Camden madrassah update: Krudd government sends in the brain police to fix "anti-Islamic xenophobia"

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Patricia Karvelas, Political correspondent/The Australian

* Political commissar Laurie Ferguson: “we have ways to make you like Islam..”

THE Rudd Government has offered to run anti-racism projects in outer southwestern Sydney where locals stridently lobbied Camden Council to reject an application to build a 1200-student Islamic school.

* Ramming the failed multiculti-shambles down your throat, Laurie says the diversity police will fix it:

Parliamentary Secretary for Multicultural Affairs Laurie Ferguson yesterday expressed alarm over anti-Islamic xenophobia in the area, saying that while the council may have rejected the development proposal on genuine planning grounds, some in the local community had displayed racism. “You’ve got a community there with very few Muslims in the immediate area. There’s lack of knowledge, lack of interface connection and basic ignorance coming into it,” Mr Ferguson said. “What happened out there does show … we need to work with this council to erode this kind of bigotry in that community.”

* ‘Lack of knowledge, lack of interface connection and basic ignorance? Bigotry?’ Laurie, what do YOU know about Islam and the global jihad? Why should such a dumb, ignorant and bigoted man like yourself allowed to destroy a community with a failed ideology?

Camden Council unanimously rejected the proposal to build the 1200-student Islamic school on Tuesday night, at a meeting attended by 200 locals, some of whom hailed the decision as a victory against Islamic radicalism.

The community mobilised against the proposal after the Qu’ranic Society Dar Tahfez El-Quran lodged its plan with council last year.

Mr Ferguson said the council had made recent approaches to receive federal funding to run programs to help the community’s knowledge about multiculturalism. “There was a part of the campaign which was based on anti-Islamic xenophobia and that’s pretty worrying. These people should worry that when they start complaining about treatment of people overseas, including Christian minorities in the Middle East … this is a bit hypocritical,” he said.

* Laurie: better not talk about things you don’t understand.

“It’s a bit hypocritical for us to say we are concerned about some Middle Eastern countries’ restrictions on building Christian churches and restrictions on seminarians being trained if we in Australia start campaigns that schools shouldn’t be built because they are Islamic.”

* How’s that? Because Islamic countries forbid Christian churches and seminaries we are hypocritical because we don’t want to see mosques and madrassahs on every corner in Australian country towns and the cities? Laurie, have you ever heard of reciprocity?

Education Minister Julia Gillard avoided the debate yesterday. “This was obviously dealt with as a planning matter by the local council. It’s the subject of NSW planning laws and should be dealt with in that way through the planning process,” she said.

*  Camden mayor: “nationalism cannot be tolerated”

Camden mayor Chris Patterson said the decision was based on concerns over the effect on traffic flows, not on religious grounds. But he welcomed the Government’s interest in helping to change community attitudes.

“We would encourage the federal Government to get involved,” he said. “We need to involve representatives from the federal Government to find out what help they can provide on this issue. They are the minority but any racism or nationalism cannot be tolerated.”

* Which race is Islam again? A race to the bottom:

* Islam is not a race, its a hostile ideology that doesn’t tolerate YOU. And “nationalism cannot be tolerated?’ Chris: who are you to forbid people to be patriotic???

* In other news: Deadly snake bites mans penis (no joke!)

34 thoughts on “Camden madrassah update: Krudd government sends in the brain police to fix "anti-Islamic xenophobia"”

  1. I think our best option is to write directly to the Mayor of Camden and the local council, congratulating them, explaining that since Islam is not a race but an ideology – an ideology with aggressive geopolitical aims of conquest and enslavement of all non-Muslims – we heartily approve of their rejection of a Muslim Indoctrination Centre. We should then direct them to the ‘Centre for Study of Political Islam’ website, and to jihadwatch, and give them a handy booklist.

    A short sharp letter to Mr Ferguson, pointing out (with textual examples) the poisonous supremacism inherent in the classical teachings of Islam, and saying over and over that it is not a race, but an aggressively imperialistic religio-political ideology, a cult of war, with a perfectly dreadful track record of mass murder and enslavement, is also in order. Let’s send him a copy of Andrew Bostom’s “The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism”; and tell him about the virulent antisemitism that was found to be being inculcated by Islamic schools, and by imams in mosques, within the UK, and also in the USA.

    I will get the letters written forthwith.

  2. As a Christian, it pains me to see the national government led by a professing Christian (Kevin Rudd) even contemplate supporting any ideology that is so blatantly ant-christian (and therefore anti-Australia which has progressed due to it’s Judeo-Christian foundations).

    Mr Rudd and co, wake up and learn from other country’s mistakes, before we too become just another islamic outpost!

