Islam is what Muslims do

UK Muslim charged with poisoning food, children’s books with urine, feces

With thanx to JW


Poisoning food with feces is detailed as a tactic in the Al-Qaeda manual found a few years ago by British intelligence.

Also, there are precedents, both involving Muslims, as does this story:

UK: Shop-owners sold chocolate cake sprinkled with human faeces

Man Caught On Tape Sprinkling Fecal Matter On Pastries

* another one; the one the MSM is too squeamish to touch

* and another one: Man Jailed For Putting Urine In Coffee At Work

Co-Workers Say Man Put Urine In Coffee Pot For Several Months

“Man remanded after ‘urine’ attack,”

* the ‘man’ is, of course -you guessed it- a Muslim…

from the BBC, May 19 

* Perhaps he was just marking his territory and claiming it for Islam…?

A man has been remanded in custody charged with spraying urine at two supermarkets, a pub and a book shop.Sahnoun Daifallah, 42, of Bibury Road, from Gloucester, appeared before magistrates and pleaded not guilty to four charges of contaminating products.

He was arrested on Friday after a substance, believed to be urine, was sprayed over produce at Tesco in Quedgeley and Morrisons at Abbeydale. […]

In court prosecutor Liz Thomas said two days earlier Mr Daifallah used an improvised device to shower hundreds of children’s books at Waterstones in Cirencester.

He is also charged with releasing the liquid over food in the Air Balloon pub, near Cheltenham….

Closed shop because of jihad terror-piss & shit…

*  Please note: the perp pleaded NOT GUILTY…ever seen a guilty Muslim..?

5 thoughts on “Islam is what Muslims do”

  1. * UK Muslim charged with poisoning food …

    Slap on the wrist & a bag of unurinated lollies for him; hate crime prosecution for anyone
    drawing a cartoon of his antics.

  2. * Please note: the perp pleaded NOT GUILTY …

    I’m surprised he hasn’t developed “a history of mental illness” by now. The local mosque
    should by now either denied he had anything to do with it, or expressed “shock” that such
    a nice muslim could be charged with such a thing.

  3. * and another one: Man Jailed For Putting Urine In Coffee At Work

    US postal worker – didn’t “go postal” – just went pisstal.

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