India: "We did it"- terror outfit brags in video

* Al Qaeda- Al Schmaeda Confusion:

JAIPUR/NEW DELHI: A little-known outfit, Indian Mujahideen , has claimed responsibility for carrying out the fatal blasts in Jaipur on Tuesday. And to buttress its claim, it sent video clips to the media of a cycle strapped with a bag that it claimed held the bomb. (Watch)

* It is totally irrelevant what these groups call themselves or whether they are affiliated with AQ, to keep looking for an AQ connection when terror is clearly committed in the name of Islam we don’t need to engage in mental acrobatics and fall into the jihadist trap. The terror comes from the Koran and the mosque, full stop.

*  The Illustrated PIG has the awful picture show from Jaipur

As cops groped for clues to crack the serial blasts in Jaipur, the mysterious video of a brand new cycle added a new twist to the investigations.

While such claims in the aftermath of a major terror attack are not uncommon and have even been used by the real culprits to throw the investigators off the trail, what lends credence to the claim in this instance is that terrorist groups used an identical email ID to announce the blasts in Uttar Pradesh in November 2006.

The video was sent to the media in the capital by Indian Mujahideen late on Wednesday evening. It mentioned the number — 129489 — etched on the frame of the cycle shown in the clip. The Mujahideen claimed that the cycle was the one that was used for the explosion at Kotwali near Choti Chaupad.

In the case of the UP blasts, the email was sent from an internet cafe in New Delhi’s Shakarpur locality half an hour before the explosives went off in Varanasi, Faizabad and Lucknow.

The ID used this time is marginally different.

While the ID used for claiming the UP blasts was “”, this time the ID is “”. Tuesday’s mail came with three attachments of videos showing the cycles strapped with bags that apparently had the bombs.

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  1. From P.I.G.

    “…where 80 innocents in
    Jaipur were added to the list of 80 million other Hindus
    taken out by the Religion of Peace in the last 1000 years.”

    Unbelievable!! I bet very few people know this.

  2. India needs a lot more Ayodhas. Either that or a population exchange with Pakistan.

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