  3. Remember everyone, according to Laurie the Leftie the most important thing here is not to be seen to be hypocritical. F@@k the country, and apparently, f@@k Camden.

  4. no John, as a christian you are supposed to hate muslims or anyone that believes the bible is crock of shit. I’ll rephrase that. As a christian you are supposed to kill unbelievers:

    “If thy brother, the son of thy mother, or thy son, or thy daughter, or the wife of thy bosom, or thy friend, which is as thine own soul, entice thee secretly, saying, Let us go and serve other gods, which thou hast not known, thou, nor thy fathers;”
    “Thou shalt not consent unto him, nor hearken unto him; neither shall thine eye pity him, neither shalt thou spare, neither shalt thou conceal him: But thou shalt surely kill him; thine hand shall be first upon him to put him to death, and afterwards the hand of all the people.” (Deuteronomy 13:8-9)”

    go on . dare you to tell me this is taken out of context.

  5. Mr. Ferguson is an anti-Semite. A pseudo-Palestinian lover. He did not put his name to the anti-Israel advertisement inserted by his comrades in The Australian but he appeared on TV news (SBS I think) and castigated Israel. ‘Aggresive’ was one of his descriptions. Like all comrades of his ilk, Israel’s retaliation to daily rocket fire from pseudo-Palestinians was conveniently overlooked. The puffed-up retard.

    Krudd, his egotistical chameleon of a leader is a me-too populist. He will jump on any bandwagon to give the appearance of actually DOING something. To organise anti-racism projects in outer southwestern Sydney will create a smokescreen to cover his lack of real policies. It is the muhammedans who need to change their attitudes, NOT us. Any anti-racism project to ‘change community attitudes’ should start with muhammedans.

    ‘Nationalism cannot be tolerated’ says the Camden mayor. What an obscene insult to all Australians!

    The link to another story at the end of the article: ‘Deadly snake bites mans penis.’

    Any chance of training the snake?

  6. Ah atheist, master of moral equivalency 101.

    Interesting quote, a commandment given to the leaders of Israel when they were to occupy the land God gave them around 3500 years ago.
    As you would be well aware, (seeing as you are an expert in Scripture) the Israelites were and are God’s choosen people through whom the Messiah would (and did) come.
    They were to be a seperate nation, kept apart from the utterly lawless pagan cultures around them.

    Jesus ‘fulfilled the Law and the Prophets’, thus abrocating the old laws and bringing in a new covenant. Of course you would know all about this also.

    Matthew 5:43 “You have heard that it was said, ‘Love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’ 44But I tell you: Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, 45that you may be sons of your Father in heaven. He causes his sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous. 46If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? 47And if you greet only your brothers, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that? 48Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.

  7. I trust the this is the Camden mayor’s last term in office?

    Perhaps he can be elected dog catcher next….. I’m sure the muslims in his town would pay him for this job.

    Hard to believe that our leaders can be so blind. At least for now, we can oppose them, and vote them out. But for how long will it be possible? In Europe, for example, democracy is being replaced day-by-day by a Eurocracy that cares nothing for individual rights and for popular will. THEY KNOW BETTER. Once those people entrenched in positions of power, it’s nearly impossible to root the out.

  8. John – “love your enemy ???” …Oh I get it … you actaully love Muslims. Here I was thinking you hated them ….

    Perhaps you can shed some light on this little gem from the new testament ..

    “But those mine enemies, which would not that I should reign over them, bring hither, and slay them before me.” (Luke 19:27)

  9. Atheist, you have excelled yourself. You have taken one sentence from a parable (you know what a parable is, don’t you? (Parable: A short fictional story told to illustrate one or more moral points.)

    This you HAVE taken completely out of context. Try again…..

    I love muslims (at least I try to, do you?) but I loath islam. The evil that men do should be hated, don’t you think? But this is not the same as hating the person.

    Islam should be fought, and should not be allowed to get a foot in the door in Australia as it has in many European countries. It is a satanic death cult, and is completely at odds with ‘Western’ civilisation. It is a vehicle of antichrist, and this is why I question how the Prime Minister of our nation (a professing Christian) should even allow any of his ministers to support islam in any way.

  10. John, You need need to look into Islam more dude, Did you know the Muslim (not muhammedans like RED ROSE REDNECK calls it) believe in Christ and his return, also, Mother Mary has her own chapter in the Quran. If Christanity & Islam were ment to be enemies, why do they believe in the same god. With the jews aswell. Islam came to the people after Christ failed to convince his own Jewish people that he was a prophet. The jews were then punished and they had to leave the holy land. They disobayed there own profit for love of gold.
    Aithest, I think you know more of the bible that John the baptis here. I am a Christan but i would be ashamed to be associated with poeple like john.

