Nigerian Terrorists: "We want Peanut Khadr to negotiate for us"

* This is not a joke: the demented ex-president is, and always has been, a great friend of terrorists and crackpot dictators worldwide; his reputation is second to none when it comes to aiding and abetting Islamic terrorists.

 Nigeria oil rebels offer to halt attacks if Jimmy Carter is allowed to help talks


 Lagos A Nigerian rebel, above, stands guard after a Royal Dutch Shell base was bombed in the state of Bayelsa at the weekend. Attacks by the Movement for the Emancipation of the Niger Delta have raised the price of oil to a record $122 (£62) a barrel.

The Niger Delta rebels said they would stop attacks on the oil industry if the Nigerian Government would allow Jimmy Carter, the former US President, to act as a mediator in the conflict. The rebels, whose campaign of violence has cut output in the largest African oil producer by about a fifth, asked Mr Carter to act as a negotiator earlier this year. “We are ready to call off all hostilities and hold a temporary ceasefire in honour of President Carter should the Nigerian Government accept,” the rebels said in an e-mailed statement.

John Stremlau, the vice-president for peace programmes at the Carter Centre, said that Mr Carter would take such a request from all parties seriously but it was “woefully premature to suggest he will plunge himself into mediating this conflict”.

Mr Carter failed in a previous attempt to mediate in the conflict in 1999 but he is familiar to many senior members of the different militant factions. (Reuters)


5 thoughts on “Nigerian Terrorists: "We want Peanut Khadr to negotiate for us"”

  1. And don’t ever forget that carter didn’t negotiate worth a damn in 1979 with the iranian terrorists either. He is just one big dud.

  2. He honestly believes he can make a difference, but can’t see the ugly truth of islam.

    He, like many before and after, believes the lies that muslim leaders tell him. I don’t think he is a bad man, just misguided…..

  3. Have you seen this?

    An article apparently written by Jimmy Carter:
    “The world is witnessing a terrible human rights crime in Gaza, where a million and a half human beings are being imprisoned with almost no access to the outside world … gross mistreatment of the Palestinians in Gaza … we must remember that economic sanctions and restrictions on the supply of water, food, electricity and fuel are causing extreme hardship among the innocent people in Gaza … Israeli bombs and missiles periodically strike the area, causing high casualties among both militants and innocent women and children…”

    Apparently he has NO CLUE that the Palestinians are firing rockets from apartment buildings into Israeli residential areas; and NO CLUE that Palestinians are using their “innocent women and children” as human shields (or propaganda material, should they be killed in the return fire). NO CLUE that fuel being allowed in for humanitarian reasons (for hospital generators) is being confiscated by Hamas and diverted to their militants. Mr. Carter is unfortunately NOT grounded in reality… Maybe his physician needs to review the meds he’s taking?

  4. John,

    “He honestly believes he can make a difference, but can’t see the ugly truth of islam.”

    I disagree. He is not naive, but motivated by money – oodles of it – and a thirst for power and recognition. He doesn’t care about the truth of Islam, as he won’t be around to see the results and is completely self-seeking.

    This is the same with all these ex-pollies who jump on the Islamic bandwagon. They are has-beens who desperately want to remain relevant, and greedy for the money on offer by Islam. Mal Fraser and Tim Fischer are prime examples in Australia. They are selfish, indeed narcissistic individuals, who don’t care that they are helping to destroy our Western civilisation. Kudos and their own personal gain are all that matters to them.

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