Dudley, UK: 22.000 sign petition against mosque

..all racist Islamophobes, no doubt!

Malcolm Davis

Mosque hearing rally cry

A DUDLEY councillor is calling on the people of the town to “create crowds” outside Dudley Council House as the future of the mosque is discussed inside.

For two days in June (10 and 11) the planning inspectorate from Bristol will be holding a public inquiry as to whether the council were right to refuse the application made by the Dudley Muslim Association last year.

The council’s development control committee unanimously rejected the proposals after the project received opposition via petitions with more than 22,000 names.

In other news:


This past week an Asian boy(media doublespeak for muslim), Amar Aslam, was battered and killed in Crow’s Neck Park in Dewsbury, UK. In typical lockstep the British media rushed to jump to their preconceived conclusion and portrayed the murder as a racist crime by a gang of white men. Unfounded headlines and biased reporting such as: “Racism fear over youth’s murder in park” and “Gang blamed for battering” led the world to believe that British whites had killed a defenseless young muslim man and muslims are the inevitable victims of white hatred. The reporter went on to quote an unnamed “source close to the family” (of the victim):

“The man, who asked to remain anonymous, said there had been trouble between a white gang and a “non-white” gang during the day.”  (Apparently all gangs made up of white members are racist??)

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However councillor Malcolm Davis is urging people to turn up to the council building to “show by example what chaos will ensue.”

He said: “I want to create some problems for the council. If the mosque is allowed to go ahead, we are going to have problems with crowds almost on a daily basis.

“The council is not going to be able to cope with crowds on that day. We need to show the planning inspector the difficulties that the mosque will cause.”

Cllr Davis also asked residents to show their support by flying a flag on the two days the inquiry is being held.

He said: “I think it is important for everyone to fly the flag every day, but it would be nice if we all flew them on those two days to show our loyalty to our town.

“I have a flag flying permanently on my house and I also had one on my car until it recently fell off.”

A spokesman for Dudley Council said: “The inquiry is a formal process, run by the inspector, and is open to the public. The public gallery in the chamber has a capacity of 50.”

28 thoughts on “Dudley, UK: 22.000 sign petition against mosque”

  1. 14 year old boy badly beaten by a gang of muslims…his mother commented they didn’t steal anything, they came prepared with table legs and iron bars.
    I now live in fear and won’t allow my son out again, once he has recovered from this attack.
    The police stated;this was an unprovoked violent attack on a young boy. but we do not consider it to be racist!
    This is becoming a regular occurance white kids attacked by ASIANS ..NO! muslims. It’s never classed racist.
    Dhimmi police,Dhimmi politicians,Dhimmi church-leaders, media all the same.
    Congratulations to Somerset BNP for coming third yesterday in their local election. first time standing in such an area, of small English villages.
    I wonder why this is?

  2. I am fucking sick to death of this BULLSHIT. i live in Dudley and its a dive, people here do NOT WANT A MOSQUE. if you want Sharia Law, and huge fucking mosques, build them in your own country! we would not be allowed the same privileges in your home country.


    Oh the mosque in Dudley (my home town) is looking run down so we need to build a huge fucking one in the heart of the town? bollocks to the lot of you. have you seen the state of St Thomas’, St James’s, Top Church, Bottom Church etc..

    Spend the money fixing those up before you cater to the “ethnic minority”because if you don’t then you must clearly be racist?

    The racism card is used too often, and is always one sided.
    if a gang of Asians beats up a white man, it’s an attack.

    If its a gang of white men beating up an Asian it’s a “racist” attack.

    This country is going to the dogs and it’s because the Government allows such liberties to be taken for fear of losing seats because of being “racist”

    I have been called racist for stating that i am English and not British by nationality. I am proud of my country and it’s heritage, but i must not tell anyone because it might upset the so called “Ethnic Minority”

    It’s about time this nonsense was stopped, and people can stop living in fear of being proud of England, because of who they might upset.