    John, are you a true Christian? Now ask yourself, if someone believes in Jesus and Mary as true people from god, why hate them. Have you actually studies Islam? Firstly, the name Islam in arabic mean Peace. know you might say, why are they so violent. Well our christian brothers have not been so innocent in the past either. If you want to blame sept 11 on the muslims, you will have to go to google and check out all the facts that show it was an inside job. US Gov. They needed to get the oil form Iraq. anyway, thats another story.

    If we call Australia a free country, why can’t we let these people follow there own religion? We don’t hassell the Budist or the Jews or the Hindu’s, why only the muslims, islam is the only religion after Christianity that belives in Mother Mary & Christ.,when the others don’t even except Christ. I think we all need to re-think who our enemies realy are.

  11. Sean,

    Your poor attempts at equating islam and Christianity are naive at best, if not driven by the same spirit that drives the lie of islam.

    We are warned in Galatians 1:8 as follows: But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed…

    Islam has rejected Christ, His sacrifice at the cross, and His resurrection.

    It is another gospel altogether preached by an angel, no other than satan. By continuing to espouse an equality between Islam and Christianity that does not exist, you will in the end also reject Christs sacrifice, if you have not already.

  12. ‘Sean’,
    Islam doesn’t mean ‘peace’- it means submission. Allah is Muhammads invention, in fact Muhammads alter ego. Muhammad made you the slaves of Al Ilha, the pagan Arab moon god, which was the only one of the pagan symbols in the Kaaba Muhammad didn’t destroy. Your cult is correctly called Muhammedanism, because you worship Muhammad although you deny it. Allah, Muhammads invention, is not the same God of Christians and Jews. Al Ilha-worship is the worship of Satan.

    Sean: “I am a Christan but i would be ashamed to be associated with poeple like john.”

    No ‘Sean’, you are a Muhammedan liar. We have liars like you all the time. A Christian doesn’t do taqiyya for Islam.

    ‘Sean’, Muhammedans don’t believe in Jesus and Mary. Muhammad invented ‘Isa’ who will return on judgment day to break the cross, abolish the jiziah and kill the swine. According to Muhammad, the Christians are the swine who must be killed, just like the Jews. Here’s more:

    About Mary: According to the Quran (Surah 19:28, 3:33-36), Mary, the mother of Jesus, was the daughter of Imran or Amram, the father of Moses and Aaron. Mary is also said to be the sister of Moses and Aaron. Clearly Muhammad confused Mary with Miriam.
    More here:
    Muhammads Mary (Myriam) was according to Muhammad married with a biblical figure that lived 1000 years before her, how absurd! Thats because Muhammad was an ililiterate bandit who never learned anything properly and couldn’t remember biblical scriptures correctly.

    Your 9/11 conspiracy BS is just that: BS. Nobody here has time for that.

    For the Muhammedans (like yourself) practicisng ‘your religion’ means subversive activities, massive da’awa, plunder, terror and rape of infidel women.
    No, we have no need for Islam and Muhammedans who want us dead or forcibly converted.
    That’s why we have websites like this, where people can learn the truth about your false belief-system.

  13. A phobia is an extreme or irrational fear or dislike of something and I think Islamaphobia should be decried on every street corner. I have read history, the koran and I pay very close attention to current events. As I said, I do not fear Islam, I despise it, the lies, hypocrisy, the violence and the blatant disregard for human life and values that follow it wherever it choses to settle. After WWII Churchill approved the removal of millions of ethnic Germans from Eastern Europe, where they had been living in peace for centuries because he quite rightly believed that having ethnic enclaves would lead to possible trouble in the future. How right he was, what a pity his successors have neither the will or ability to learn the lessons of history. Any group that refuses to integrate into the society in which it is living, refuses to use the language of the land to communicate and insist that it is inherently superior to the rest of society is a time bomb waiting to go off. It is not a phobia to stop the spread of this philosophy, it is good common sense.

  14. The project’s consultant, former Mayor of Sydney and lawyer, Jeremy Bingham told the SMH from London: “There’s a vocal group of local residents who are very opposed to this school because of the religious beliefs of the Australian citizens who want to establish the school. That’s not the Australian way and it’s not the Australian law.”

    One more swinish hireling in the vast army of such hirelings, all over the Western world.

    Some of them have been Saudi agents for years, in Washington. Some of them work for the Kuwaits in London. Some now make the case for Dubai, or for Quatar. Some, even while supposedly working for the American taxpayers as American diplomats, arrange for vast sums to be transferred to the “Palestinians” and then, immediately afterwards, resign from the State Department and go to work, with fabulous salaries, as agents of those same “Palestinians” — see Abington, and make his name, and his history, a household word.

