Londonistan: 2nd Priest Attacked & Beaten By Muhammedan Thugs

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St. Paul’s Cathedral in London where the sun is setting on Christian Europe after decades of pointlessly importing a religion that is incapa-
ble of creating viable societies – instead of
taking them from others.

  * From the ‘Religion of Peace’

For the second time in two months (57 yr old Canon Michael Ainsworth was attacked by “Asians” this past March) an East End London clergy has been attacked and beaten by muslim thugs.The Reverend Kevin Scully was attacked in his churchyard as a hate-filled revenge attack for the priest stopping muslim youths from the disrespectful if not blasphemous act of using the church’s Christian cross as a basketball hoop some three days prior to the attack. The three muslim scum returned to exact their revenge and inflict their violent hate on the Reverend who was attacked then punched and kicked leaving the lone priest cowering on the ground before he could run for help.

A man, passing by, tried to help Reverend Scully, the good Samaritan was also beaten. The priest fled into his church where he feared the thugs would follow and continue the beating. A clear case of a muslim hate crime?

Immediately the police and even the battered Reverend went into apology mode making excuses for the muslim teens.

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5 thoughts on “Londonistan: 2nd Priest Attacked & Beaten By Muhammedan Thugs”

  1. The priest made excuses for them? He’ll be partially to blame when Moslem savages attack someone else.

  2. Aussie boxing fans, a big mouthed Moslem will be fighting in your country soon:

    Mundine disses ‘Christian’ Soliman!

    By Ray Wheatley — World of Boxing
    WBA super middleweight champion Anthony Mundine, who will defend the title against Sam Soliman on May 28 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, has stated he is a Muslim and will not allow himself to be defeated by a Christian. Mundine said “I’m just giving Soliman a chance because every fighter has an ego and pride. But he will need a miracle to beat me. It was stopped in nine rounds last year and he’ll be lucky to last that long again. He said he had problems before fighting me then – the biggest problem was having me in the other corner. I’m a Muslim and I can’t allow myself to lose to a Christian. My people are persecuted all over the world and they need inspirational figures like myself, Zinedine Zidane in soccer and also fellow fighters like Sugar Shane Mosley to look up to.” Soliman is with his trainer Dave Hedgecock in Los Angeles and is confident of turning the tables on May 28 against Mundine.

  3. I am so sick of these damned muslims committing the atrocities that they commit, then running around and saying: ” My people are persecuted all over the world and ……” I hope that Soliman kicks the hell out of that stinking muslim.

  4. Joe, I am going to check it out now.

    I wish that the Chinese, India Indians and others would raise a voice and start saying they are offended and that they need to indicate muslims instead of Asians.

    I can’t believe the stupidity of the left! But, it is ok to offend those others.

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