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Moe & the ‘Peace Process’

Arab mediators reach deal to end Lebanon violence

BEIRUT (Reuters) – Arab League mediators announced a deal on Thursday to end Lebanon’s worst internal fighting since the civil war, after the U.S.-supported government backed down in its conflict with Hezbollah.

Al Reuters

* From Iran, where the lunatics run the asylum:

Iranian President Ahmadinejad: Israel’s ‘Disintegration’ Imminent; Tells Bush On Lebanon: You Are Defeated, Bound For Extinction

In a public address that aired on the Iranian news channel IRINN on May 15, 2008, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stated that Israel’s 60th anniversary celebration is a sign that Israel would soon fall. He accused Israel, U.S. officials, and British elements of planning and authorizing terror attacks in Iran.”

Ahmadinejad also responded to the interviewer’s comments on how the Iranian people expect his government to shut down the British Embassy in Tehran.

The following are excerpts from the address:

*  View this clip on MEMRI TV


Philippino Jihad News

Philippine government, communist rebels have secret talks in Norway on reviving peace effort

OSLO, Norway: Philippine government officials and communist rebels held three days of secret peace talks in Oslo this week in an bid to revive efforts to end a nearly four-decade conflict in the Asian country, a Norwegian official said Thursday.

* “Communist rebels?” Where in the f*#kc did they find ‘communist rebels?’

Norwegian Deputy Foreign Minister Raymond Johansen said the meetings that ended Thursday focused on ways of resolving one of Asia’s longest-running Marxist insurrections. He said the talks were kept informal and confidential at the request of the parties.

The talks ended without the delegations immediately offering comment.

*  Read it all while we keep looking for ‘communist rebels’


Correction thanx to  reader I’m no Dhimmi: This happened in the USA, not in Canuckistan:

USA: Jihadist mass-murderer claims insanity

* The SOB was calm, cool and collected and the insane murders due to the Koran & the hadith:

Prosecutors to argue shootings were political


Attorneys for Naveed Haq rested their case Wednesday after presenting evidence that the mentally ill man was criminally insane when he shot six women, killing one of them, at the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle.

* Well,  not mentally ill, but most certainly criminally insane with overdoses of headbanging in the mosque…

Haq’s lawyers relied heavily on the testimony of psychiatrist James Missett, who told jurors that Haq described beliefs that something was controlling his trigger finger and that God Allah approved of his “mission” that July 2006 day.

Missett said he believed Haq was unable to perceive what he was doing or tell right from wrong, though the psychiatrist acknowledged that it would not be unreasonable for others to conclude otherwise.

* Yeah. Just make sure that nobody mentions Islam or jihad…


India: “Little Known Outfit” tried to derail tourism

* Gee. I have a haunting suspicion they succeeded:

JAIPUR/NEW DELHI: A little known outfit, Indian Mujahideen, has claimed responsibility for carrying out the fatal blasts in Jaipur on Tuesday. And to buttress its claim, it sent video clips to the media of a cycle strapped with a bag that it claimed held the bomb. It also sent an email to announce the blasts with three attachments showing the cycles strapped with explosives.

Spewing venom at the religious beliefs and deities worshiped by the majority community, the Mujahideen said that the choice of Jaipur was deliberate and meant to cripple the state’s tourism industry. It also launched a diatribe against Muslims who do not support terrorism, calling them a “bunch of cowards”, and vowing punishment to them unless they sought forgiveness.

* Well, who’s going to forgive them? The local imam’s?


Jaipur blasts: Sketches of 4 suspects released

JAIPUR: Rajasthan Police on Thursday released sketches of four men in the age group of 18 to 25 years suspected for their alleged links with Jaipur serial blasts that claimed 61 lives on Tuesday.

* More

Heroin, The Golden Sword of Islam

An excellent, shocking photo-reportage from the Illustrated PIG to Islam

By flooding the streets of their enemy with heroin, the Jihadis hope to addict and kill our youth, destroy society and cause massive social problems.

The drug trade has helped Islamist terrorist organizations recruit new members by citing drug abuse they have inflicted as an indication of Western degeneracy, and then, as a justification that such corrupt societies should be destroyed.

“We are making these drugs for Satan America and the Jews. If we cannot kill them with guns, so we will kill them with drugs.”

Read it all


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