    But don’t forget Fred Dutton, the former Kennedy apparatchik who went to work as the first public-relations director for the Saudis. Don’t forget Raymond Close, the C.I.A. station chief in Riyadh from 1970 to 1977 (a critical period, the period of the 1973 oil price rise), and then resigned in order to go into business with two well-placed Saudis, and has been involved with BCCI, and many louche activities, ever since, though he has with impunity been publishing — and lecturing — from his eyrie in Princeton, dispensing foreign policy advice that appears identical to what some Saudi Ministry of Propaganda would put out.

    Don’t forget James Akins, the American ambassador to Saudi Arabia during that same critical period, and how he has made his living, as a “business consultant,” ever since. Don’t forget all the other former ambassadors — such as the one who serves as the editor for one of those Saudi-financed propaganda magazines sent free to every library in America. Don’t forget Eugene Bird, whose phony “Council for the American Interest” is an Arab-financed anti-Israel operastion, able to buy whole pages in The Times (and don’t forget his wife, Mrs. Bird — you can google her at Jihad Watch). Don’t forget James Baker, and Brent Scowcroft, and Henry Kissinger, and all the others who after their “public service” is over, when they return to the goddam “private sector” and primly decide that they now have to make “real money” sell to the highest foreign bidders their “expertise” which means — who they know, and what they can slily do because of what they know about the levers of power, and how to use their influence for those foreign, oftne malign clients.

    Don’t forget, all over the Western world, those who, like the lawyer cited above, if well-paid will do anything at all, will help promote the slow islamization of our societies, some of them doing it for the money, others for the money and an eager belief — perhaps they manage to convince themselves — that any opposition to these mosques and madrasas (often paid for by the oil states) spreading as part of the demographic conquest that, if not halted, will lead to a loss of human freedom, and the free and skeptical inquiry that makes science possible, and the freedom of artistic expression, not confined to calligraphy or mosque architecture by the strictures of Islam, and so much else.

    I don’t know if Jeremy Bingham is merely a fool, or doing it for the money, or can be explained by reference to both. Perhaps there are those, between Botany Bay and Alice Springs who will write in and explain.

    At long last there are those who, having grasped the threat that Islam poses, though without necessarily knowing the full meaning of those texts and tenets and attitudes of Islam, have had an instinctive intelligent reaction to this unprecedented threat. And because it is a new kind of threat — a threat where a political and even geopolitical ideology, a Total Belief-System that, if it were not unthinkingly described as a “religion,” would be seen as a dangerous mass cult, it may be that what Jeremy Graham unctuoulsy calls “the Australian way and not the Australian law” are insufficient to deal with the sitatuation. But Islam, or rather the Shari’a, whose imposition Muslims must work towards as a central duty (the Jihad is to remove all obstacles to the spread and dominance of Islam, not necessarily through military means if other means exist), flatly contradicts, in letter and spirit, that very “Australian way” and that very “Australian law” that Jeremy Graham invokes.

    And if the current laws — in Australia or in Great Britain or in France — are insufficient to protect the legal and political institutions, and social arrangements, developed over slow time by many who then left a civilizational legacy that must be protected, if it cannot be added to, by its present possessors — then the laws must be changed to meet, adequeately, the task — terrifying and terrible — at hand.

    Look around. Look only, if you live in Australia, or Canada, or the United States, at what has been happening, over the past few decades, in The Netherlands, in France, in Great Britian, all over Western Europe, and do what you must now — a little Miltonic “methinks I see a puissant nation” rousing itself would not be out of place — before things become, as inexorably they will — far more unpleasant, expensive, and physically dangerous, to us, the Infidels, within our own lands, thanks in part to all the piously profit-taking jeremy-binghams of this world.