  3. im sick of it. at one time the average working person would tollarate all these muslims. now you can actually feel the hatred on the street, they want us the true brit to live there way. i say no fucking way. there over here. they dont speek english, ack english, do any thing our way……our kids cant get houses theres to many of them here…. enock powell was spot on. the rivers of blood has already started flowing, in my oppinion its gonna get worse. a lot worse…..our pollititions aint got enough balls to speek out, knowing if they do that they are called racist, and are finished in politicts. get some balls, take off your glasses and see what the rest of us see, just have a ride round dudley, lye, anywere, its bad and its getting worse. please do some thing before we get a pakkistani priminister

  4. An awful lot of hatred based on myth and unreality.

    First the mosque wouldn’t be paid for from public money, and so suggesting it be used to restore St Thomas and St Luke etc is in error.

    There are many churches in Pakistan where the community seeking to build the mosque have their heritage, and somewhere around 2 million Christians. There are even a couple of cathedrals.

    Pretty much all the muslims I’ve met in Dudley speak English, which is better than many brit ex-pats, and I’ve not met any who want to make everyone live in the same way they do.

    No-one behind the mosque is seeking a implementation for Sharia law for everyone, and as for it being your country, what about the many muslims born here who are as British as you and I.

    The hatred I see flowing from the mosque project is the hatred we see hear, along with fear and abuse. The only verbal abuse I’ve seen outside the appeal came from those hurling racist abuse at my friends who happen not to be white. The only hatred I feel on the street comes from those holding your views.

    Kind regards


  5. Thank you for your attempt at dissemination, Steve.

    Those of us, however, who have been to Pakistan or other Islamic countries and do know what Islam is all about, do see things differently. Hatred, fnaticism, calls for the annihilation of unbelievers, Christians and Jews, is fundamental to Islam and deeply rooted in Koranic teachings. This site, along with many others, exposes the vile, abominable creed of Islam and the people who wish to conquer and subjugate us. Try to pull the Islamic wool over somebody elses eyes and ears, Steve. Here you will not find any buyers.


  6. muslims have no aliance with this country ! just take a look how many taxi drivers display the flag of pakistan on there vehicals ! if you like pakistan that much build your mosques there ! not here GET OUT !

  7. there will always be a problem between muslims and whites. we have very differant ways of life. it will only get worse,we just dont like each other. just pray it does’nt end up like northern ireland in the 70s

  8. Sean,
    Northern Ireland was a stroll in the park compared to what’s possible when Muslim numbers increase. Try and imagine it as Kosovo.

    Internet forums are full of complaints about Muslims, everywhere you go, everyone you speak to, is sick to the back teeth of these cultists. What’s lacking however, is an organized and concerted effort to rid us of these creeps. Muslim numbers in this country must be limited. Apparently(?) there are 2-3 miliion Muslims here at present, but it seems like many more.
    Muslims can claim for up to 4 wives on benefits and breed like rabbits. That 2-3 million will soon be 5-6 million, how much trouble will they cause us then?
    British people need to gather together, under one umbrella. Forget our political masters in Westminster, these traitors have abandoned us to future dhimmitude, EUrabia and finally extinction.
    They say that cometh the hour, cometh the man. But where is our champion?

  9. Fucking moslems should just go kill themselves already. I hate it when their fucking mosques interrupt my movies when they blared their bloody flea market speakers with their cult prayers.

    islam is a Fucking cult! All the world’s problems are created by these turban heads. No moslems, no issues. Got moslems, end of the world.

    Every moslem should have pieces of pork lard stuck in their throat and dog shit up their asses!

