Notice To Readers:

* Winds of Jihad is currently under constant attack by spambots and hackers, all the more proof that the message is getting out.  The Koranimals don’t like us one bit and will do everyting to shut us up. We are being bombarded with spam and a few other nasties that are hard to identify, but we will get on top of it.  Sorry if the site takes longer to load than usual, but we’re trying our best to overcome the current difficulties. Stay tuned and hang in there: we will prevail!

10 thoughts on “Notice To Readers:”

  1. keep telling it like it is. one fine day a brave member of the MSM might just follow your example.

  2. Obviously you’re doing something right. Keep on sticking that thumb in their eye!

  3. Koranimals – I think you just coined a new phrase. Keep up the good work – love the emails.

  4. Thank you for your incredible courage and dedication. You are a great son of freedom. I don’t usually post, but I read your site everyday. And thanx for the emails! I pass them along to friends and family members via email and ask them to do the same.

  5. You must feel really besieged; on the one hand you have the sand weasels trying to shut you up for telling the truth, and on the other hand all the liberal pc toadies trying to shut you up for the same reason. Stay the course and soldier on – you’re among the very few sane voices remaining. If at the end of the day we manage to withstand the assault of these stone-age cretins, it will be because brave people like you didn’t roll over and play dead. Thank you!

  6. Notice To Readers:
    Yeah a thats right all three of ya.
    Feeling besieged?
    Oh dear you folks really need to take a laxative, so that you can let go of all that crap you are holding in. No one reads this attempt at opinion.

  7. shakin’ it has obviously made you go stupid:
    Classic paradox: if “no one reads this attempt at opinion,” where does that leave you?
    Wake up, jerk.

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