    Posted by: Hugh at May 30, 2008 8:13 AM

  15. sheikyermami – mate, you a blinded by your hate, you sound like a member of the KKK or a White Power movement hiding behind a website. Your views on Islam are totaly wrong. Yes, I am an Orthidox Christian, i looked around to find the right religion as i was not happy with the why so called Christian today practice the religion of Christ. Our AUSSIE CHRISTIANS only go to Church on EASTER, CHRISTMAS OR ANZAC DAY, and thats a small amout of people.What do the rest of you do, Go to a pub or brothal or Night Clubs, get drunk, gamble at the casino’s, play pokies, hang out at the TAB, Bash their wife after a few too many. eat the flesh of the swine(Pork), all the things that Jesus told us not to do, today’s christians do. Weak. The part were you said – the Christians are the swine who must be killed. Why is it then when Muhammad to back Makka from the Idol Worshippers, he told the not to be harmed and to emarace them as you would your Brother, also, whey would Mohammad tell the muslims to kill the Christians when the early day Muslims were protected by the Abbasinian Christian king? You sound like an person that only reads the surface an not go indept with the meanings and you also sound like you can believe everything you read on the net. Now that’s not an intelligent person. Some of the website that you looked up is writted by the Jews to make Islam sound bad. It seems to be working well for them, but they day will come when we will lnow who was right and who was wrong, isn’t it better that we all live in peace together than inconflict with each other? That is a true Christian, shouldn’t we lead by example? You have alot of hate in you. you need to free yourself from this hate. Can i ask you a question, have you ever met and spoke to a muslim person and spend some time with one? Please answer me that. Here on the Gold Coast, We are orthidox Christians living the true Christanity, Alot our customers are Muslim and they live just like us. Peacefuly, They only difference is that we go to Church on Sunday and they pray 5 times a day, 7 days a week. I will defend any muslim and the religion of Islam. Do me a favour, spend some time with a muslim person and see how you feel after a month. I bet you will have a different view. also, don’t take into account the persons nationality or culture, as an Arab is different to a Indian. Try to meet an Australian Anglo Muslim, theres lots of them. spend some time with them.
    I pray that you will loose the hatered in your heart and to except people for who they are.

  16. Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world today. You can hate it but it will not stop, you cant stop it from spreading and it WILL take your kids or there kids. So just except it and move on. It’s like when homosexuality was frowned apon a few years back, now it’s a part of life. Its like Blacks & Whites mixing, not good years ago, now it’s a part of life. You will not win. just except it. just except it. just except it.

  17. That may be the propaganda from your imam, which you may or may not believe. Truth is, the only reason why Muhammedanism is spreading is because Muhammedans are breeding irresponsibly. We don’t accept the Mafia, we don’t accept crime, we don’t accept terrorism and Islam is all of that. We don’t accept and we are reversing the trend.

    Why are you so eagerly begging for us to accept it? Because you want to spread Muhammedanism?

  18. Sean,

    We don’t hate anybody. We object to the hatred that Muhammedanism is teaching. Once again you come here lying and obfuscating, telling us that you’re ‘orthiodox Christian’- which you are not because you don’t even know how to spell it.
    You believe you are somehow ‘defending’ Muhammedanism and you engage in the same taqiyya which we always get from Muhammad worshippers.

    Perhaps you should try to educate yourself before you post here. Try harder!

  19. Muhammedanism – What is This, We don’t call ourselves this, It like Poofs or Fags or Chinks or Nippers or Niggers etc ect ect – Names the White Man gave to people of different coloured skin, cultures or out looks on life. We don’t want to be you, let us be us. and don’t say that we can’t do it here, it’s not your land. This land is for everyone, The Criminal that came here 200 odd years ago had to call this place home, our people were invited to come and work here as skilled migrants to build the railways so that we all can have a better future. Freedom of Speach & religion is a apart of the Australian Law. Deal with it. You can call us what you want, but at the end of the day you will not stop the spread of Islam. No matter how hard you try. You will loose.

  20. So i see you picked up on my spelling mistakes, sorry, i can see i made a few mistakes, it’s funny you only picked up on orthiodox. Maybe i should slow down a re-check my work for you sir.
    You said:We don’t accept the Mafia, we don’t accept crime, we don’t accept terrorism and Islam is all of that. Who are the biggest Criminal in Australia, Our gaols arn’t filled with muslims, who is in them, non muslims, why, because our history is from Criminals. I bet you loved the Underbelly t.v show. It was the biggest show in recent history, Aussies love crime. It’s our history. It’s funny, everybody can terrorise Muslims and thats fine, but when they retaliate, that’s terrorism, When an American blew up the FBI building in Okalahoma, they accused the muslims first. only to find out it was a White American pissed off at the U.S Gov. did it. Have you seen what the Palastinians are going through in Palastine? The Jews rape & murder these people on a daily basis, buy you won’t see it as it is only taken as “It’s only muslims getting killed”. If someone kicked a cat in Australia, it will make the news on every channel, but millions of muslims are killed daily and you won’t even here about it.
    What a world we live in. Please forgive me if i made any spelling errors.

  21. Sean, you liar:

    Muhammedans don’t ‘retaliate’, they wage jihad to make the world Islamic. Since 1400 years.

    Aussies don’t love crime and crime is not the history of Australia. You obviously failed your history lessons. ‘Everybody can terrorize Muslims?’ Do you live in inverted reality land?

    “Terror made me victorious” said your false prophet Muhammad. And he commanded you to strike terror in the hearts of the infidels. Did he not? Then why do you come here and lie about it?