  10. i will agree there are many forums with discontent over the slow take over of england & europe by islam, but then you only need a short walk to see this take over is advancing, islam is an invasion intent on world domination, any one that doesnt agree is iether a muslim or deaf dumb & blind to reality.
    what the future may hold ?.
    i dont think most english will surrender with out a fight, & where the fight for survival starts ?, it may be in europe & spread to the uk or visa versa. but if things continue as they are right now, i think we are well on the way to a civil war here in the uk. untill things get out of hand ide suggest to my fellow englishmen be prepered for when it happens i think it will happen quickly,
    can you defend your selves ?
    how can you defend your selves ?
    speak to your friends about strength in numbers.
    do you have a plan b ?.
    & at present the most important thing england needs to do is get out of the eu then we can control our own boarders, so who ever you vote for, make sure the party agrees to get out of the eu as soon as posible.
    ie, ukip or the bnp.
    labour, conservative & libdems all want the uk to remain in the eu & continue with the mass immigration wich will lead to a massive muslim vote.
    the choice is ours, its time to rescue england.

  11. I live near to Dudley, in a small town with races from all backgrounds.
    I have been brought up polite, all due to good parents. I would not like
    to live in a country where there is starvation no running water no food
    wars, I am British White and Proud of it, so i understand when people flood to this country, you get help where some of us white people do not
    i could tell you hundreds of stories but that is not the issue. The issue is why coloured people and white people are at war in the UK. One what we
    already know the land is overcrowded. Two we only want to help Immigrants Yes the British people are good people! but we do not like
    being taken for a ride!. Lets leave all the pathetic past behind each generation gets better with time, yes i have had family in the Two World Wars who were killed young but i can not blame the youth of today can i they had nothing to do with it. So be proud of your Country do something with it!. You can only stop the wars and make it a better place to live otherwise your generation will all be born over he in the Uk. The World is out there waiting to help you not put you down. Oh and by the way i have tried to be nice to coloured people where i live but they just ignore me and evan run over my feet with prams when i am standing at the road ready to cross over i may be white but am not ghostly opaque!!!!!

  12. Hi Anna, I guess a lot of people stand with you. Well, I dont guess, they do stand with you. And thanks for the good advice – I hope people hear what you are saying.

  13. I can’t believe how my fellow English are behaving with so much hatred, I have lived, worked and will die in Dudley and yes we have problems but, any law abiding citizen will be easy to get on with.
    I have black, white, indian, pakistani and other friends and have had no problems.
    If a muslim, hindu, sikh, jew, buddist prays to his god, how is that bad? If they have a place to worship in, how is that bad?
    If they spend millions developing our city, how is that bad?
    If they make our city look nice, how is that bad?
    The alternative, is to leave our city looking like a deprived inner city that’s depressing and upsetting.
    We are going through a recession so any work generated is always good for the economy.
    Wake up, they pray anyway so we should be supportive because this is the only way we can build a better future for our children

  14. wouldn’t it be lovely to wake up and not to have to see these ethnics around any more……no more unsightly mosques, no more wives hiding behind veils, no more drug dealers, benefit cheats, dog fighters, pervert gang rapers, run-down shops…….the list just goes on…….

  15. Sorry, Chris … it doesnt help living your life with blinkers on or trying to ignore whats happening & inevitable in a typical British life!
    Look, mate, we have to accept changes to your environment.
    We live in proximity to EU where theres large population belonging to the MUslim faith. Over the time, ppl move thru and fro, in & out countries, boundaries change everyday, the world is getting smaller metaphorically…you just have to accept that in the future we all going to live next door to ppl who doesnt look like us or doesnt live our kind of lifestyle. But give them a chance, their children or grandchildren will become a true Brit (if we whites stop harassing their family).
    I agree wuth you, Anna, about how we all should try to live together without getting into any conflict. After all, we all bleed the same, we are all God’s children (if you are religiously inclined…but not me tho) so Anna, perhaps you should consider those unpleasant encounters you’ve had with your Asian neighbours as one-off -maybe they happened to have a bad day on that particular incident.
    Chris, your comment on unsightly mosques (no, there are many beautiful mosques as with churches or cathedral, i know, i’m an architect) wives behind veil (only shows your intolerance – what they wish to wear is entirely their choice as with my gf wanting to go shopping braless) drug dealers (sorry, chris, but dealers come in all types, i’ve met lotsa whites ones in my uni days) benefit cheaters (hah! thats a long bow to draw as living on benefits is almost a brit culture) ….the list (and contradictions) goes on and on…….sheeesh!

