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Who Is Yusuf Estes?

Why does Brisbane City Hall provide him a forum for Islamic Da’awa? (proselytizing)

* Will they make City Hall available for Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus & Jews as well?

* What is  Yusuf Estes connection with Bilal Philips, a known hate-preacher who is banned from coming to Australia?

Da’awa doctors:

Undercover Mosque (1 of 6)

Netherlands: Muslims complain about construction workers clothing

“No shorts, no bare legs: we are Muslim…”


Dutch Muslims abuse ‘human rights’ to push the Muhammedan agenda:

“Overseas Integration Test Infringes on Rights of Migrants” HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH


Danish Embassies prepare for headscarf ‘backlash’

Backlash from the headscarf debate has given Danish embassies the jitters. They are preparing for reactions much like those during the Mohammed cartoon affair

Copenhagen Post



For Al Qaeda, the answer – and the implication – is clear.

Christian Science Monitor

Bin Laden lashes out at Arab leaders

CAIRO, Egypt (AP) — Osama bin Laden released a new message on Sunday denouncing Arab leaders for sacrificing the Palestinians and saying the head of the Shiite militant group Hezbollah did not really have the strength to take on Israel.

More from AP

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  1. “No shorts, no bare legs: we are Muslim…

    Translation: “We’re not strong enough to rape all infidel beauties at will and watching you in those shorts is driving us mad!”

  2. “Why does Brisbane City Hall provide him a forum for Islamic Da’awa? (proselytizing)”

    Sometimes you just sigh and shake your head.

  3. We’ll wear our headscarves, burkas and doilies in the Dar al-Hague (and do anything else
    we want) but don’t show us your “builders’ cracks”! Our sensitivities are offended!

  4. * If anyone is in Q’land …

    Gramfan, might be a good day to avoid flying in SE Q, in case they’re planning a practical

  5. Mullah,
    I was cured of the travel bug after being in the US on 9/11,,almost. I have been back to the US only once since then.LOL!

    I used to go almost every year since 1993.

    SE Q isn’t quite on my list right now either which could be a good thing. Krudd country!

    Re Obama:
    I am predicting he will win. I check out this site quite regularly:
    Lots of interesting stuff there.

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