    The Jews rape & murder nobody, in fact they supply the murderous Palistanians with food, water and electricity and even treat them in Jewish hospitals by Jewish doctors. it is Muhammedans who want to kill Jews and when Jews retaliate you whinge and whine about it.

    For your soul- mate B.Real above:

    “The Criminal that came here 200 odd years ago had to call this place home, our people were invited to come and work here as skilled migrants to build the railways so that we all can have a better future.”

    We have no history of ‘inviting’ Muhammedans to Australia. There are no records that Muhammedans came to Australia as skilled migrants to build railways. Muhammedans did not invent railways. The railways were build by capable people, not by Muhammad worshippers.

    “Freedom of Speach & religion is a apart of the Australian Law.”

    Precisely. This blog is part of freedom of speech and that is protected under Australian law, which you want to replace with sharia.

    You will fail.

  22. yermami – You ain’t no Sheik, you said, We have no history of ‘inviting’ Muhammedans to Australia. There are no records that Muhammedans came to Australia as skilled migrants to build railways. Muhammedans did not invent railways. The railways were build by capable people, not by Muhammad worshippers. So who was the Afgans or the Indians that came, they were Muslim. You fail.

    How many prisons are there in Aus. Lots. How many are there in Muslim Countries. Not as much. Why, because Sharia Law works better that common law. If some one breaks into your house, you are powerless to stop that person, if you hurt them, you will be charged. How bumb is that. Our law needs a shake up and i think you will agree with me on that. A man can rape a child in a toilet and he gets 2 or 3 years in prison, how fare is that on the kid? But a muslim gets suspected of terrorism, he gets lock up with no charge for up to 5 years before he is found guily or innocent. How far is that. This a Criminal friendly law and you know that.
    B.real, take it easy mate. You are attacking these guys and you need to cool it down abit. If anything, these guys will not learn as they have alot of hate in them towards islam. I don’t think they have actually met a muslim person before, or maybe thay have and don’t even realise that they have friends thats Muslim.
    I bet you all see the Crazy Johns adds, how many sporting events and charaties did Crazy John support. Did you know he was a muslim. Muslims are everyware in Aus. They love the country or else they won’t be here. Lets just mix and live together in harmony. Is that so hard.

  23. Sean

    the terrorism trial against Nacer Benbrika and his ilk costs more then grazy John ever paid in taxes to this country. The billions of dollars that Australia has to spend to protect herself from Islamic terror shows clearly that we would be better off not having any Muhammendans at all.

    You may be right that there are Muslims everywhere in Australia, but they don’t mix and they create a lot of problems. Muhammedans are not here to become Australians, they are here to make Australia Islamic.

    There is no economic benefit having migration from Islamic countries to Australia.

    Prove me wrong!

  24. Ther you go again with your Muhammendans. What is this. I see you also made a spelling mistake, ahh, your human. Anyway. I will say it this way to you, Islam is a relgion of god and it is part of our life no matter were you go on this globe. Muslim and NOT Muhammendans are not just Arabs or Lebs or Indians, they are of every nationality including anglo saxon aussies & aboriginals. Now, you tell me. A small person like you with the hate of islam, how could you stop a relgion that has been around for centuries? You would need a nation of millions to stop it. The best thing for you and your hater friends need to do is either except it or move to Mars. Another thing, Muslims have been in Australia before Captain Cook landed. They found a mosque and old Qurans in South Australia dating back 300 years ago. Now, if Muslims were here before the Criminals that we prisoned here,
    Shouldn’t it be a muslim country. But that won’t work with you, The English killed off almost all that was here before them including the Native Blackman.

  25. Hi, was just reading all the comments on this site. I was born in Australia and grow up in Campbelltown Sydney. All I know is that I call this place home as I don’t know any other place as my own. My background is from mixed Indian & British. My dad was from England & my mum was from India. They came out here for a better life for our family. I went to school in my area and grew up with mostly Anglo Australians. Still to this day, I have very close friend with non Muslims. My wife is an Anglo Australian and she is Muslim. We work at large companies and we don’t have any problem with our Religion and we don’t have any problems with people with other religions. We have family friends that are Christians, Jews, and Hindu etc. Our street is predominantly Australian. We play cricket in the street together; our kids play for the same football team. We don’t have an issue and live peacefully.
    Where do you people live? It don’t sound like it is in mainstream Australian city.
    I hope you all can work out something and live peacefully like me and my friends and co workers. All the best. Ali.

  26. Sean,

    A small person like you with the hate of islam, how could you stop a relgion that has been around for centuries? You would need a nation of millions to stop it.

    * No ‘Sean’, any small person can speak up and stop this hateful cult. Muhammedans like you don’t scare me, you are a pitiful creature.

    The best thing for you and your hater friends need to do is either except it or move to Mars.