  16. Please let us know where the magic place is where Muslims have successfully integrated or assimilated, Stan. Ah, and while you’re at it, could you also explain why the second or third generations of Muslims in Western, civilized countries become more radical Muslims than their parents?

  17. What a complete mess this place is in. I have Asian friends, but this mosque is ridiculous!! How the he’ll is this going to help integration… Just a matter of time unless people start talking sense… You daren’t even talk about it as sone idiot jihad dick will call you racist…

    A sad day for Dudley ….

  18. Apparently this mosque would cost 18 million to build, and 2 million a year in wages. Wouldn’t this money be better spent helping the struggling people back in their home country?

  19. Paul..you are so naive..have you ever been out of the UK? Have you ever been to an islamic country? I seriously doubt it.
    They want to take over the whole world and dominate it..It is their way or the highway. Why are you so illinformed?

  20. of all the minorities Muslims are experiencing the greatest difficulty integrating into the british way of life even though britain is one of the most tolerant countries in the world, a breif look at islam may reveal why.
    Islam has its own code of religious rulings through sharia laws covering every aspect of life, in this respect they have governed themselves in Asia for well over a thousand years under the guidance of the Quran. The islamisation of other continents is a bold step, and i believe the attempt to enter europe is an experiment doomed to failure. Growth in the muslim population can only amplify conflicts of interest between it’s ideology and western democracy (a bit of a hot potato for governments) but growing concerns will not disappear by wishfull thinking; The differences are beginning to manifest themselves in the various expressions of islam, ie mosque’s, linen veils (women completely hidden) sharia civil courts, sharia banking, arranged marriages (usually not to native britons) islam compulsory in schools, etc all of which does not cater toward integration there are few possible outcomes,if this pattern continues, either the verses in the Qu’ran ie….
    Al-Saff Chapter 61 : Verse 10
    He it is Who has sent His Messenger with the guidance and the Religion of truth, that He may cause it to prevail over all religions, even if those who associate partners with God hate it.
    Al-Taubah Chapter 9 : Verse 33
    He it is Who sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth, that He may make it prevail over every other religion, even though the idolaters may dislike it.
    …etc, will become true, and islam will prevail over all (religions,unbelievers(kaffir) or western democracy will address the incompatibility reverse the trend (not sweep it under the carpet) A third option is apartheid, but the state within a state idea can only lead to added tensions; (notice, it has been suggested….do the homework) when speaking of apartheid It might be worth looking at the situation in Israel, surrounded by muslim nations, yet have not succumb to islam, but have retained their judaic, roots and identity by keep as separate as possible from muslims. Israels success in this is nothing less than remarkable, but no longer is Islam confined to Asia, it is knocking on the door of every continent in the world; some may view this as fulfillment of the afore-mentioned expectation but others may have a different outcome in mind
    Can two separate forms of rule co-exist side by side, with one claiming peace and love as long as no threat to islam or insult to their prophet, the Quran, Allah is perceived? (this very debate would not be allowed in an islamic country) can any society feel at ease under such constraints–these were none existent when britain was free from internal conflicts, the boast in the decline of christianity may be short lived, and may come at a price.

  21. there is a website currently discussing your situation, http://www.virginmedia.com but needs comments as it is about to drop off the most popular discussion list.
    if you would like to see comments or add one, on the homepage look for news…most popular duscussions…violence at antimosque protest, my comment appears under a different name, you can use any, Good luck with your present difficulties, hope you find an acceptable solution.

  22. please keep England British, no more mosques we are over run with them, goverment and local councils need to listen to local citizens who have lived in Dudley for the last 50 +years
    i am totaly fed up with working hard for a living and then having a third of it took off me to pay towards all the foreigners in this country
    i am happy to pay toards our envitoment, hospitals, police,fire etc but majority of these foreigners are spongers on society that breed like rodents then become British citizens.

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