will always buy independence from evil).

    The social systems will also collapse quite quickly of course, followed then by the out flowing of Muslims to greener pastures like locusts from one field to the next. The last invasion to the American continent will be made much easier of course by the current Islamification groundwork. The Muslim expansion buck will stop with the Chinese of course, because they will not take Islam’s shit (yes many Muslims live in China, but with a very low and humble profile to be sure). That’s why Islam won’t piss around very much with the Chinese or Japanese, as they know that’s like trying to squeeze blood out of a stone, and are met with deadpan stares. Little good that does for the rest of us though…………….

  2. UK Government wants more Imams in our schools
    Posted by Gandalf at 30 May 2008, 10:03 AM and is filed under uncategorized
    IMAMS INTO SCHOOLS (complete article)

    The strategy of promoting Islam in our education system is largely unseen and not discussed it is apparently kept very quiet, Islam is introduced to the pupil in “religious education” classes at quite an early age and the theme is then carried on through the school curriculum.

    The second strand of this indoctrination is for schools to allow Imam into the classroom and talk about Islam and what it stands for (this is promotion of the Religion of Peace),

    Following the Exeter bomb incident where once again the Religion of Peace tried to kill as many people as it could what does our education system do, (under instruction from the Government no doubt) – it invites more Imams into our schools to “help combat terrorism”

    This bizarre concept clearly identifies the children in our schools, the vast majority are NOT Muslim, as potential bombers. There are many schools, especially in inner city areas or places like Dewsbury and Bradford and Ilford where Muslims are the majority in our schools and no doubt Imams are in those schools already.

    This action is NOT about combating terrorism this action is a damage limitation exercise designed to tell the Non Muslim that Islam is no threat to them or their country despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary – this course of action is pure brainwashing of our young people.

    The complete and utter stupidity of the education system and the Government is demonstrated in this excerpt from the article in the Times education supplement

    The National Union of Teachers met fierce opposition in March when it suggested Muslim clerics and other faith leaders should be sent into every state school as an alternative to having specific faith schools. Heads’ leaders and other critics warned this could allow extremists to target pupils.

    But the Government believes that if the imams are British born they will be steeped in the multicultural values of Britain.

    The opportunity these Imams to prosylize our young was clearly identified in that meeting and we all know that is what they will try to do but the Governments response -“But the Government believes that if the imams are British born they will be steeped in the multicultural values of Britain. “is laughable.

    Steeped in the “multicultural values of Britain” what complete and utter crap is that, we all know Imams and Muslims in general do NOT follow the multicultural concept for them there is only Islam and lest we forget it was “British born Muslims” that blew up the Tube on 7/7 to name but one instance

    Also from the article:

    Sylvia Jones, head of Valentines High, Ilford, where 40 per cent of pupils have Muslim backgrounds, was consulted about the Prevent Strategy and has had a local imam, Haroon Patel, visit her pupils for the last five years. She stressed her approach was more subtle than the Government’s. “Imam Haroon’s role is nothing to do with the prevention of terrorism. It is to act as a positive role model,” she said.

    Positive role model, what does that mean and what model is being presented to the pupils, this must be the Islamic model which must lead to prosylization

    The Government is now as you know funding Islamic schools, the latest Icon to Islam is in Slough

    Muslim state school becomes a reality

    9:02am Thu 29th May 08:: written by Luke Cross

    A tree will be planted by the High Commissioner of Pakistan on Saturday to celebrate the dream of Slough’s first Muslim state school becoming a reality.

    A foundation ceremony will take place at the Lea Infant and Junior Schools site in Grassmere Avenue from 11am.

    All are welcome at the event, where there will be rides for the children and food and drink, as well as two marquees in case of the weather. Special guest Maleela Lodhi, High Commissioner for Pakistan, will lead the ceremony at noon.

    The Slough Islamic School Project has been seven years in the making and will have an Islamic ethos while teaching the national curriculum. The new build expected to be complete a year later.

    I wonder, will Vicars, Priests, Rabbi’s and Budhists be allowed to talk to the pupils therein – at guess I would say no, after all we cannot have the Islamic faith impugned in any way can we.

    The strategy of the Government appears quite clear, prosylize our children in our schools while more Islamic schools are built and paid for by the UK taxpayer.

    Brits now work from the years start to june 5th just to pay the state.
    In the words of Enoch Powell We must be mad!!

    Rudyard Kiplings poem is now popular again.

    When the English Began to hate.

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