    * Now you would like to evict me from my own country? So soon? No, I don’t think so. No need to move anywhere. We’ll stay right here and keep things as they are. We don’t accept crime, we don’t accept terrorism, we don’t accept cannibalism and we don’t need to accept Islamic liars like you.

    Another thing, Muslims have been in Australia before Captain Cook landed. They found a mosque and old Qurans in South Australia dating back 300 years ago.

    * There were no Muhammedans and no mosques in Australia and no such traces exist.

    Now, if Muslims were here before the Criminals that we prisoned here,

    Who is ‘we?’

    Shouldn’t it be a muslim country. But that won’t work with you, The English killed off almost all that was here before them including the Native Blackman.

    The English built this country. White Europeans built this country. Jewish, Christian, Asian Hindus and Buddhists and atheists built this country.
    Muhammedans came to destroy it. We won’t let that happen.

    Now this thread is closed.

  27. Hey yermami and your followers, Check out You tube and search Why Islam. I found it on another web page that B.Real posted. I could help explain the misunderstanding of how Islam is interpreted. This guys is good. Doesn’t only defend Islam he attacks the pretend muslims aswell. If you are a smart as you claim. View it with an open mind without your hate and let me know.

  28. Sean,
    you should explain your Islam to your co-religionists who misunderstand your ‘religion’. You don’t need to try your da’awa voodoo on me. I get my information from the Koran and the sunnah, and I listen to Al Qaradawi and Omar Bakri, Sheikh Ali Gomaa, Egypt’s Grand Mufti, Al Zawahiri and quite a few others like the Ayatollah Khomeini and Ahmadinejad. Are you telling me they are all misunderstanders of Islam? Are you telling me you are a better Muslim than all of them?

    Besides, in case it escaped you: Islam is not to be ‘interpreted’, not by you or anybody, Islam is written in stone. But perhaps you can explain one thing to me: why do you think Islam needs to be ‘defended?’ Is Islam so weak that it falls apart if you don’t commit violence in its defense?

  29. Stories of early Muslim settlers in Australia are closely bound up with the history of the nation itself, according to a new online biographical feature launched at the National Archives of Australia today.

    ‘Muslims were visiting Australia long before white settlement. By the 1700s Macassans from Indonesia were sailing our northern shores, fishing for trepang and trading for pearls with the local Aboriginal people,’ says Ross Gibbs, Director-General of the National Archives.

    However, the first Muslims to settle in Australia arrived as camel drivers in the mid-1800s. Generally known as ‘Afghans’, they came from India as well as Afghanistan.

    Using hundreds of records from its collection, the National Archives has compiled a broad-ranging collective biography which provides a glimpse into the times, the challenges early Muslims faced and the enormous contribution they made to the nation.

    The 100-page feature Uncommon Lives: Muslim Journeys website, which was produced with support from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, was launched by Senator Gary Humphries today.

    ‘The site features a range of stories that reveal the human face of Muslims in Australia,’ said Mr Gibbs.

    Award-winning author Hanifa Deen whose Muslim grandfathers both came to Australia as hawkers from India in the 1890s, was a guest speaker at the launch and at a public lecture in the evening. In conjunction with National Archives staff, Ms Deen played a key role in researching and writing Muslim Journeys. Using letters, photographs, government applications, court transcripts and other records held by the National Archives, she uncovered a ‘goldmine’ of material and ‘a cast of Muslim characters’.

    They include Afghan Mahomet Allum who arrived in Australia as a young man in the 1880s. He weathered the challenges of working on the land and eventually went on to gain great admiration as a herbalist and philanthropist.

    Mahomet Allum started out as a cameleer on the Western Australian goldfields, tried his hand at mining and eventually settled in Adelaide as a herbalist. While he initially attracted the condemnation of the medical profession, by 1935 he claimed 30,000 satisfied patients and had become a rich man. He chose to share his wealth, treating the poor for free and supporting worthy causes.

    When Mahomet Allum died in 1964, a mile-long procession followed his funeral entourage from the mosque to the Centennial Park cemetery in Adelaide.

    Other online stories include Sumatran-born pearl diver Samsudin bin Katib who was recruited as a commando in Australia’s ‘Z’ special unit during World War II and served behind enemy lines. Kosova-born Albanian Assim Ethemi provides another aspect of Muslims in Australia. He arrived as a displaced person in 1949 after spending five years in refugee camps.

    Attending the launch as a ‘living archive’ was Ibrahim Dellal, a Turkish Cypriot who arrived in Australia in 1950 at the age of 18 and who became known and loved as a community leader and philanthropist. His cheerful enthusiasm helped establish mosques, Turkish schools, newspapers and community organisations.

