Arabiya, whole "Muslim World", goes apeshit over Koran shooting

* The usual: Kissing that dirty book and begging forgiveness doesn’t do it. Apology ceremonies won’t do it. Infidel blood must be shed, nothing less will do:

From Al Arabya/

Hourly updates over the marauding Koranimals who run amok will follow, stay tuned!


Germany’s SPIEGEL pays tribute to the ‘most powerful book in the world’

* Need more proof that lefty loons respect only violence?


Solidarity with Gregorius Nekschot

Thanx to the Gates of Vienna:

Gregorius Nekschot is the pseudonym of a Dutch cartoonist who was arrested on Wednesday for his dangerously racist and discriminatory cartoons.

Our Dutch correspondent Michiel Mans just sent this “solidarity” sticker, and recommends posting the sticker on your blog if you support Gregorius Nekschot and the right of free expression.

* Gregorius Nekschot Interview – Danish TV 28 Feb 2008

*  Shiva from the Illustrated PIG has some of Neckshot’s cartoons right here…