    ‘As a nation we owe a great deal to our Muslim settlers,’ said Ross Gibbs. ‘It was their skills that enabled inland exploration of Australia, the establishment of the Western Australian goldfields and the expansion of the country’s manufacturing industry.’

    ‘In 1860 two Muslim camel drivers arrived in Melbourne to join the Burke and Wills expedition. Between the late 1880s and the 1920s the number of cameleers in Australia was estimated at somewhere between 2000 and 6000.’

    In the late nineteenth century, Malay Muslims were brought to Australia as divers and crewmen for the pearlshell industry in Broome, Darwin and Thursday Island.

    By the 1920s and 1930s Muslims from Albania had settled in Australia, taking on back-breaking jobs such as land clearing and cane cutting in rural areas. In the late 1940s Turkish-Cypriot Muslims first settled in Australia. They were able to support later immigrants from Turkey who arrived in 1968 to meet Australia’s growing need for more workers in its manufacturing industries.

    As a result of the civil war in Lebanon in 1975, many Lebanese Muslims arrived in Australia. In Melbourne, through the efforts of Sheikh Fehmi, who also features on the website, the Lebanese were well represented in the early Islamic Society of Victoria and in the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils. Sheikh Fehmi is the current Mufti of Australia and Australia’s longest-serving imam.

    ‘The rich heritage of Muslim immigrants to Australia is sometimes forgotten,’ said Mr Gibbs. ‘I am proud that the National Archives of Australia, working with the Department of Immigration and Citizenship, has captured some fascinating aspects of the Muslim community’s contribution to our nation over more than 100 years.’

    Muslim Journeys can be seen at

  30. Rewriting history is a Muhammedan speciality. Nobody does it better.
    Mahomet Allum was a an illegally practicing quack and a dodgy character at best. Hanifa Deen beautifies Islamic propaganda material, which may please the PC crowd, but nothing holds up to scrutiny. Samsudin bin Katib gets his credit mostly through Hanifa Deen, that’s not very much. Ibrahim Dellal blames Australia for Islamic jihad “It’s all the result of
    Anglo-American-Australian aggression”- thanks, but no thanks. We don’t need snake oil salesmen like him in Australia.
    Yes, there were a few Afghan camel herders. But they didn’t explore Australia, their services were engaged to explore Australia. Malay muslims did not develop the pearl industry in Australia, the Japanese did. There may have been a few Malay’s, so what?

    If Albanians were allowed to settle here, as well as Lebanese and Turkish Cypriots, what does that tell you? Just that they were accepted to settle, no more, no less. Does that entitle them to anything that other Australians are not entitled to? I don’t think so.

    No. Muslims have no ‘rich heritage’ here which has been forgotten. But they certainly have a history of jihad which goes back a hundred years, even in Australia.

  31. Fastest-growing religion

    The second-largest religion in the world after Christianity, Islam is also the fastest-growing religion. In the United States, for example, nearly 80 percent of the more than 1,200 mosques have been built in the past 12 years.

    Some scholars see an emerging Muslim renaissance as Islam takes root in many traditionally Christian communities.

    Islam has drawn converts from all walks of life, most notably African-Americans. Former NAACP President Benjamin Chavis, who joined the Nation of Islam recently, personifies the trend.

    “In societies where you have minorities that are discriminated against, I think they may find an appeal in Islam,” said Waleed Kazziha of American University in Cairo.

    Many moderate Islamic countries such as Turkey and Egypt are becoming more conservative.

    Two decades ago, few middle-class Egyptian women wore scarves or veils on their heads. Now they crowd into special emporiums that advertise Islamic clothing.

    The shift toward Islamic fundamentalism worries many in the secular world, a fear underscored when splinter groups target Westerners with violent attacks.

    Islam vs. the West

    But most scholars argue that the extremists are a very small minority and that most Muslims adhere to principles in the Koran that teach peace and tolerance.

    “The Islamic world is like any other society we have known in history,” said Kazziha. “You might say it has the good, the bad and the ugly.”

    Founded in 622 A.D., Islam is among the newer major religions. But to the non-Muslim world, it sometimes appears inflexible. Clashes between Islamic tradition and Western influence are sweeping the globe.

    In Islam, contrary to Western beliefs, the rights of the community are considered more important than the rights of the individual. Women are seen primarily as caretakers of the home, and religion strongly influences schools, government and courts.

    Many Muslims today are trying to find a balance between being members of a global society and maintaining ties to a religion that calls for strict adherence to the Koran.

    A case in point is 35-year-old Hisham Hussein, a wealthy playboy who turned to religion and swore off alcohol after an automobile accident.

    He is going to Mecca this spring. “The most important thing is to maintain the purity of the Hajj, to lead a pure life,” he said.

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